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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 365: Power Couple 2 Bahasa Indonesia

The soldiers of Arkham were receiving orders one after another but how could they carry out the orders when the enemy was hell-bent on destroying everything that came in front of him?

Even if they surrounded him and tried to block all his ways of retreat, he would pull out the corpse of the dead Arkham soldiers after which he would either start to throw it around or use them as a meat shield to get his way out.

And if this didn’t work out by any chance, he would then attack them with a powerful move causing the formation to fall into disarray.

The Knights of Arkham were rushing ahead with bloody eyes filled with resentment. They weren’t just ordinary soldiers. Each of them was an aura swordsman who had spent countless years practising and refining their aura and they could manifest aura on their swords to deal with the enemy.

Each of them could occupy a high position in a kingdom but in large-scale warfare like this, all of them were nothing but common Knights.

But that doesn’t mean one can undermine their power.


Their swords started to glow one by one and the aura enveloping their sword exploded and locked I.to Alex as they all attacked him.

Hundreds of aura blades seemed to be aimed at him which put heavy pressure on him. If it was anyone else, their movements would either slow down or their body would stiffen due to the huge mass of pressure.

Riya was also in a similar situation as Alex, as aura from all sides struck her as the enemies tried to seal her movements.

But, like a slippery eel, and under everyone’s surprised eyes, her figure dissipated into shadows and she slipped in between the enemies quite easily.

Meanwhile, Alex stared at his enemies closing in.

As they came into his radius, he stepped forward.

[Heavy Iron Swordsmanship:First Stance]

With a single breath, man swelled within Alex and an overwhelming aura erupted towards the enemies who were running fiercely towards Alex.

Aura from both sides clashed against each other and tried to engulf one another but in the end, Alex’s aura dominated the battle.

A reddish flame of mana enveloped Alex’s sword and as the enemies drew near, Alex’s hands moved like a flash and the sword shot like a whip in his hand.

Soon, a crimson line reflected in the eyes of the Arkham soldiers who were charging towards the front.

It was just a single slash.

And because of this single slash, the knights of Arkham who were rushing towards him with a confident look perished without even knowing what had hit them.


Like a large cloud of pure energy, they were whacked up by an unimaginable force. That was how shocking the power was.

The aura that the knights had manifested scattered around as if they were pieces of dust and rubble while their bodies which had been strengthened through countless rigorous training shredded into pieces.

A strong surge of wind erupted and everyone blasted away. That was when they realised that the existence they were dealing with was a monster against whom they didn’t have a chance of winning from the beginning.

It didn’t take long for them to understand why these two were brave enough to venture deep inside the enemy camp.

Both of them knew that they could take on everyone at once.

It wasn’t arrogance nor they were self-conceited but it was just a simple fact.

Even though a huge number of enemies were before Alex, he wasn’t at a numerical disadvantage. With myriads of skills in his arsenal which he had learnt after going through hell, wouldn’t it be a waste not to use them?

And there were still the divine powers and blessings which he had kept to use as trump cards if something unexpected happened.

As he was slaughtering the flock of Arkham soldiers, he noticed two strong auras moving towards them.

Riya who was moving swiftly while slitting throats and cutting limbs suddenly sensed danger.

She reacted immediately and pushed her dagger to block the attack.


Her feet were dragged back for 10 metres as she was struck.

“I can’t believe you were able to block the attack without suffering a single scratch.”

Riya raised her chin and saw the legendary ranked Knight who had already taken his stance before her.

“I am Knight Vend. Would you mind telling me your name so that I can give you respect after you die under my sword?” He spoke, raising his sword.

Riya’s lips twitched a bit as she felt that this man knew her still she introduced herself”I am Riya Leonhart and the one who is going to die is you not me.”

After the proclamation, both of them moved.


Both of their images vanished instantly.


Loud collisions started to appear one after another causing ripples of air that burst out sending shockwaves.

The dagger rotated in Riya’s hand as she slashed it.

Hundreds of slashes were thrown at Vend but all of them were deflected by Vend quite easily.

Riya moved around Vend in a triangle area, in quick succession. Her afterimages overlapped and she appeared on two spots which confused Vend for a moment as the purple mist slowly started to cloud his senses.

She attacked at sharp obtuse angles aiming at the opponent’s weak spots.

Vend felt as if he fell into some sort of a bewitching devilish trap, but due to his strong will, he bite his tongue to get out of it and regain his senses.

It was effective and his body reacted quickly under the instinct to avoid the slash.

Riya wasn’t disheartened seeing Vend wasn’t affected by the purple mist like others.

It had very little effect on him, unlike others who already drop their weapons with a single sniff.

Riya didn’t dare to let her power run wild for too long or it might get out of control and since she used her power in quite a minuscule amount, it didn’t have much effect on the person of the same rank or above for now.

So, Vend was easily able to get rid of it.

Seeing Riya’s agility, Vend decided to use a close combat quarter technique trying to disarm the opponent and block her movements as much as possible.

His sword twirled as he slashed it like a whip which caused his sword to bend like rubber which took Riya by surprise.

Riya tried to stab Vend’s gut but his sword was like a whip which shook due to flexibility and hit her left wrist like a whip


The pain caused her to lose the dagger which flew at a distance and she jumped back with the bleeding wrist.

Vend kept a tight and succinct stance while keeping his sword at shoulder width from the neck.

Riya was staring at the sword cautiously while wondering what material the sword was made up of to show such flexibility.

Vend kept the blade pointed at Riya and kicked the ground and latched his sword at Riya.

Riya braced herself taking her stance while trying to analyse the opponent.


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