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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 193: Night Assault 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex turned his head and stared at the edge of the cliff.

His red eyes flickered with a reddish glow emitting killing intent.

The man wearing the demon mask was suddenly startled by Alex’s gaze which seemed to pierce him.

But the next moment, he was given a shock beyond his wildest dream when he heard Alex’s voice.

“Demonsis, I have been waiting for you.”

His eyeball widened with a horrified look when he heard Alex’s words which froze his entire body.

“How did you know my name?” He muttered with a panicked expression.

Alex’s lips curled upward with a mocking smile as he muttered, “It’s because you are going to be an important asset for me in the future.”

The man had no way of knowing that Alex used an eye of truth to know his name so he thought that someone had leaked his name.

Alex turned his gaze and shouted, “It’s time to fight back.”

As soon as Alex’s voice fell, the soldiers who were behaving like cowards seemed to be frightened by just a simple scream, suddenly pulled out their weapons and advanced fearlessly.

“Aeon, Ben, Antwan…” Alex stopped in the mid of his speech as he saw Max’s eyes filled with expectation.

“Except Max, everyone leads the troop.”

Max’s shoulders dropped as he saw others getting the chance to lead the troops except him and Ben even gave him a mocking smile.

Alex smiled bitterly seeing his expression and tried to coax him”Max, you are an important part of the army.”

“You alone can destroy everything. So, I wanted you to wreak havoc alone. You are one of my best soldiers, my future star. A one-man army so goes unleash destruction.”

Max’s dimmed eyes were suddenly filled with a crazy fighting spirit and started to burn vigorously and he let out a nerve-wracking roar and jumped straight to the battlefield.



With a giant axe head, he slew everything that came before his eyes, with a strong stomp he created a crater in the ground forming radial cracks all around.

The humanoid monster’s feet were struck on the ground and before they could move, their heads were blown away and blood splattered all around.

Alex swallowed his saliva seeing Max go on a rampage like a madman.

“This bastard madman…”

“Bastard, see your surroundings before unleashing such an attack or you will hurt your armed brother,” Alex screamed.

“Your Majesty, you are one step further than him when it comes to rampage.”Mordek mocked him.

“Shut Up and bring me that bastard wearing a mask to hide his ugly face.”

Mordek nodded and disappeared from his place.

On the other hand, there was a one-sided massacre. The soldiers of Leonhart looked more like a beast than the actual beast whom they had been fighting.

The monsters and humans who had lost their reason were frightened by their vicious attack.

One of the spearmen pierced the tip of the spear into the monster’s gut and that raising the monster swung it around slamming it into others.

The defenders whose job was to defend were running amok, smashing their shields at the enemies and beating them to a pulp without any mercy.

Archers who should support from the rear charged ahead and used the arrow tips to pierce the monster and dug holes in them.

Antwan, even though had the axe which he could use as a harbinger of death, used his bare hands to tear the monsters into two halves.

Out of the whole bunch, Alex could only see Aeon fighting gracefully like a civilised trained knight.


“Give me your head!”

“Let’s cut these pieces of meat!”

All kinds of heavenly chants of battle cry were being sung by them

Catherine who saw the scene swallowed his saliva out of nervousness.

Alex was simply ashamed of seeing their crazy fighting style and was asking in his heart the name of the bastard who influenced them in such a way.

“Alex, how the hell did you train them?”

“The soldiers and knights who were marching in an orderly fashion with gracefulness. So why are they fighting like savages?”Catherine asked with a surprised expression.

“Just wait for My Lord to make a move. You have to redefine the very meaning of savageness.”Riya giggled.

“Alex, did you notice something,” Christina asked with a curious expression as he saw a large frown on Alex’s face.

Alex just nodded on hearing Catherine’s words.

Alex looked around and activated his mana sensor to see that around 600 human monsters were swarming toward them.

“Just look at those humans and beasts here. They are not ordinary beasts, rather they are all the result of some god damned experiment.”

“You see the fumes of black mana appearing on them, “Alex spoke with an angered tone.

“I remember you saying this. But seeing them with one eye hit one heart.” Catherine muttered.

“With the mass supply of humans from lower societies and other Kingdoms, they will never run out of these slaves.”

“During the war, these types of tactics could prove quite fatal as the opposing forces would be tired out even before they fight the real battle,” Alex muttered while analysing the situation.

“So are they going to attack us? We are going for an official Coronation to Kinley under Emperor’s order. Isn’t this a direct challenge to his authority?” Riya asked with a curious expression.

“Who said they are going to wage war on us?” Catherine spoke with a cold expression.

“They will just harass us and make trouble for us and will try to shake our mental stability before reaching Zenith,” Catherine muttered.

Alex nodded his head at Catherine, analysing that what she said was correct.

The game of mouse and cat playing with each other had already begun.

“Soldier, try to surround them and close their escape route.”

“Form a perimeter and bind them there.”

Alex gave a series of commands and the soldiers who fought in disarray instantly arranged themselves into formation.

“Riya and Christina, protect Catherine.”

“Meanwhile, let me have some fun,” Alex muttered with an apathetic voice as his eyes shone with killing intent.

Alex pulled out the huge great sword from his back and covered it with mana which started squealing violently.

With a huge stomp, he leaps high in the sky.

The dust and debris under him were swept away by the impact and hit his wives making them scream at him at the same time.

Alex gulped and swallowed his saliva as he heard his name along with glaring stares making a hole in his back.

“Sure enough one shouldn’t mess with a lady’s makeup.”

Alex shook his head to clear away unnecessary thoughts and used flight magic to soar into the sky to increase the momentum of his attack.

Embers of flames engulfed his huge great sword as he poured his mana into the sword voraciously.

“This much is enough,” Alex spoke with a smirk as he looked down at the gathered flocks of prey.

“Cast the barrier,” Alex shouted while raising the huge great sword and throwing it down with all its might.


The great sword was shot towards the ground which flew like a missile breaking the barrier of sound and heading straight towards the crowd of gathered prey.


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