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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 364: Power Couple Bahasa Indonesia

Duke Sheldon, who was witnessing the scene from afar, suddenly jumped back with a startled expression and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

He looked at the walls of the defence line and looked at the place where Alex and Riya stood.

“Wasn’t she standing at the back of the walls, then how did she appear here”

The two knights beside him were also startled by this.

They didn’t take Alex into their eyes cause if they made a move they could surely crush him without shedding much sweat but they were naturally wary of the woman who seemed to be quite mysterious.

She was the only woman here and since she was posted here and silently watched from the back she must have some capabilities to back him up.

Since they knew about the man, they naturally knew about Riya being the strongest Legendary rank.

They had already made plans to capture Riya and Alex as bargaining chips. Although Alex is disowned he still had royal blood so they cannot kill him carelessly without their superior’s orders.

They had already been labelled Riya with an S rank danger. Although they were correct about Riya, soon they found out the man standing beside her posed even more danger.

Alex’s body which was glowing with a crimson aura started to emit sparks of lightning that danced around him crazily.

The two daggers in Riya’s hands started to be enveloped in a purplish aura.

“Thanks, Alex, for giving me this chance to fight beside you.”

Riya spoke cheerfully. Even though she was standing before enemies, she couldn’t describe the joy of standing beside Alex.

“Silly girl, you are already staying in my heart so does it matter whether you stand beside me or not.”

“No, it is different. I feel better like this.” Riya spoke with a pout.

The Arkham soldiers who saw the scene felt as if they were witnessing a couple flirting with each other and each one of them thought.

‘We are on the battlefield. Please mind the situation.’

Alex and Riya’s aura exploded while resonating with each other.

Seeing Alex and Riya’s aura, everyone’s hair stood up and their scalps became cold seeing the unapproachable aura around them.

Alex and Riya pressed their legs forward and instantly both of their images disappeared from the place.

The enemies reacted a bit late and they raised their shields to defend themselves but they were whacked like sea crashing onto shores.



The front line who raised their shield collapsed without offering any resistance. They scattered like prices of dust.

Their bodies weren’t able to bear the strength of the attack and exploded into pieces turning into blood mist

A trail of blasts started to take place one after another.

Lightning started to crackle and a huge bolt of lightning started to shower on them one after another.

Each of the Alex swings sends a bolt of lightning which when collided with the enemies bursts them into pieces.

Waves of lightning crashed onto them burning them to a crisp like charcoal.

Their armour wasn’t able to protect them and under such a frightening assault, some were forced to flee and distance themselves from Alex

On the other hand, Riya swung her dagger rapidly like the blades of fans as she moved through the crowd of soldiers who were only able to watch her as she passed through them after hacking their skulls open.

Her hands were stabbed hundreds of times with each passing second and her daggers drilled into the enemy’s armour and pierced them.

Thousands of enemies surrounded Alex and Riya but both of them were unfazed in front of a large number of envied.

Despite facing such an assault they caused havoc all around on the battlefield.

If one looked from above, one could only see two trails of flash moving here and there and anyone that stood before the flash was sent to hell.

The Arkham soldiers died down as quickly as they appeared. In a way, they were the perfect example of cannon fodder who died without even knowing.

Hundreds of soldiers started to go down one after another. It was a one-sided slaughter.

It was common sense for Arkham soldiers to have the advantage due to their high number but as time passed everything slowly started to fall apart and the damage on their side started to increase.

Alex and Riya were like two unstoppable forces which crashed onto their enemies while the other sides seemed to be suffering from their worst nightmares in the broad light.

Alex showered them with spells one after another.

[Fire Hurricane]

[Whispers of Wind]

[Tale of Winter]

They were first sucked into a fiery hurricane burning them after which they were hit by strong blasts of winds and at last, they were frozen like statues which were being played by Alex and Riya.

Alex was moving ahead leaving behind a crimson trail of light while Riya was leaving behind a flash of purple.

Riya’s body was radiating a purple mist which when inhaled made one lose his senses.

After reaching Legendary rank, Riya was slowly starting to get the hang of her powers.

She could now use the most freely a bit. Her mist may cause one to lose himself in the endless void of lust and turn into a maniac by having hallucinations.

Riya wasn’t able to control her power to that extent but at her current level, she could make anyone around her lose his reasons and sense a bit and give them the itch to soothe their lust.

And on the battlefield, a single moment of carelessness may cause one to lose a life.

Riya sliced her dagger cutting through them as if they were pieces of paper. Their limbs were chopped into minced meat like hers.

The two flashes of light which had been rampaging suddenly shot up towards the sky.

Alex and Riya appeared beside each other over the ground under the enemy’s curious gaze.

Alex gripped the hilt of his sword tightly while Riya slashed both of her daggers.

The aura around them exploded which pressurised them to fall to the ground.

Alex and Riya’s bodies started to spin in the air with the same tempo.

Huge arcs of blades were thrown out from their spin which descended on the ground like the scythe of death.


The ground rumbled and crackled. Flames of tempest blew and ear-shattering explosions occurred one after another.

The blades emanated from them crushed everyone.

The Arkham soldiers raised their power and attacked the arcs of blades trying to stop its distance.

But their attack wasn’t even able to pierce through it.

The ground tumbled and large crevices appeared due to the collisions.

Cracks of varied dimensions were formed on the ground.

Alex and Riya stepped on the ground after they combined their attacks.

Before them, there was a huge mass of destruction along with dead bodies that perished due to their attack.

Blood from the bodies flowed and seeped into the cracks formed in the ground forming a small lake of blood.

While Arkham soldiers looked at the duo with horror, some were looking at them with anger and hatred.

Their blood was boiling seeing them massacring their brother and if possible they wanted to exchange their life for them and were even willing to sacrifice themselves to bring these two down.

Duke Sheldon stared at the scene with a solemn look and looked at his two knights.

He was at a loss for words seeing both the duo in action.

They were truly a power couple.

Even his two legendary rank knights may not be able to create destruction and slay enemies to this extent.

They fell short before this duo.

“One cannot underestimate a monster.No matter what a genius is someone who cannot be trifled with.”

“It’s our mistake for being careless.” Duke Sheldon spoke with a sigh.

“Lord, it’s not your fault. Transcendent rank can’t compare to Legendary ranks and since that girl is a heaven-defying genius she is bound to be fearsome and that man also seemed to be a genius like her. Still, we can even kill thousands if we step in.” One of the legendary rank knights spoke.

Duke Sheldon pondered for a moment quickly and spoke.

“This is getting out of hand. I think you two need to step in quickly or I fear these two may cause an irreparable damage.”


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