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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 247: Stirring Waves Bahasa Indonesia

It was a preconceived notion that the Royal family had ears all over the place.

Sometimes, random words from a passerby can cause heavy retribution and one existence might completely disappear.

There was going to be a banquet at the Royal family and many already knew that it was for King Alex.

Some believed that although The Emperor didn’t favour the fifth prince before that doesn’t mean he had ill will against him.

So, calling him and crowning him before everyone while introducing him to the world might be a way of addressing the Fifth Prince’s grievances.

In a certain place in Zenith, where the headquarters of the Public Safety Department was located, chaos had already ensued.

A team consisting of well-trained knights had found dead bodies near the graveyard, and a knight hurriedly knocked on the door of the Captain.

“Captain, we have trouble.”

“What happened?”

“We have found dead bodies on the path to the graveyard and it seemed to be a squad dispatched to kill King Alex and Lady Christina.”

“They have already reported this matter and are asking us to act”

The Captain almost screamed and jumped off the chair.

“Relay my orders. Deploy all Knights.”

“They dare to run rampant and try to assassinate such an important guest under bright daylight. What kind of imprudence is this.” He slammed his hand on the table and pulled the sword and placed it on his waist and came out of his office with an angered look.

“Let’s go.”

“I don’t know why I am having a restless feeling.” He spoke while his whole body shivered.

Meanwhile, in the Royal Palace, the news travelled quickly.

All the Princes and Princesses had already been called to the Capital.

The news of the attack on Alex alerted everyone and the Emperor immediately called for a meeting without wasting any time, much to everyone’s surprise.

It didn’t take much time for the matter to reach their years as Alex came out openly.

The Prince and Princess entered and took their seats while the court official started to gather.

Everyone had an uneasy expression on their faces wondering what was going to happen.

Many of them felt that this was just a small matter so why the hell was the Emperor making a fuss?

Many wondered if the gathering might be related to other matters.

Alice stared at everyone coldly but beneath the coldness, she secretly envisioned the scene that was going to happen.

She knew her brother’s capabilities and if the Assassin sent weren’t stronger, they couldn’t harm him unless he wanted.

The First Princess Leia stared at Alice and muttered softly”Fourth Sister, I heard you visited little brother Alex.”

“How is he doing?”

Alice’s gaze fixated on her. There was no emotion in Leia’s eyes and it would look as if she didn’t care.

But Alice knew that she was a bit worried about Alex.

In the Palace, there were no relatives and every relation seemed to be based on benefit.

But Princess Leia was a bit different. She cared for others and was generally a benevolent person under the cold mask.

Unlike Alice, although she didn’t spend time with Alex in childhood, she deeply cared for him and it was under her shadows that both of them were able to grow up.

There were no servants who bullied Alex because Princess Leia herself took action.

Princess Leia’s eyes weren’t on the throne due to greed rather, she wanted to create a precedent for women who had always been put behind males.

She wanted to become an Empress and prove that women were in no way inferior to anyone and at the same time she wanted to restrict her shrewd brothers who were always engaged in conspiring against each other.

At that time, a long announcement sounded and The Emperor Kevin Von Stan entered the Throne room.

All the officers along with royals got up and bowed down.

The Emperor sat on the throne and was about to begin his speech when a loud explosion resounded at the far corner of the palace.

The shockwaves sent tremors in the Throne room startling many.

“Someone attacked the palace.”

“Who wants to die?”

Everyone started at the charter and stared at the Emperor who had an inexplicable expression on his face.

“What happened?” A hoarse voice resounded in the whole place.

At the same time, another explosion took place.

A guard entered hurriedly and fell onto his knees.

“Greetings to His Majesty!”

The man stuttered a little and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Your Majesty King Alex had blown up the gates.”

A hushed silence prevailed as soon as his voice fell and everyone looked around with disbelief.

Blowing up the gates!

Since the gates of the Palace can be attacked by the people of the Empire?

And even if some attacked, how can it be easy to blow up the gates?

“What kind of indecency is this?” A noble roared.

“Your Majesty, The Fifth Prince seemed to be the same idiot as before.”

“We should execute this kind of disobedient brats who don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”Another one shouted trying to voice out his thoughts while agreeing with the other one’s words.

Alice’s expression stiffened. Her face was already pale after hearing the sound of an explosion.

‘Big Brothers, what the hell are you aiming for?’

The matters of Capital weren’t as simple as it looks and one can’t just rely on strength only, one should also know a way to politics.

Many present out their voice out their thoughts and wanted to execute Alex.

“So, you are saying that the guards are so weak that you can not even defend against a kid attack who seemed to be in Master rank,” Kevin spoke loudly.

Everyone who heard his words felt a chill down their spine as they could feel the anger within those words.

“Just what kind of fools were guarding the gates?” He asked.

The guard who brought the news panicked and fell onto his knees asking for mercy.

If The Emperor became angry, his head would be the first that would be taken by him.

“Hmm!” He snorted and laid back in his seat.

” What do you think?”Kevin muttered faintly.

“I think the snacks you have brought wouldn’t be sufficient for the show.” A voice whispered from his back.

Kevin coughed lightly and spoke, “I am talking about the situation.”

“Your Majesty, since you are here to watch the show, you just need to enjoy it.”

“Moreover, you are quite cruel. It was you who manipulated things and replaced the guards and now you are blaming others.”

A loud explosion reverberated for a moment and everyone’s expression became ugly as they stared at the Emperor who sat silently.

When the minister and officials were screaming, a loud hoarse voice echoed throughout the hall.

“It seems that everyone had gone senile due to old age.”

The sound of gentle footsteps was heard and finally, a young man of 19 appeared with wounds all over his body.

His face seemed to be white as a sheet of paper and his body was drenched in blood and each of his steps left behind a footprint of blood.

And to everyone’s horror, he held a cut head on his left hand that seemed to have been cut recently.

In a way, Alex’s first entrance to The Throne room would leave an unforgettable memory in everyone’s mind.


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