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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 273: Undead Outbreak 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“You sure come in handy. I don’t need to use my sword and dirty it on these rotten and filthy bones.” Alex nodded in satisfaction.

Riya pitied Jeremy. She already had an inkling feeling that Alex was going to use him like this.

The trio safely entered the village and without wasting time, they ran towards the frontline to offer a helping hand.


A man wearing full body armour came forward and shouted”My name is Celestine and I am Captain of the Guards stationed in Bark Village. We have relayed the news to Gawaffin Stronghold. Reinforcements will arrive as soon as possible. Currently, we are surrounded by undead from all sides so do everything in your power to survive until then.”

“Now, all of you brace yourselves for the battle ahead.”

“This might be your first war but don’t forget all the things you have learnt till now. Your current self is more than enough to deal with everything. Leave the stronger ones to us and take care of the minions.”Professor Neon spoke, trying to ease their tension.

“Archers aim and load your bows and crossbows,” Celestine ordered.

All archers loaded their bows and crossbows and took their aim.


Soon, a barrage of projectiles rained down on the undead swarm destroying the forefront of the undead.

Alex swept his hand and rows of fireballs hovered above him and aimed at the nearest undead.

“Defend the walls as long as possible, don’t let me breach the lines,” Celestine shouted and rushed ahead.


The sound of the clattering of hooves sounded.

Some students were foolish enough to think that reinforcements arrived quickly and rejoiced but Alex’s face became solemn.

The sound of the horse grew closer and the Professor’s and guards’ expressions stiffened seeing a horde of undead riding on horses led by a Death Knight.

The Death Knight leading the charge had black skin and black smoke emerged from his head. He wore metallic armour with a sword in his hand.

Two pairs of green eyes shimmered on its obscure figure.

All the ones behind him seemed to be knights when they were alive and the coordination seems to be quite good for the undead.

Alex felt uneasy seeing them.

After exchanging blows with the never-ending undead, bones started to pile up at the base of the protective wall which started to raise the ground level, which the undead used as leverage to climb slowly.

Celestine and Neon decided to assault them, the group, first before they could get a foothold.


A spell shot out towards their group but the Death Knight stood up from its horse and lunged forward while swinging his sword.

The spell was cut into two halves by his slash, much to Neon’s surprise.

Neon accompanied by others fired multiple shots one after another.

Their attack was able to take multiple undead knights but those who were left alive started to haul towards them.

The Death Knight leading the front of the charge commanded the troops skilfully and led them towards the Gates.

His sword cut through their attacks skillfully.

Celestine and his guards who were at the front prepared themselves and on getting the signal collided with them.


Metals collided with each other.

Celestine drew his sword and engaged with the Death Knight in the frontal battle.

The horse under it collapsed from Celestine’s relentless attacks and The Death Knight flew into the air and crashed on the ground.

The Death Knight rose from the ground and stared at Celestine furiously.

Meanwhile, the guards with the support of magicians clash against the knights.

From the piles of scattered bones, an undead emerged with a broken sword and taking the chance pierced one of the guard’s backs.

The guard grimaced in pain and slammed his elbow on the skull of the undead, hacking it into pieces.

At that time, the undead knight drew in his sword and stabbed the guard’s chest.

Spurting blood, the guard collapsed which was followed by many others as they were surrounded by undead.

The Magician Professors were already sweating profusely while supporting others.

The Professor from the Martial Arts department also found themselves in a helpless state.

They fight while keeping an eye on the safety of students.

In this situation, some were even thinking of sneaking out and escaping from the place alas there was no escape route there.

While the Professor and guards were trying to keep the stronger ones at bay, the weaker ones were able to get past them.

Moreover, with the emergence of Death Knight who was a legendary rank more and more Epic ranks were starting to flood the area led by legendary ranks undead.

The weaker ones were being taken care of by students.

Seventy per cent of the students were able to return to the village and out of them, many directly ran away hiding in the straw huts or buildings in fear.

Many weren’t able to overcome the physiological burden and fainted on the spot as many students were dead tired from hunting all day while others gritted their teeth and squeezed everything to fight for survival.

Alex’s spells made holes in the skull of the undead but until the top portion was completely blown away, they were still charging.

As the battle began, many students who were approaching the place changed their minds.

They thought the village was attracting the undead and gathering there might be a bad idea so they went back to the forest to hide somewhere.

Whether this idea was good or bad, only the future can tell.

Alex noticed the collapse of a line on one of the sides. Stomping his feet, he pushed forward.

Alex covered his sword in mana and drew a cut.

A long wide blade of flames descended on the group of undead burning them the entirety after slicing them into species.

A long line of fire was formed which made the undead afraid to cross the line.

Alex saw the group whose faces had become due to exhaustion. He noticed Joey and Dave in the group.


“I thought I was gonna die.”

They thanked Alex while staring at him with respect and reverence.

He cast a healing spell over them under their astonishing gaze.

“I have been blessed by Goddess so I can use a minor healing spell. Don’t think too much.” Alex spoke humbly and looked at Joey.

“Have you seen Hurt?”

Joey shook his head.

“I am here from the beginning and I haven’t seen him enter. Maybe he is still in the forest.” Joey replied.

Alex frowned a little.

‘There is no way Hurt would be stuck in the forest. His prowess was more than enough to go through the tides of the undead.’

“Did he go with a team?”

“No, he is alone,” Dave spoke this time.

Alex turned his head quickly as a monster undead leapt through the wall of fire and pounced on Alex.

Alex didn’t shrink back and stabbed his sword forward.

The monster opened its maw to take a bite but the sword went over the upper part of the maw making a hole.

Alex kicked its chest bone and its whole body was sent flying after being separated from the neck and crashed at the other undead.

The maw still clattered, closing its jaw.

Alex pulled his sword and stomped on it, crushing it into pieces.


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