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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 292: Sniping In Dark Bahasa Indonesia

Alex first thought of taking out the runic erect barriers but changed his thought as it could cause a collapse of the whole dimension.

Offering people was also a way for God to gather divinity but it was considered quite heinous.

Although the Devil was disgusted by it, he was also offered several offerings each year but he mostly turned a blind eye to that and even if he didn’t want it, he had to accept it with teary eyes.

He didn’t have any oracles or Saintess whom he could relay his message, so, under people’s uncanny mouths, his rumours went on getting exaggerated day by day.

From the God of Death to the current God Of Evil, his journey had been quite long and arduous.

That poor fellow was quite helpless. The rumour of his notoriety had spread far and wide portraying him as the God Of Evil. In terms of fame in evilness, even the God Of Darkness is a child in front of him.

Now when it comes to sacrifices, after a suitable number of sacrifices were gathered a ritual would take place where the God Of Darkness would give his blessings. Part of the blessings can be used to strengthen oneself while the other used to make people who chose to pledge towards God Of Darkness.

Even though these human servants were cheap copies of real creatures of darkness, they were capable of hiding and melting into the shadows and cannot be ignored.

There were chances of getting unnoticed and getting sneak attacks out of nowhere when roaming around the place mindlessly.

It wasn’t a good idea to stick around without taking enough preparation. He knew that his sense was quite great and it could inform him of danger and help to avoid the troubling situation but he couldn’t rely on luck always to avoid trouble and come out safely. So, he decided to change his tactics.

He covered himself in partial concealment and climbed up the tree skilfully and started jumping from one tree to another covering several dozens of distances with each leap.

His eyes wandered searching for the presence of a human who had become the servant of darkness.

After moving for some time, his eyes fell on the group that was patrolling the area.

He was on top of the tree and hiding himself, he observed them.

They were carrying the corpses of humans who had died and were doing something with them.

Unknowingly, Alex felt a creepy feeling crawling up from his back.

A man covered in a mask opened his mouth wide. The slimey darkish tongue extended from his mouth and seemed to pierce the corpse.

An instant later, Alex noticed the corpse becoming pale and thin as if it was being sucked dry.

The man made a satisfying noise and soon taking a container spit something in it.

Alex was greatly disgusted by their action.

Alex was unable to endure any longer and started to move towards them.

The humans whose souls had been corrupted along with their mana, mutate in various ways. They feed on human corpses and enjoy drinking their blood. These were parasites in the true sense, doing cannibalism.

So, as long as it was around them, they could distinguish their smell and track humans if one moved close to their radius.

Seeing that the people were occupied, Alex made his move but Alex’s eyes narrowed as they reacted quickly and plunged into action.

A black figure was alerted by Alex’s presence and shot towards Alex.

His hands had claws that extended straight at Alex’s throat followed by another.


The sound was produced by Alex’s sword deflecting the attack after which another sound reached the people behind them.

Alex’s sword pierced into the heads of two splitting their faces into two halves.

Alex jumped and landed on the ground a few metres away from the remaining ones and he twirled his hands on which mana had already gushed out to form miniature bullets of light which could burst holes in the flesh of many.

While one body fell on the ground, there were three others whose eyes widened with disbelief.

They rolled their tongues to scream and let go of the corpse on which they were feeding but before they could do it, death had already reached their necks.

Alex grabbed one of the necks to apply great force and cranked it while the other heads were burst open by the light bullets leaving behind a gruesome sight.

Two bodies fell but Alex was a bit surprised to see that the one he was holding after twisting the neck was still alive and was wriggling trying to breathe air with its trembling body like a cockroach on the last breath.

These people were just like cockroaches.

Alex didn’t linger any longer and sliced its head.

Alex stared at the notification that flashed before his eyes and immediately activated the mana sensor.

Pinpointing another group, Alex climbed up a tree close to them and took out the bow, which he hoarded from Khim.

The range of the bow depended on the strength of the user and the arrows used in it were the mana of the user moulded into an arrow.

Alex found himself in a comfortable snipping position from where he could start his firing arrows.

A hint of excitement flashed in his eye as he remembered the memory of the game where he shot enemies.

He wished he would have a gun with which he could try one shot and headshot while firing bullets to his heart’s content.

Alex drew the string to its maximum limit.

The mana from his fingers on the shaft and from the string of the bow extended towards each other and converged to form an arrow emitting bright golden light.

Pulling the string and aiming at the enemy, Alex released the bright golden arrow.

The arrow glistened and tore through the darkness emitting a faint wheezing sound and leaving behind a trail of golden light.


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