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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 347: Forming A Mana Core Bahasa Indonesia

Alex locked himself in the room after the meeting and took out the letter.

It was an invitation to meet with the Emperor.

Yes, it was a personal meeting. While many would shed tears of joy just to get this opportunity, Alex again had an odd feeling about it.

He didn’t know every time he was asked to meet him or heard about his name, he started to feel restless.

Alex could fairly get a hold of a person’s character and behaviour if he met the person a few times but Alex wasn’t able to discern what type of man his father was.

It wasn’t that man was an unfathomable existence rather he seemed quite unpredictable.

‘Maybe it’s my paranoia and since he is my father, who had been a stranger to me till now, I am not used to meeting him or maybe it was the feeling of betrayal that he kicked me out that had been etched in my heart.’Alex muttered inwardly.

In the past year, Alex had done many things.

He had founded and expanded his information guild, secured a team of his assassin squad, formed connections and procure supplements.

On the training front, he hadn’t made much progress physically but he had adjusted his mentality and had been immersed in research on many things.

On top of that, he was researching the aspects of Mana cores and had made a breakthrough.

Near his heart, he was able to condense the mana particles to form a storage of mana through the core and strengthened his mana heart more.

The only reason why he hasn’t advanced to Legendary rank was that he hadn’t formed the core.

He hoped for a way to give an attribute to his core but at present, it was impossible for him unless he was able to find a treasure like a dragon heart or some heaven-defying herbs.

And on top of that, it was a new thing. He had collected data from the experimented people in Bright who had been transplanted with cores from beasts and animals.

The secret organisations used the power of darkness to make gas which could corrupt most beings. It turns the core black and those people take it out from beasts and place it in the heart of humans through some sort of operation.

Alex wanted to rely on his research and his understanding to form a core at the base of his heart in between the two lungs.

If feels that it was unnecessary he would then start his preparation to break through.

Though a lot of time would be wasted, at least his foundation would become much firmer.

If the foundation is the base of the tower, advancing to Legendary rank would serve as a pillar to the tower.

A substantial difference can be noticed once one steps in this rank and the greater foundation one had, the greater boost one would receive.

Not only that, Alex wanted to solidify his foundation to the limit.

Instead of doing strenuous physical exercise, he opted to increase his inner energy and his mana flow, control and efficiency.

With his current control, with a lift of his finger, Alex could control the mana of his surroundings and could even make the other devoid of gathering mana but the opponent needs to be two ranks lower ranks than him and his understanding should be less than Alex.

Mages may find a way to resist but until warriors use aura to protect themselves they would be unable to take in mana efficiently.

With enemies threatening the borders, he needed to prepare for unexpected situations if he was posted near muddy waters like the Northern front where the onslaught with demons seemed to be going on.

“Hush! I am feeling as if I am going to war.”Alex muttered thinking about the meeting.

A war of physiological warfare.

It wasn’t that he fears that man, rather he fears himself going out of control and starts to spout bullshit if his so-called father started to play words and politics with him.

Until the meeting time, Alex shut himself in and mediated and maintained his peak state.

Alex had shut himself down for two days making Riya worried about him. Riya wanted to look for Alex but Alex had asked him to only call for him if he didn’t appear by the time of the meeting.

Riya walked towards Alex’s room.

“I hope Alex hasn’t forgotten about the meeting and is engrossed in his world,” Riya muttered to herself as she walked towards Alex’s room.

Alex had already asked Riya to wake him up and remind him of the battle…she meant about the meeting time.

Riya stood before the door and was about to knock on it when she felt an overwhelming aura coming from inside.

“Did something happen to him?” Riya’s expression stiffened and she immediately opened the door and stepped in without sparing a second.

She had just taken a step in when a powerful aura assaulted him. Riya looked up to see Alex sitting cross-legged while a cocoon of red aura covered him wholly.

Riya noticed a small red sphere glowing near his heart which seemed to maintain the flow of mana by condensing it.

Riya’s worried expression disappeared as the cocoon slowly started to break and all the energy started to assimilate in his body.

“You finally managed to form the core.”

“Congratulations on taking a step further to monsterity,” Riya spoke with a smile.

Alex’s eyes opened with a smile.

“Riya you surely know how to break my heart. Shouldn’t you give me a gift? How could you just congratulate me with some words?”

” How about we have some fun? I am overflowing with energy and stamina” Alex spoke with a wolfish grin that made Riya’s heart shudder.

Riya’s face heated up and she flinched back with a flustered expression”What are you saying? It’s still broad daylight. And did you forget about the meeting?”

“Tsk!” Alex clicked his tongue and got up.

“How can I forget about that?”

“I just hope he doesn’t piss me off?”Alex snorted and stood up.


Entering the Royal Place, Alex was escorted by a squad of elite Knights.

Alex could feel a powerful aura underneath their breath.

Their eyes were as sharp as swords and with blank expressions of indifference they escorted him.

It was difficult to tell what they were thinking but Alex could discern that he was monitored and each step was observed by them even though they put on a facade.

‘Did they think, I can harm anyone with my strength here, a place brimming with legendary ranks?’

As Alex walked in, he felt a hostile gaze coming from afar.

He quickly turned his head and his dangerous senses kicked in immediately as he saw a bright condensed sword of pure energy rushing towards him.

‘Soul Attack!’Alex quickly raised his guard and his eyes locked onto the sword shot at him.

The sword strung an invisible wall and wasn’t able to move forward.

Alex closed and opened his eyes and a faint shockwave rippled and the sword condensed of soul power burst into pieces.

Alex wanted to attack but the man seemed to have disappeared and he wasn’t able to lock the man with the map.

‘Lucky guy!’ Alex mumbled.

Alex didn’t know whether it was a test or a real murderous attack but if Alex had attacked, the person would be lying in the grave now.

The Knights halted their steps seeing Alex stand still in a trance state. They looked at each other and tried to approach him but they were repulsed by the aura around him.

Alex shook his head and glared at the Knights” Didn’t you feel anything?”

“We were under attack.”

“Please don’t joke Sir Alex”

“We should move, we cannot make the Emperor wait anymore.”

Alex decided to note this matter and ask the old man. The people around him weren’t able to perceive the soul attack which means if his soul wasn’t strong enough, today he would either die or turn into a fool again.

As Alex and along with the Knights left.

Far away from the castle, a man stood with a calm look.

His face may look calm but he was anything but calm.

“What was that? I felt as if I was going to die if I didn’t retract my attack.”

“Tskk!That bastard must have surely known about it and sent me here to attack.”

“He sent me to test him but it feels as if I was the one who was being tested.”

“Tsk! I will make sure that he compensates me fully.”

With a snort, the old man plunged his sleeves and disappeared.


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