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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 350.2: Worried Wives Bahasa Indonesia

“Stop your jokes and tell us what happened to you?” Catherine was the first to voice out the matter.

All of them sighed in relief seeing him alright.

For five days, their mind was in chaos and they were really about him.

“Yes, Alex, please tell us quickly. Catherine had been dying of hunger. She hadn’t even taken a morsel of good after hearing about your condition.”

Catherine glared at Athena and shouted”You are speaking as if you were not anxious. You have been praying to the Goddess for the last five days and kneeling before the Goddess for hours.”

“Huh…That was just my daily schedule.” Athena whispered.

Alex opened his lips to speak but the words choked in his throat.

He wanted to say that he was alright but instead he asked.

“And what about Christina?” Alex almost cursed himself for asking this.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Christina who tried to avert their gazes.

“She had been training and swinging her sword non-stop so that she could get the worry out of her head.

“As expected, she didn’t waste time like us and engaged in doing something fruitful while we spent the time lazing around,” Yvonne muttered non-chanalty with a dead gaze.

“Hearing your words makes me feel guilty. It was me who was in bed but all of you suffered instead.” Alex shook his head with a guilty expression.

“You know, we wouldn’t be so worried even if you lose your arms and return after getting injured brutally in some battle. This time the case was quite different as we don’t know what happened to you.”

“No matter how much we tried, your condition didn’t improve. I don’t know about your temperature but Yvonne said that Hurt and Joey used an ice spell to calm you down but your temperature didn’t decrease by a bit.”

“Alex tell me truthfully, was your soul injured again or were you under the effect of a strong curse cast by someone?” Athena asked with a solemn expression.

“Yvonne said that there was no external wound

and the priest also checked for soul injury but it was left over from the previous ones.”

Alex rubbed his chin to ponder for a moment while wondering whether to speak the truth or not but after seeing their anxious gaze, he decided to tell them truthfully.


“Your potential and talent increased.”

“How can this be?”

They grasped in cold air with shock on their face.

Riya’s hands trembled as he pointed them at Alex and said”You are already a genius and had a high potential and now it has evolved higher.”

“Didn’t that mean you are unbeatable now?” Yvonne asked while blinking her eyes.

“I am already unbeatable. I have never lost till now.” Alex spoke while patting his chest.

He wanted to say that he was born with a trash potential but seeing the respect and awe in his wife’s eyes, he didn’t want to break their hearts.

“Huh Undefeated, I remember you were defeated by Alice Knight Tim,” Catherine spoke with a mocking smile.

“That was cheating, he cheated,” Alex grumbled like a child and threw a tantrum seeing which, everyone burst into laughter.

“Okay jokes aside, I want to inform you about another thing.” Alex started narrating the events.

“You’re assigned to the Western Front,” Athena asked.

As soon as Christina heard the word, her blank expression distorted and her dark eyes burned with anger.

Catherine spoke with a frown” Isn’t that place come under Shen jurisdictions.”

A deep silence prevailed for a moment.

“Alex, it is a trap designed for you,” Christina spoke with an annoyed tone.

“Not necessarily.”

“That old man isn’t an idiot to waste my potential by putting me there,” Alex said.

“What if he wants you and Shen to engage and weaken the Second Prince faction,” Athena spoke.

“It can be, I have heard from my friend in the Capital that the Second Prince is aggressively aiming for the throne,” Catherine spoke.

“And as you said the war from Arkham, there is also a high possibility about it.”

“Alex, I will accompany you. Please take me.” Christina spoke.

“I wanted to take you before but not now,” Alex spoke with a bitter smile.

“According to the intel, Shen lazes here in the Capital and didn’t move to the Western Front. He may not try useless things but your presence may pull his agro.”

“Moreover Christina, you always lose your emotions when hearing about him so it’s better for you to stay here,” Alex spoke

“And we also don’t know the exact reason for me to be deployed there and what that old man wanted me to do.”

“But before leaving, he told me to prove myself.”

“The chances of Arkham waging war is quite high,” Catherine spoke while pondering about it for a moment.

“Why!!” Everyone asked.

“See, the Elves aren’t as bad as it seems. Once they take care of the corruption of the World Tree, they would attack the territory that has fallen into dark elves’ land with everything on the other side Kinley is already pushing The Northern border so they would retreat soon.”

“Meanwhile, Arkham is getting weaker by Demon raids and soon the retreating Dark Elves may also bare their fangs.”

“Till now, no one is willing to lend Arkham a hand and once it falls apart everyone might want to have a pie so do you think that is going to be a lie.”

“Hmm! Since they are going down they would try to bring the Kinley down.” Christina muttered.

“I think they are trying to offer a treaty.”

“Huh!” All of them looked at Alex.

“What if they wanted to capture the Western lands and force Kinley to concede and ask them to help?”

“These are all my assumptions and all of this is based on the possibility that Arkham will attack. We cannot be too fixated on this point.”

“Who knows if something else pops up in between.”

“Catherine, I want Aeon and Max along with 100 soldiers who are the best. Dispatch them quickly.”

“Should we send Albert for extra safety?” Athena spoke.

Everyone started to look up and a scene of Albert going nuts in case of appearing appeared in their mind.

He would leave and just go after stronger whether it is an enemy or friend.

“No!!” Everyone shouted with a shudder.


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