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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 22: Idiot Will Always Be An Idiot Bahasa Indonesia

Dorda was the main culprit for the fall of Nevan.

A greedy, lascivious and asshole.

If Alex wanted to clear the infectious root, he had to cut off this man no matter what.

While Prime Minister Count Bassie may be a greedy sly fox who put his profit before the Kingdom, he is not a man with an inflated ego.

Bassie may be involved in increasing taxes, and reaping the profit from the Kingdom’s treasure but at the least, he has no hand in any illegal activities.

Moreover, it was because Bassie’s efforts of convincing the nobles to send reinforcement to Wright to help them in their war against another kingdom that made Catherine’s plan work.

Though he may do this for his safety as with Wright falls, Nevan will fall along with it, he may face repercussions no matter how small they may be.

Slavery, illegal gambling, and selling Kingdom’s information to others. There is no place where Dorda hadn’t touched.

When Alex was banished here, that old bastard would stay by Alex’s side like a shadow and acted as a friendly neighbourhood grandpa and play with Alex like a friend, cheated on him and took all the money of the people of Nevan and even increased the taxes.

After Alex went into a coma, he came up with a reason that the castle didn’t require so much manpower and cut all their salary.

Seeing Dorda trembling like a lamb who is going to be slaughtered, Alex smiled.

After all, he is not going to kill Dorda today as he still has some use left in him.

Alex signalled the white-dressed lady and seeing Alex’s gaze the lady nodded.

“Finance Minister, what is this?” The lady asked.

Dorda was no fool to argue and curse this maid and acted pitifully with tears falling from his knees.

He kneeled on the ground and hit his head on the floor and shouted”Your Majesty please believe in me. This servant of yours has always been with you and sees you as his own grandson. So how can a person like me steal from his own house.”

“You all have to believe in me. Please give this old man justice and give me some time to look for the real criminal. I promise to drag down the bastard who had the guts to steal from you highness” Dorda spoke while hitting his head on the floor.

‘Just you wait. Once, I get out of this place I am going to destroy you and surround the whole castle and take you down and treat you as a slave and that girl. I will make sure you will be played by thousands of men.’Dorda muttered inwardly as from inside he was boiling in a rage.

He promised to make sure that the humiliation he suffered today would be paid back in ten folds.

Alex looked at the old man’s cocky acting and sneered inwardly, at ‘This guy is no fool, unlike that Sten.’

Alex looked at the nobles who trembled as they met Alex’s gaze which satisfied him.

Alex was able to plant fear in them. Now they have two choices, either lay low and give up all they had accumulated or try to fight back.


Alex stuffed some jerky and spoke while munching it”That black-haired big sis had told me to find the culprit in two days”

“Grandpa Dorda, since you say you are innocent then I am giving you two days to find the culprit.”

“Till that time, you are stripped from your position. If you can’t prove your innocence then you will be hanged on gallows.” Alex spoke.

The nobles grumbled and one of them mustering his courage asked”Why are you doing this? We have already found the ring so why do you have to do this?”

“Why!” Alex rubbed his chin and put on an innocent angelic smile and said”It’s because it is fun to play kill, kill.”

“That big sis taught me to play this and I am enjoying it. I want to play kill, kill more.” Alex spoke with a large grin on his face.

Everyone froze when they heard the words and their jaws dropped to the ground wide open. They wanted to scream and curse this idiot.

The nobles tried to stop themselves from rushing toward the King and slapping him.

If not for the black-haired lady who terrorized them, they would have spared no effort to drag down that bastard and give him a hard beating.

‘Just because you thought it was fun, you will kill anybody. Do you even know what death is? Do you even know what it signifies?’

They knew it was worthless in trying to reason with this pig head. Though his body had grown up, his mind is worse than the kid.

Even small children might have a sense of responsibility and awareness but this idiot didn’t have a shred of awareness.

How can he gave the guts to eat even after seeing such a brutal scene.Treating, killing as play, what an imebcile.

Bassie, who always tried to observe his enemy first, failed. For the first time, he wasn’t able to see through his king.

Every time he gave a killing order, he would just smile and clap as if he saw a good show or got a new gift to play with.

Except for the change of structure of his face, everything else was the same about this pig before he fell into a coma.

The nobles looked at the black-haired lady and wanted to blame her but they shuddered in fear as her chilling gaze flashed before their eyes.

“Okay, so let’s depart and meet after two days,” Alex said as he got up from his seat.

The nobles heaved a sigh of relief. Two days were more than enough to come up with a countermeasure to deal with the situation.

But they flinched when they heard the King’s last words”After two days, I am gonna play another round of Kill…Kill.”

“Oh Yeah!’

” Hurrah!”

“Boyeah!” Alex shouted in excitement thinking about playing it again and stepped on the stairs leading to the throne but he tripped over and fell down the throne his body bounced back on the stairs and he fell to the ground with a large thud and the stars started to revolve around his head.

“My Lord.” The lady shouted and ran towards Alex along with Max.

‘Idiot would always be an idiot.’The thought rang in nobles’ minds seeing Alex falling down from the stairs.


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