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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 293: Hands Stained With Blood And Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

With a pile of corpses beside them, a man bites off the flesh of a dead body and starts to chew it.

A subtle pleasure washed over him as if he was having one of the most delicious meals of his lifetime.

On his side, another sucked the blood and gurgled it before drinking.

The scene was utterly horrific and tragic but still, the duo didn’t give a damn.

“What a nice meal?” The man muttered and looked back at his companion.

His companion raised his head to answer but suddenly an arrow appeared and pierced his head and his head exploded into pieces.


The man was bewildered by the sight and stood up.


Red liquid dripped from his head dyeing his vision in red and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Without sparing them a glance, Alex moved away cautiously.

Another group was unlucky to cross the path with him. Alex didn’t fight them head but rather showered them with his arrow.

Each arrow took the life of one without any miss.

Alex felt that he could even earn MVP in the tournament due to kills and each of his kills was a headshot. He couldn’t help but pat his own back to congratulate himself for showing such skills.

Fifteen or so hours had passed with Alex killing people one by one. Alex had even forgotten the flow of time in this place.

He decided to take a rest in between but he was always attacked at that moment.

He was even struck by an arrow when he decided to meditate to recover so he gave up on camping.

In the never-ending night, he fought alone killing everyone in his sight. The pocket dimension seems to be as big as a small Kingdom filled with all sorts of creatures.

His clothes had been soaked in blood and so were his hands. He had been killing nonstop to the point that many new calli were already forming in his palms due to clenching the hilt of his sword tightly

There were some scratches on his body, and there were some signs of wounds and cuts due to the sneak attack.

His senses had become quite dull due to all the fighting and lack of rest. Everyone he had killed till now was quite stronger and each of their presence could threaten the stability of the low-level kingdom.

Alex didn’t know about the strength of the enemy at the end, the person who will be the end boss might prove difficult for him if he couldn’t overcome his exhaustion.

The flow of dark energy was trying to erode his senses and harm him greatly but gritting his teeth, he walked forward as if he was numb to all this.

Alex sighed and looked at his hands. His hands were stained with blood which was mixed with darkness.

While killing through the way, countless thoughts flashed before his eyes as he looked at the horrible scenes of humans who were dead and these lifeless corpses were defiled and eaten by these horrific monsters in human clothing.

There were even small children in the dead and he also found a 12 year old kid who had defected to the other side.

It was a scene which Alex didn’t want to encounter again.

The range of age groups was quite vast.

A dying man desperately clutches any ray of hope he sees. These people were tantalised by Darkness who rekindled their hope by promising them to give everything they desire once they joined their hands and it was really hard for a pitiful person to ignore.

No matter how strong you are, in life, you are bound to experience situations where you broke down and wanted to sky.

When Ava was dying before his eyes if someone had said that he could save her if Alex accepted their offer, he didn’t know whether he could shake away such a tempting offer or not.

Just how many poor souls were there like this, just how many had to go to bed with the hope that tomorrow would be a better day but for these pitiful people, the tomorrow they dream of, never came rather they rot in the cycle of agony and misery.

And all these things made him aware of the importance of his position.

A King is not just an ordinary person but is considered a prophet of God and sometimes a symbol of God who fulfils the dreams, aspirations and expectations of a people and guides them from their miserable life to a life filled with agony and joy.

Alex stared at the dark sky filled with clouds of red indicating the forthcoming storm.

“This place isn’t a place where human leaves nor it is a place where living creatures strives for peace, it is a place from where chaos is born, a place where the darkness evolve that might engulf the whole humanity and all other species in the world making everyone the puppet of that asshole who want nothing but absolute dominance by destruction.”

“I don’t like to do the job for others and I have never liked the feeling of being a weapon trained to do the jobs in their stead and kill their enemies.”

Alex’s principle had always been simple, he would just be a passerby and would not interfere with other businesses unless necessary. He might offer a simple gesture of kindness if possible unless the situation is complex.

But there is a reverse scale which shouldn’t be touched. Alex only agreed to attack and kill the ones who threaten him in this situation but if the Goddess wants him to enter The Realm Of Darkness and finish things off, then Alex can only join his hands and refuse.

” But at the moment after witnessing such a gruesome and horrific scene, the humanity that still lingered in me is unable to turn a blind eye to this. If I don’t raise my sword, who knows tomorrow the scene I will be witnessing might be that of a close friend of mine either killed and eaten by these scums or may be corrupted by these scum and eating away another of my friends.”

“It might be friends, my underlying, my wives or my children in the future who would suffer such a gruesome fate if I hesitate.”

“No matter how many I come across, thousand, ten thousand, millions or billions, I will crush each one of them brutally until none of them will be able to raise their heads. My hands and swords might become dirty with their blood and I may be accused as a maniac but I won’t stop hacking them. It seems this is my destiny, it is my job which I have to do in this life of rebirth.”Alex sighed.

“Seeing the way this situation is developing. I think I have to use this at the end to deal with the trouble and wipe out everything.” Alex spoke.

“What do you think?”

The system kept mum because it understood Alex’s underlying meaning. If there is an opponent whom Alex couldn’t overcome with his current power then there was no other way except to accept the very darkness…


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