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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 30: Confrontation Bahasa Indonesia

On hearing Alex’s large shout, the noble eyeball widened with disbelief.

This idiot had became normal. The information rang like thunder in their ears which shook them to the cores.

But they maintain their composure, even if he is back to normal so what?

“Hey, bastard, just what the hell are you mumbling about?” Another noble came out and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“You are the one who is testing our patience. Do you think this whole army is for the show?”

“With a single command of ours, we can crush your entire castle and end your punny life.”Another one spoke.

Duke Eric stepped forward and said,” We don’t need to waste our time listening to his foolish talks.”

“Dead Men tell no tales.”

“Let’s just get over it.” Duke Eric spoke and raised his hand to command the guards behind him to march forward.

Seeing the march of guards, Alex shouted hurriedly “Stop…Stop…”

Eric smirked seeing his cowardly tone and raised his hand to stop the march.

“Before we fight, I want to say a few things,” Alex spoke.

” First thing,” Alex muttered in a heavy solemn voice and raising his head, he looked at a huge group of people with a frightening gaze.

“You want to fight on these noble’s behalf, okay I have no qualms about it.”

“But bear in mind. If I win the battle, which I will definitely win. The lives of your family will be screwed.”

“I will slaughter each one of your families and feed their body meat to the beasts.”

“And your heads would also be hanged with nobles.”

“Alexxxxxxx!Don’t cross the line.” Eric shouted as he released his pressure.

“Fucker, you the one who crossed the line,” Alex spoke and stomped the ground.

The ground cracked and his angry voice resounded across the place.

“Don’t forget, your family has already crossed the line.”

“Since, we are on this. Let me give you a present for all your hard work and sacrifices.”

Alex spoke and waved his hand.

Following his gesture, the soldier behind him bifurcated giving some space.

The tumbling sound of chains was heard and Max appeared as he dragged a figure on the ground.

As the body was dragged, a trail of blood was left behind.

Max threw the guy on the floor before Alex.

Seeing the guy again, Alex’s blood started to boil and his eyes started to glow in anger.

Squatting down on the ground, he pulled the man by his hair and raised his face. He looked at Eric with a smirk”Hey, do you know him?”

Eric’s eyeball popped out as he saw the figure.

At first, he thought that it was just a random prisoner but seeing the man’s face his body trembled.

“Sonnnn!” Eric screamed in panic as he saw his son’s condition.

All his nails had been dug out and his body swollen by beating and there were wounds from being slashed by the whip.

“Hey, Larry see.”

“Your precious daddy is calling you.”

Seeing Larry not responding, Alex slapped his face.


Larry suddenly woke up from a stupor and as he saw his father, he screamed and asked his father to save him.

Eric lost his calmness and drew the sword and was about to rush toward Alex but his movements halted as he saw a small dagger near his son’s throat.

“Even before you can take a step forward, your son is going to die,” Alex spoke and threatened Eric.

Eric gritted his teeth and bit his lips in frustration and dropped his sword.

“Release him,” Eric demanded.

“Beg!” Alex shouted.

Eric’s whole body shivered as he saw Alex’s resolute gaze.

“Please release him,” Eric said, bowing his head.

“Have ever seen anyone begging like that?”

“Are you begging or threatening me?”

“Kneel on the ground and beg,” Alex ordered with a cold tone.

Eric wanted to shout but his body froze as he saw Alex’s dagger move a little and blood trickled down from Larry’s throat.

“For God’s Sake, father, please do what he says. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to stay near this demon. Please, father, save me.” Larry cried and screamed at the top of his voice.

Eric’s expression stiffened and as he kneeled, countless thoughts of butchering Alex ran into his mind.

He vowed to obliterate everyone on Alex’s side after saving his son.

Eric dropped to the floor and hit his head and begged to spare his son’s life.

“I will forgive him and will spare his life but before that…”

“Uncle Mordek, tell me what you will do if someone wants to sleep with your wife.”

Mordek flinched a little on hearing Alex suddenly question and spoke with anger” I will crush his balls.”

“Ohhh!What an idea.”

Alex spoke and kicked him down and raised his leg and stomped on a particular spot on Larry.

A cracking sound was heard.

Eric was dumbfounded by what happened and raised his head to see what was the cracking sound.

His eyes lost their colour and his eardrums burst as a heart-wrenching scream echoed throughout the place.

The scream was so terrifying that some people subconsciously covered their nether region in fear.

Alex stomped again and looked at Eric and spoke with an angelic smile”You can take him now.”

Eric’s eyes become bloodshot by such humiliation and picking up the dropped sword at the side, he rushed towards Alex and slashed.

Alex laughed and tilted to the side dodging the attack with little movements with an inhuman speed and pulled out his sword from his waist with a quick draw.


With a beautiful swing drawn in a circle, blood splattered on Alex’s face and a head flew back in the air and dropped near the other nobles.

A noble woke up from a stupor and wanted to rush toward Alex to kill but in the middle of his tracks, his head was already cut and separated from his body.

Riya’s figure disappeared and appeared quickly beside Alex after dealing with the man.

Out of nowhere, Leo appeared and jumped on Alex’s shoulder and started to lick the blood.

“Hey, Leo don’t lick this blood. It’s the blood of a rotten person.”

“Roarrr!” Leo roared agreeing to him and roared again.

“What you want to eat them?Those rotten materials. No, they will taste bad and will upset your stomach. I will bring you to a nice place to eat?” Alex spoke with a beautiful smile.

The noble expression crumbled on hearing Alex’s words of calling them rotten material.

Alex looked at the nobles and said, “I will give you one last chance to surrender, otherwise there will be a river of blood flowing from here today”

Alex spoke with a cruel sinister smile that made him look like a demon crawled from hell.

On hearing his call, a noble stepped from the crowd and raised his hands to surrender and walked toward Alex.


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