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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 210: What Right Do You Have To Criticise Me Bahasa Indonesia

He was Bright’s glory. It’s a future powerhouse and hopes.

For a kingdom to promote itself from Tier 3 to Tier one, it has to produce a legendary grade warrior. This was the only fundamental difference between the two.

Prince Harry was able to reach Master rank at 20 years.

Seeing his prospects, using every resource he was sent to Zenith to enter the knight academy.

Prince Harry was able to enter it and was able to reach the peak of Epic rank at the age of 23.

It was sure that he would be able to reach Transcendent rank and then legendary rank before the age of 30.

Harry earned quite a name for himself but everything was destroyed when he lost the match.

He was going to make a breakthrough in the middle of the match but his opponent struck at the moment injuring him greatly which made him fail the breakthrough and suffer a huge backlash damaging his foundation.

After that, it was said that he lost himself and became a mental patient.

And now the person who had disappeared from the scene for two years stood before them with the strength of Master rank, his eyes were still sharp as over and the chilling coldness from his face made everyone tremble.

“Brother, I am happy to see you recover,” Edward spoke with a small smile on his face.

“Ohhh!” Harry raised his brows.

Rubbing his chin, he started to circle Edward.

“Edward, you don’t seem to change much.”

“You are still the same.”

“Haha!Yeah!” Edward gave a self-deprecating smile.

“I will always be the same.”

Harry nodded and spoke, “Yeah, you will always be the same.”

“A disgusting piece of shit.”

“Trash will always be trash.”

The temperature of the surroundings plunged back sharply and everything froze as soon as Harry’s words fell.

Harry stared at Edward fiercely whose expression stiffened.

The mask which he had always worn on his face started to crumble slowly.

“What do you mean by that?” Edward spoke with a terrified expression.

“You are asking me?” Harry narrowed his eyes and chuckled.

He walked up the stairs and leaned back at the side of the throne and clapped his hand.

“Father, let’s expose this wolf to the world.”


With a small gust of wind, two Epic ranks appeared and threw a few people bound in ropes to the ground.

The nobles gazed at the people. They didn’t know most of them except the butler and head maid.

Harry narrowed his eyes and spoke with a murderous gaze”Do you want to speak or do I have to make you speak?”

The people who were thrown on the floor started to shiver.

“Please spare us.”

“Prince Edward threatened us. He threatened to kill our family if we didn’t do what he said.”

“And what did he specifically ask you to do?” Harry asked.

“Prince Edward ordered us to mix drugs in your food and fed a medicinal potion to the King.”

“We just did what he had asked us to?”

“Please have mercy on us?”

“I have kids in my house.”

They started to sob while begging them to spare their lives.

The nobles who were watching the scene felt their scale go numb.

All of them who had sided with Edward took a 180-degree turn sharply. After all, this man poisons his own family for his greed.

Who knew what he would do with them for power once he ascended the throne?

Harry glared at Edward and spoke with an amicable smile”What do you have to say about this, my lovely brother?”

King Brian who had been silent about the whole situation opened his mouth and spoke with a saddened expression”If your mother was still alive she would have killed herself to repent for giving birth to you.”

“Fighting for the throne is one thing but trying to kill your father,” Brian spoke with a disheartened expression.


Everyone was astonished as Edward started to laugh like a maniac.

“What right do you have to criticise me? This isn’t the first instance where a son poisoned his father and tried to kill his brother. There have been various instances.”

“Even that imbecile Alex is walking towards the big trap? You will know in the future just how ugly, the fight for the throne is?”

“Even if you don’t want to, you will be pulled into and forced to fight until one side wins.”

“Naturally, I have nothing to repent. Don’t think that you can stop me?” Edward sneered and taking a scroll tore it.

“A magical scroll.” Everyone gasped in surprise seeing it.

Magic scrolls weren’t easy to get hands-on. Each magic scroll was similar to a national-level treasure for the low Tier Kingdom and seeing the Second Prince taking a scroll out of nowhere, terrified them.

The scroll started to shine brightly.

Two portals appeared behind him from which monsters started to appear.

Duke Walmart who saw the scene was flabbergasted by the scene.

He had taken part in all of Edward’s schemes against the Royal family but he didn’t know all of his means.

Seeing a monster appearing out of it made him realise that he had made a mistake in choosing the side.

Harry reacted quickly, “Guards evacuate everyone.”

Soldiers started to flood in and two Epic rank knights stood before the king.

All those who knew how to fight pulled out their weapons quickly.

“Grrrr!”A fierce howl echoed which shook the whole place.


A paw with long claws appeared out of the portal and soon the entire being walked out of the portal.

A three-tailed panther with dark purplish fur opened its maw to give a soul-wrenching roar.

“I hope you all liked my gift.”

“So, farewell for now. We will meet soon.” Edward smiled and stepped inside the portal which closed off quickly leaving everyone in bewilderment.

Five Master ranks and one peak Epic rank accompanied by many weak monsters stepped out of the portal and started to engage.

Harry, who was at master rank, engaged in the fight along with others.

“Should I deal with them?”

“Ahhhhh!” Alice, who heard a faint whisper, suddenly screamed in horror, frightening the others who stood beside her.

“Big Sis! You scared me to death just now.”

“Riya, where is Alex,” Catherine asked.

“I don’t know. He left for somewhere and asked me to take care if any trouble arises.”Riya replied while staring at the purple Panther that came out.

The other epic rank appeared quickly and two of them were fighting with it trying to subdue it.

While Harry along with the soldiers was engaging with another monster while an Epic rank stood beside King and guards started to evacuate the people

The Panther threw a paw sending the Epic rank flying towards the pillar while opening its maw wide apart condensing flames in its mouth.

As he opened the maw, its face was smacked by a kick and its head collided with the wall making a crack.

Mordek appeared on the scene and holding its head smashed its face but it wasn’t enough to pin it down.

While Mordek engaged with the panther, Alex’s squad surrounded their queens.

” Your Highness, are you all alright?”Aeon asked in a worried tone.

“Yeah, we are all alright but we need to help them otherwise there would be too many casualties,” Catherine spoke and looked at Christina.

Christina nodded and drew her sword with a fierce shout”Follow me.”

“First evacuate the ones who can’t fight while trying to minimise the casualties.”

“Also form a perimeter around Catherine to protect her.” Christina gave a chain of commands before descending into battle.

Riya stared at the scene and decided to take down the huge panther that posed a threat.

“I hope Alex can tie out the loose ends otherwise we will be in trouble for sure,” Catherine muttered with a worried expression.

They have already allowed one of the enemies to slip down the radar in Amidon so she didn’t want the same thing to be repeated here.

Edward was a huge threat from Bright as well as Leonhart and no one knew the strength of the monsters he had at his disposal.

If he wasn’t gotten rid of quickly, he will surely take the chance of their visit to Zenith to destroy Leonhart.

Hopefully, Alex who had vanished out of nowhere can take him down.


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