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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 359: Fight Back 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex was like a wolf who had found a flock of sheep to hunt much to his heart’s content, he was hurrying ahead while slashing his sword at any enemy that caught his sight.

There were almost no wasted movements and no unnecessary swings. Every time he slashed his sword, the movement was short, simple and precise.

He didn’t use powerful strokes to tear everything but sliced at the gaps in the armour and each of his attacks aimed at the opponent’s weakness.

If he couldn’t slit the throat, he would aim for the shoulder pockets, if he couldn’t pierce through the armour, he would attack the face and if the face was covered with a helmet, he would dig his sword into the two eyelids holes of the helmet.

Bodies fell on the ground where Alex passed through.

He fought like a lone wolf taking on everyone alone.

Even though he was hurrying ahead, he was taking reasonable intervals when he needed to and kept on observing his surroundings and would also take note to keep a sufficient distance from other soldiers.

Behind him, Max and Aeon have divided the troops into two battalions clamouring from the two sides.

While Alex was attacking from the middle, they took on the left and right wing of the formation while trying their best to follow Alex’s pace.

With their combined effort, they tried to push the enemies through the gates.

Meanwhile, Riya stood on the walls and looked around to take care of the leftover enemies in the area while giving the Kinley’s soldiers a chance to retreat and for those who had exhausted themselves to take a moment to recover.

Since the castle along with important places had fallen, the injured and wounded could only step back now.

Riya stared down and glanced at Alex piercing through the horde of enemies like a sharp-edged arrow and looked up to glance at the other side outside the walls.

Her eyes caught the sight of the two Legendary ranks of Knights who were watching the battle with blank expressions. They stood close by a person who was at Transcendent rank and might be the commander of the opposite side.

Suddenly, their gaze shifted from the battlefield towards her.

Maybe they had thought that it was a meaningless struggle of the weak and fallen.

Riya could perceive from their gaze that they were considering her as the only threat now.

They might already be planning to draw her away and deal with her.

Alex knew as soon as Legendary ranks from their side appeared, the other side would be cautious of them and deploy their strong warriors.

They wouldn’t engage meaningless until a threat appeared and before dealing with them, Ales wanted to take out the enemy numbers.

One needs to have sufficient insight or a Transcendent rank to become Commander but on the other front, one would find the commander only at Legendary ranks.

Only four Legendary rank Knights were deployed at Western in front of which none were present here.

So, in a desolate barren place like this, the presence of Riya was enough to raise their guard and they wondered whether there was more hiding around here.

But it didn’t take them too long to understand who was the real threat to them.

“My God!”

“Where did this beast come from?”

“He is dangerous. I repeat, he is dangerous.”

“Kill him first! Take him down before he would cause more damage.”

The soldiers of the Arkham Empire soon realised that Alex wasn’t an ordinary person.

Even though Alex was surrounded and he was attacked from all sides at the same time, the one that was killed was none other than the forces of Arkham Kingdom.

No, matter how many times they stacked, Alex slipped right under their nose with intrigued footwork and slashed them sneakily.

He pulled the corpses of the soldiers he killed and threw them at the enemy side as if these bodies were pieces of garbage.

The body slammed against the soldiers and pushed back. At first, they reacted quickly and raised their weapon to cut the corpses but they stopped as they realised that it belonged to their brother-in-arms.

And Alex rushed in seeing the opportunity and slashed.

“Cowardly Swine!”

“How dare you defy my brother’s corpse.”

Their act of using the corpses as a defence shield by Alex greatly agitated them and for a moment they lost all their reason and tried to pounce on him.

In a span of twenty minutes, Alex had killed dozens of enemy soldiers. The blood of his enemies was dripping down from his sword and the armour he wore was tainted with blood.



Corpses started to roll one after another.

The soldiers from the Kinley side who were struggling to hold against the assault finally felt the burden over their shoulders lessening a bit.

Alex’s eyes caught the sight of another group who was fighting bravely.

Alex remembered the Captain of the group was Barack and his friend from the notes given by Johnson.

Alex, like a gust of wind, rushed towards them.

Barack and his teammates were already left open due to the influx of enemies going towards Alex.

From afar, they saw a flock of soldiers gathering and ganging up on someone.

“Captain Barack, who is this?” Hud spoke with a startled look.

Barack saw the barrage of soldiers getting pushed by a single man who was making his way here.

“Let’s go, we should help him.”

“The enemies attacking us saw him as an imminent danger and went towards him.”

“We can’t let the single ray of hope appearing here be extinguished.” Barack raised his sword and his call was received by the men near him and they went towards Alex to help.

But as they moved near the radius of the battle between Alex and others, their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“What the hell is this…?”

“Is he even a human?”

A series of grasps escaped from their lips as before they could be engaged, heads rolled and started to fall on the ground like fruits.

The blood from the decapitated bodies started to reach towards.

With a large number of enemies entering the wall, Alex was pressing forward to cut them down.

They were stunned seeing the current situation. Even more shocking than the falling of the defence line was the massacre carried out by Alex.

Seeing the man, Barack wasn’t able to remember anything about him but seeing the characteristics and features of the golden blonde hair, he started to wonder whether the man was a noble.

As Alex swept through everything, he stared at the vicinity and noticed Barack and his men coming towards him.

‘Are they idiots? I just freed a bit from their burden and gave them some time to recover, I pulled the agro but like a moth flying towards the flame, they were coming towards here.’

‘ I have already taken a major chunk at the vanguard while Riya might have cleared the rear.’

Alex reached them after stepping over the corpses of enemies and spoke.

“Captain Barack. I am now acting as the Commander of the Defense line and since I am the new Commander here, I am asking you for advice in the current situation.”


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