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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 195: Mistaken Bahasa Indonesia

Demonsis tried to attack Mordek but even though he was blinded by the dirty tricks, his sense was enough to deflect the attack.

Though he found it hard to defend still it was enough to buy him some time until his vision had been cleared up.

Demonsis gives up on aiming for Mordek’s life and decides to flee quickly.

Demonsis found the chance and started to run past Mordek fleeing away.


He hadn’t even crossed a few metres when a huge greatsword struck before him.

He screamed in pain and jumped back but to his horror, his head was held tightly like a pair of pincers and he wasn’t able to shake away the hold.


With a loud noise, his head was slammed on the ground making a huge hole in it and Alex who held his head raised it and started to slam again and again.

Dust and soil went into his openings as Alex repeated the notion without mercy.

Alex after slamming him to his heart’s content with a hearty smile reached for the mask.

“Let’s see just how ugly is your face that you have to hide it under the mask.”

“I sincerely feel pity for you to be born with a face looking like shit.”

“My honest condolences brother!”

Demonsis who heard Alex’s mocking words almost died of vomiting blood.

The humiliation was too much for him to digest.

Alex took his mask and wore it on his face with a smile.

“Don’t worry Demonis, I will make sure to finish the task you have been given, “Alex muttered as he reached for his head, sending him to eternal darkness.

Alex asked his men to kill the remaining ones that lingered around there.

“It’s time to advance the plan forward.”


A hawk carrying a secret parchment hovered around a huge castle and finally landed on the window and started to peck the window pane.

A pair of hands appeared that took the eagle inside.

He raised the eagle and took out the small parchment of paper tied around its legs.

Plucking the small parchment paper, he opened the letter studying the contents with a curious gaze.

His eyes widened and a playful smile appeared on his lips.

[Leader, I have tried to carry out the task given out by you to utmost perfection. The King of Nevan is a hot-blooded idiot who seemed to look down on others. He jumped at the front and started swinging a huge axe like a madman. The army was full of cowards and the soldiers messed up and weren’t able to deploy the formation taught to them. Some even ran away throwing away their weapons.]

[Under our relentless attack many of them were injured and their pathetic weapons were damaged greatly. I sneaked in and attacked King Of Nevan, his ego went over his head and injured him greatly. I could have done critical damage but General Mordek appeared as a saviour and protected him. He took the reins of soldiers and with all his might he cleared our forces. You have to be careful of him. He is quite strong and has reached Epic rank. We shouldn’t underestimate him.]

[Leader, regretfully I can’t return as Mordek had placed a tracking skill on him. I am not able to get rid of it now and I am also injured in the fight and had to run away to protect my life.]

[So, this humble servant of yours beg apology.]

Folding the paper, the man laughed and muttered, “Let’s organize a banquet for them and rub wounds on their salt.”

After taking care of the things and clearing away the traces of the battle that happened tonight, Alex’s troops entered the Bright Kingdom after which the main cities were present.

They finally encountered the watchtowers and check posts with large fences.

It was a simple check-post set by every Kingdom and could be set up on the borders and typically a battalion of people who rotated their shift here, who were mostly sent here to suffer by the higher-ups.

It was a dead zone for people if your Kingdom had frequent war but it became a place of business when your Kingdom enjoys lasting peace.

These people who were sent here as punishment, profit a lot by taking ransom from other people to give them the right to enter.

In fact, this guard and the watchtowers were of no use in case of war, they were just present to intimidate others.

As Alex’s troops entered, Alex was surprised to see the guards lined up holding their weapons and aiming at us.

“Beggars, who are you all?” A man standing before them shouted.

Alex had asked his soldiers to change their appearance and pull out all their broken weapons and rusty swords to act like warriors who have suffered a lot.

It was time for the Oscar-level actors inside them to come out and show their skills.


Alex waved his hand and the troop that was marching forward instantly stopped. Even the war horses the soldiers were riding on it froze instantly as if Alex’s command was the law.

Alex raised his brows on hearing the man’s question with a mocking.

Although his men held broken weapons and wore dilapidated armour, still this can’t hide the fact that this was an army marching with an official flag.

Even a brain-dead fool can infer the difference. It was a direct insult to his people but as a good-level actor, he had to prove his worth while Alex pondered the man’s intention.

Alex can only think of two situations.

Either this man like most others didn’t know about the setting and symbol of his new kingdom or this man had been asked to act like this from a higher up.

Seeing the burly man with curled black hair staring at them with a large grin on his face, Alex can already sympathize with him.

This guy was guaranteed to be a typical cannon fodder extra who thought that he would be rewarded after doing what he was said to do but only an experienced and avid chunni boy like him knows how his fate is going to end up.

Alex stared at his man and rolled over his eyes.

“Ma….No, I mean Aeon, just go and solve the troublesome matter,” Alex ordered.

Sending Max may cause more trouble than required.

Aeon got down from the horse and walked towards the guy and asked with a gentle tone”Hello, pal what’s the matter?”

“Who are you all, identify yourself first. Are you a member of the rebel army that is going to trespass from here and cause a riot in Bright?”

“If you are thinking this then stop your naive thoughts. We are proud and dedicated citizens of Bright that would lay down our lives to stop you from trespassing.”

“We may not be able to stop you but we can cause irreversible damage to you.”

Aeon, who just wanted to have a friendly chat, was flabbergasted for a moment seeing the man speaking such heroic words filled with courage.

He felt as if he heard the joke of the decade.

Although he still tried to maintain his friendly smile, he was cursing inside.

‘You should have at least the strength to speak those words.’

‘You want to lay down your lives. Do you even have enough men to lay down? You are just going to blow away with a simple sneeze.’

Aeon sneered at the man who was just at squire rank while most of the follow-ups were unawakened.

“No, that’s not it.”

“Can you see the flag fluttering there? We are an army of the Leonhart Kingdom which was previously known as Nevan? You see the king there sitting on the horse while resting on that man’s shoulders and had been injured badly.” Aeon spoke while pointing his fingers.

The man stared at the flag and looked at Alex who was coughing blood and had a face as pale as a sheet of paper.

He seemed to be grievously injured.

“I can’t permit you. You need to give me proof.” The man spoke with a righteous voice.

Aeon looked back and got the signal from Alex, handed a gold coin and tugged it in their sleeves.

“What are you doing, I am an honest man. I do my job with absolute loyalty to the kingdom.”

Aeon took out another gold coin and placed it in the man’s hands but seeing him not taking the money offered, Aeon sighed his head and his expression became cold.

“Brother, I salute you for doing your job faithfully.”

“But you are delaying the King’s Coronation which will be held in Zenith. The Emperor himself issued a decree to invite Majesty Alex.”

“If you don’t allow us to move from here. It’s okay then, we will have no problem but can you handle the consequences of doing this? Not only you but your whole Kingdom” Aeon shouted angrily while pointing his fingers at the man

“Do you think you can take the responsibility?”

The man’s back was drenched in sweat on hearing his words. His henchman who stood there with a mocking smile on their face suddenly felt their scale going numb.

The man suddenly held Aeon’s hand and muttered with a smile.

“Since I was a kid, my father taught me many things.”

“He had said that one shouldn’t accept bribes but if one kindly offers it, he should take it gracefully.” He spoke and took the coins from Aeon and shouted.

“Leave the way, let them pass.” The man ordered.

Aeon smiled and waved his hand.

The man who watched the whole army pass through didn’t know why but he was getting sympathetic gazes from quite several people.

After they left, he sighed in relief and wiped off his sweat while fidgeting with the two gold coins which amount to 10 years of his salary.

“Hehehehehe!I have benefitted from both sides.” He muttered and asked the messenger to quickly inform the situation of the King of Nevan who seemed to be badly injured.


The army passed through safely to other places without any hurdles and was already given leeway without causing any trouble.

There was some occasional harassment trying to shake up their mentality but seeing the army not reacting to them made them feel they were too weak to retaliate or they were too tired after being injured to fight again.

Still, the so-called peaceful journey came to an end as they were stopped while passing through the territory of a Duke.

It was the territory of Duke Walmart and Duke himself stopped them.

Sensing the hostile intent, the expression on his face changed a little.

“Honourable King and Queen of Nevan, please don’t take this wrongly. We have no hostile intention.”

Alex walked out of the carriage with an exhausted look and asked.

“What do you want?”


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