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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 271: Beginning Of Monster Hunt 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Jeremy’s grandfather was a servant in the noble’s house but due to some unfortunate incident, he lost his position.

Their lives weren’t worse and they were still able to live nicely even after that incident.

When Jeremy was born unlike other children he didn’t cry at first and his body was quite hard which was horrifying for his family.

Moreover, the newborn calf of two months could break a finger if he clutched properly.

As he grew, his body ached due to pain in his joints.

They felt that he was quite abnormal and decided to look for medics.

After so many twists and turns, a hidden doctor was able to assess his physique and informed his family that he was blessed with a heavenly exoskeleton.

For a mediocre family like them, it was more of a curse than a blessing. So, they decided to keep it secret until he grew up and had enough strength to back himself.

Since they were just servants of nobles previously, they weren’t adept in fights and none of them were awakened ones and they didn’t want to take a risk of hiring a teacher who could guess about his physique.


After being plastered to the tree trunk, Jeremy appeared with a fiery expression.

He hadn’t let go of his sword and leapt towards the horned boar and swung his sword with all his might.

The boar dodged the moves while Jeremy’s sword tore and destroyed everything.

Alex sighed seeing Jeremy’s mindless swings.

Jeremy had a good brain but becomes dumb when comes to fighting.

“Jeremy, don’t move so much and just stay there,” Alex shouted.

“But didn’t that mean, the boar would crash on me?”Jeremy asked with disbelief.

“Just do what I say?”

Jeremy followed and stood at his place while the boar darted towards him aiming its horn at him and trying to tear him.

“Jeremy take a deep breath and drag your right foot back while tightening your grip. On my mark lean forward, and stab.”

Jeremy nodded while keeping an eye on the enemy.


Jeremy heard Alex’s voice and followed his advice.

As soon as Alex’s voice fell, Jeremy pressed his left foot forward and moving his shoulders back a little, he stabbed forward with all his strength.


Like an invisible arrow that had been shot, something struck the boar and before it could react, something went past him.

With the remaining momentum of the boar, it charged toward Jeremy but it split into two halves and went in two different directions.

Jeremy was amazed by his attack and stared at his sword.


“What was that!”

“Did I do that?” Jeremy shouted happily.

“That’s what happens when a human fights properly instead of jumping around like a monkey.”

“Your body is less prone to injury so most of the time you use your body as a shield and fight head-on.”

“In this period, I will teach you to focus and control and there is no better way than learning by practical experience, isn’t it?” Alex smiled.

Jeremy didn’t know why but Alex’s smile felt like the smiling cast by Devil when he whispers into one’s ears tempting one to commit an evil deed.

Alex and Jeremy went deeper into the forest while fighting with the monsters.

Alex was doing his job, which was more of babysitting than actual fighting.

Alex was surprised to see when a squire rank wolf sneaked an attack on Jeremy and bit his shoulders but the teeth of the wolf were struck and it wasn’t able to tear off Jeremy’s hands.

If it was anyone else, the hands might be ripped apart.

Alex healed Jeremy after Jeremy killed the wolf.

Alex didn’t know whether it was due to the wolf being a cub or Jeremy’s body being too hard in the actual sense.

After several hours of fighting, they thought of retreating and taking a rest.

Alex saw that Jeremy had completely let down his guard and noticed the rustling sound in the bushes.

As he scanned his surroundings, his eyes widened and his image flickered.

Jeremy suddenly felt a strong hold on his neck and shrieked in panic.



Jeremy was thrown back like a rag doll by Alex and in the previous spot, he stood and had a big crater.

Jeremy stood up to see a Mace-tailed monkey standing in front of Alex.

They had large ball shapes of stone at the end of the tail with which they struck their opponents.

The Monkey roared and spun his body.

His tail shot like a whip aimed at Alex.

Alex jumped back somersaulting in the air while shooting an ice spike at Monkey.

The Monkey swung his stone ball and blocked the block of ice.

The Monkey leaned forward with his arms and ran towards Alex.

Alex stomped his foot and a small trap struck the monkey’s arms and he was stuck in the place.

It saw a jaw-shaped stone with sharp-edged biting its hand. It grimaced in pain and swung its tail to break it down but at that time, a vine shot from the ground and held the tail.

“Stone Bullet”

A small piece of pebble shot toward Monkey and went past its head bursting its head.

Alex turned his head and ran towards Jeremy.

“These monkeys always come in a bunch. More might be on their way, let’s go.” Alex spoke and pulled Jeremy.

Darkness was already descending over them and Alex didn’t want to fight with dozens of them with handicaps imposed on him. At present, he could only use a fraction of his strength and cannot reveal everything.


Alex heard screams and roars from the back and saw hundreds of Mace Tailed Monkey chasing them.

All the branches of the tree were laden with monkeys jumping to and fro from one tree to another.

Alex stopped in his tracks and threw spells.

The ground behind them rumbled and huge walls of ice emerged which was followed by a blizzard sweeping the Monkeys while freezing them wholly.


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