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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 286: Alex Vs Hundred Of Ugly Creatures Bahasa Indonesia

Alex’s voice echoed far and wide.

They didn’t know Alex’s language nor did they understand his words but seeing that haughty and arrogant look in his eyes, they knew that the guy was provoking them.

Stepping out of their hiding spots, many ugly baldies appeared.

Their dark greener slimy skin contributed to their disgusting figure more. They stared at Alex with naked murderous intentions.

All of them sharpened their blades to butcher him but except for the dozen near Alex, none of them moved as they thought that Alex would be taken down easily by a bunch of people so they didn’t need to make a fuss about killing small prey.

The ones surrounding Alex saw the reinforcement had arrived and closed on Alex.

Fourteen dark bald figures pouncing from all sides reflected in Alex’s eyesight.

Alex enveloped his sword in the aura which made the blade a bit longer.

His sword was covered with a crimson glow giving it a menacing look.

As the enemies came in his attack radius, Alex held the elongated blade and spun his body in a circle with the sword in his hand extended outward, the sharp surface of the sword drew a horizontal line on the body of the ugly baldies.

Everyone who was far from the site, witnessed a small crimson glint lit in the darkness which moved horizontally in circles followed by back strokes sweeping blades of air from afar.

Immediately, after that, one could see the members of their group splitting into two.

Starting from one, the number of corpses increased to three then to 8 and kept on increasing.

Alex stood at the centre of the massacre while rotating his sword like wind blades slicing apart everyone that came into its radius.

The group of baldies were hunters who would give their all to kill their enemies. Since it had already come to this, they will see it through to the bitter end.

Alex’s expression hardened as he saw them drawing near him even though he had just butchered many.

There was no fear on their faces, rather they thought that they could overpower him with their numbers.




Emitting shrill eerie cries, hundreds of them appeared out of nowhere gathering at the place to attack him, yet Alex looked utterly unfazed while dodging their attacks as casually as possible.

Alex saw them pouncing, clawing, swinging their weapon, throwing drops of poison and some were desperate enough to bite and eat him raw but on the other side, they saw the enemy dancing with superb footwork slipping through their attack like fish escaping from a fisherman net.

His graceful movements accompanied by the tempo of his sword swings didn’t match the bloody environment.

On the way, he swung his sword, cutting and chopping off limbs and heads that stood in his way.

He instantly swung his sword from left to right, from horizontal to vertical line and as it moved all around, brilliant flashes of line burst forth from his sword.

[Abyssal Slash]

[Wind Slasher]

[Blazing Fury]

Arc shaped like a crescent moon imbued with various kinds of elements rained down upon them one after another like torrential rainfall chopping them up like sacrificial chickens and pigs.

[Piercing Thrust]

Alex swung his sword again but this time a brilliant dazzling light shot from the tip of the sword moving in a straight line.

As if were a light shot from a torch, it painted the canvas in the surroundings, lighting up the darkness. The ray of the sword drew a perfectly horizontal line in the fabric of reality that charged ahead with an unstoppable momentum tearing a hole through everything that stood before it.

The roar from the sword passed through the group of baldies like a hot knife through the butter.

Whatever it passed through was torn apart.

In a straight horizontal line, anyone that stood had a big gaping hole in their chest.

Alex had already finished more than half of them and there was still one-third of the remaining and Alex attacked them with a wind slasher but the monsters were ready this time.

They didn’t rush forward like a fool and opened their ugly mouths wide.

Their neck bloated like frogs emitting croaked noises followed by strong ripples of mana as they sucked in the air heavily.

Their neck bloated ridiculously and Alex found something forming inside the back of their throat in the mouth which resembles a ball of mana.

The ball was darkish grey and Alex noticed that it looked similar to the poison on their blades.

Opening their mouths, they shot out the thing.

It looked like they spit out a huge ball of their poisonous saliva at Alex and there were around a hundred of them that could be seen blasting through the air.

Alex saw dozens of shots first and waved his hand to form a sturdy barrier.


A sound akin to the beating of drums was heard as the ball clashed on the barrier but much to Alex’s surprise, fumes started to emerge from the barrier and started to disperse.

“These balls corroded even the barrier,” Alex screams in shock.

These balls seemed to be highly lethal.

Alex was alarmed by the fact that his barrier might not last against them if hundreds of balls fell on it and they would pass through the barrier and burn him down.

Alex swung his sword fiercely, slashing crescent-shaped wind blades one after another.


The wind blades met with the acidic poisonous spits and immediately exploded.

The spits were able to take down the wind blades with them, much to Alex’s surprise.

Alex’s expression fell a bit. The physical attacks could be neutralised by them.

Alex even threw a fireball which proved worthless and in case of lightning, it caused a big explosion but the other side wasn’t damaged.

The battle felt like a statement.It was time to use the second option.

Alex sighed thinking about the glorious day of using his greatsword to cast an attack similar to the explosion of a missile.


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