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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 199: Night To Slaughter Bahasa Indonesia

“These scums of Bright are too much!” Alice grunted with anger.

Her chest heaved up and down due to outrage and her sullen expression makes her look quite cute.

Catherine chuckled seeing her and sat down on the edge of the bed while fording her legs.

Alex had asked Alice to depart from before and hid in Bright. He had placed his soldiers who would soon disperse into Brights to gain information.

As Alex reached the designated location, he along with Riya sneaked out while Alice pretending as Alex took the charge.

Since they came with Alice there was no check on them, unlike Alex’s squad which had been checked countless times or harassed him.

On top of that, Alice’s had a striking resemblance to Alex’s except for the colour of the eye. So, with little of the magic manipulation spell given by Alex, she can change her shape.

But this was only because Alice’s face was somehow close to Alex and she could maintain the magic for six hours a day.

“Sister Catherine, Sister Christina! Big Brother had been suffering silently.”

“On top of that, the dirty scumbag insulted Sister Riya and I wasn’t able to do much.”

“If my brother would be there, he might rip his neck,” Alice said.

Remembering the dirty rotten face of that bastard, she wanted to spit on that face.

Catherine smiled seeing Alice grumbling and her heart warmed up a little seeing Alice caring for Alex so much.

“You are worrying too much Alice.”

“Let me teach the way of lions,” Catherine spoke while staring at Christina who smiled a little.

“When lions step back silently that doesn’t mean that they are retreating, rather they are just preparing themselves to strike back.”

“Today will be an unforgettable night for Bright.”

“Heh heh heh!” Catherine’s lips curled upwards.

“I am a little bit worried about it,” Christina spoke with an uneasy expression.



Both Catherine and Christina exclaimed with surprised expressions.

“Christina, what are you worried about?” Catherine asked.

“No…No!Don’t get me wrong, I am not worried about Alex.”Christina waved her hand to calm them down.

“I am worried about Bright. What if Alex goes out of control and wipes out the entire fortress in anger.”

As soon as Christina spoke about her worries, the entire atmosphere became silent followed by a gulping sound of swallowing saliva.


It was another night.

Except for the shining moon, no stars were twinkling in the sky.

Everything else was the same as the previous night except that today was the night of slaughter.

A night which would make many screams in agony filling them with despair not knowing what struck them.

It is a Night that will be remembered in Bright for aeons to come.

Like a gust of wind,obscure figures covered in a veil of the night moved around like a flash.

As they passed through the people, they only felt a strong gust of wind going past them.

Blood splattered, bodies piled up and intense killing intent filled the sky as the figure went past the places.


As the squad of people passed through the engraved marks, a swift flash lit for a moment in the dark followed by which heads rolled on the ground.

After slaughtering all the way to the current place with unstoppable momentum, they stood on the top of the mountain staring at the fortress downwards.

[Sunmount Fortress.]

The place where most of the evildoers lay who tried to harm his soldiers on multiple occasions.

Although there was no large-scale warfare still some of his soldiers were injured for real.

He could remember the tension and heavy atmosphere as he passed through this place where they could attack at any moment if they let their guard down.

Trapped in the narrow valley between mountains on two sides, if the situation became worse except for the elites there was no way one could survive.

“Just because I was passive, you think you can step off my head.”

“Do you think I am soft rice? You bastards.” Alex muttered.

Alex gave a sinister smile and took the demon-shaped mask and wore it on his face.

“Riya, what do you think? Do you think I look handsome?” Alex spoke in a playful tone.

“Yes My Lord, you looked charming. It gives you a bad boy vibe which makes you attractive.” Riya chuckled.

Alex stared at the Riya assassin suit which was drenched in blood. The Shadow Queen’s mood to kill seemed to be in full swing.


“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t display such affection in the public.”

Alex looked around and smiled a little seeing Peru’s awkward expression.

Behind him was a battalion of wolf tribesmen and well-trained assassins whose appearance had been changed into that of the humans who lost their reason.

“Listen to my orders.”

“Riya and I will take down the watchtowers.”

“You will take the position. As soon as you see a big fire touch lit up, you should infer the fall of watch towers and begin the seize.”

“Don’t tear down the enemies. Just kill them as swiftly as possible until I start to make the noise.” Alex ordered.

“First take care of the patrolling officers.”

“Riya, let’s enjoy to the heart’s content and unleash the madness.”


In one of the watchtowers, five archers were present.

Three of them were asleep while two stayed awake.

“Haaaaa!” One of them yawned heavily, rubbing his eyes.

“Today was a fun day. We scared the shit out of those weaklings.” Another one spoke and burst into laughter.

“Hahaha hahaha!”

But his laugh stopped in the middle as he noticed something was amiss.

“Huh! Hey, why aren’t you replying? Did you fall asleep?” The man muttered rubbing his eyes and turning his back but what greeted him was a dagger piercing straight into his neck, slitting it.

He opened his mouth to scream but no voice came out of his mouth as he rolled his eyes he found his comrades sleeping there with a trail of blood trickling down from their necks.

Riya pulled out the dagger and blood gushed out like a fountain.

She wiped off the blood on the dagger while muttering inwardly.

‘One down, another two to go.’


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