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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 200: Night To Slaughter 2 Bahasa Indonesia


Like a ghost appearing in the darkness of night, Alex appeared and decapitated the archers and faded away leaving behind the deathly stillness.

He would nimbly crawl on their back slowly and seeing the opportunity, he would close their mouth and send them to his dear friend devil to hire them for jobs.

He could use sleep spells to make them unconscious and could give them a silent and painless death.

But there is no joy, isn’t it? He wanted them to stare deep into his filled with fear and despair before the darkness uncle came and caressed them to sleep for eternity.

Before it was just a grudge of the Kingdom and Alex thought that they were doing all this to follow the orders and please the superiors to get their promotion but hell no.

These donkey-minded men were equally scummy as their bastard masters.

Not only did they mock him but also dared to speak ill of his wives but also ridiculed them.

If it was any other situation, he would have pulled out their tongues and hung them on display on the walls and asked them to stare at them with their damned eyes.

Currently, he was dynamite that could explode at any moment. If not for giving away his identity, he would put all his might and annihilate everything here.

As the group of men fell with a large thud, one of the men who were asleep suddenly woke up.

Alex reacted immediately and drew the dagger and the man unable to react, closed his eyes instinctively.

He wasn’t given the time to shout for his life and the dagger already pierced the skin of his neck but surprisingly the man didn’t die.

With a jaw wide open with disbelief, he looked down to see the dagger touching his skin forming a small cut from which blood flowed.

Alex raised his brows as he looked at the man.

Through his advanced senses and mana sensor, he remembered about this man.

He was on guard below and when others were bad-mounting him and his wife, he tried to correct them and ended up getting beaten. He doesn’t seem to be the bad guy.

“Who are you?”The man asked in a trembling tone.

Alex retracted his dagger and muttered before knocking the guy out,” I am a Demon.”

“Whew! It’s done.” Alex spoke while wiping away the sweat.

“Doing things that are out of my style is difficult.”

“Goddess of War, why didn’t you teach me how to act as an assassin,” Alex grumbled and jumped down.

Riya who had learned superior stealth techniques that can hide her presence and even her breath to utmost perfection, along with Riya sneaked inside the fortress.

Alex already lit a torch signaling them.


Knocking out the guards patrolling the gate, Alex pulled out his sword.

“My Lord, what are you doing?” Riya whispered with a panicked tone.

Alex smiled hearing her words but it was hidden under his mask and taking a stance, he stabbed his sword forward.

[Piercing Thrust]

With a loud echoing noise, Alex thrust his sword covering it with mana.


With a loud noise that rang like striking thunderclaps, the huge heavy gates were blown away into pieces.

The huge and mighty door that stood there with full glory was now lying down in tatters like a broken piece of rag.

The loud noise alarmed everyone presents out there. Many were bewildered by the sudden noise that rang like thunder.

Those who were patrolling ran towards the gate while those who were sleeping or taking a rest were suddenly woken up by a heavy sound.

“It’s time to kill.”Alex roared and with a huge mighty leap, he strode forward leaving Riya with a surprised expression.

‘Didn’t they come here to sneak in and destroy the things? So why were they making so much noise?’ Riya thought inwardly.

Alex had planned to nip the bud quietly without anyone knowing but he changed things after getting the intel.

That Edward was an eagle’s eye bastard and was quite tricky to deal with.

If he does things quietly, he may somehow pull all the blame on him and may accuse him of sneaking out and doing all kinds of things which could prove fatal for him.

But after getting the news about the unexpected not-so-welcoming ceremony where he was going to be humiliated, he thought that he should make a loud noise.

If the information reached him early during which the fight was still going on, he would first check him and his troops.

Since Alice was posing as him and her maid as Riya, they would get over the situation quietly.

With this demon mask and the wolf tribesman, he would put all the blame on this ugly demon masked man and confuse Edward.

His sixth sense will soon scream that Leonhart had a hand in it but he had no way to prove it and had to swallow his anger.

” As he had said before, the stage had been set and the audience had already gathered.”

“It was time for him to start the drama.”

“Let’s begin Act One.”

The ground soldiers pulled out everything they could get hold of and sprinted towards the gates as if their life was on the line.

The groups of guards on the walls also started to descend quickly leaving the walls unguarded allowing Riya to sneak up.

As for Alex…

He decided to unleash the maniac inside.


With an eruption of the loud blast, the group of soldiers hurling toward were blown away.

They were suddenly hit by something that descended on them with great momentum.

One of them who got off his fear was quickly kicked and sent flying.


Soldiers flew away with one hit and rolled all around.

As the dust dispersed, they were horrified to see a demon masked man whose eyes flashed with crimson glint filled with madness shone brilliantly and he spoke in a coarse and rough voice.

“Show me fear, show me despair.”

“Cause I demon of madness feeds on your despair and grows stronger.”



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