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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 16: Talent Hunting Bahasa Indonesia

Alex after pummeling the man, walked out on the streets.

Now that his first job was finished, he wanted to achieve his second goal, to look for talented individuals.

Riya came closer to Alex and with a worried tone spoke”My Lord about the Secret Order of Shadows….”

But Riya was cut off in the middle of her sentence by Alex.

“You can speak about it later. You can take your time and speak about it after you calm down.” Alex assured Riya.

“In the meantime, Riya, I wanted you to finish this task,” Alex said.

Riya nodded her head and looked at Alex with anticipation.

“Riya, go to the prison, find out the people who have been imprisoned by the nobles and who are innocent and free them. But make sure that no criminal takes the chance to escape by taking the opportunity of the chaos.”Alex ordered.

” I don’t think you need to worry about that. After all, nowadays no criminals are held in prison. You can escape the punishments if you offer a hefty sum of money to the nobles.”Mordek spoke in a sorrowful voice.

“In that case, Riya just goes all out. Don’t show any mercy to those who have been working with the nobles and yeah, make sure you don’t kill any innocent.Okay.” Alex advised.

“But My Lord, your security,” Riya asked as he was worried about Alex’s safety.

“Don’t worry about me. With Sir Mordek here, nothing will happen to me. Just focus on your task.” Alex spoke and patted her head.

“Hmm.” Riya just nodded her head making a cute satisfied expression and enjoyed Alex’s warm touch.

Alex smiled as she looked at Riya who looked like a cute kitty and felt an irresistible thirst to pull her ears.

Riya’s figure disappeared after she had her fill while Mordek averted his gaze seeing these young couples’ interaction.

“Let’s go,” Alex spoke as he activated the eyes of truth and mana sensor at the same time.

Like a scanner that emits waves and displays the dots, several names and the colour of their potential appeared in his vision but it wasn’t even a moment since he activated it when Alex felt a piercing pain in his head and felt as if his head was going to tear apart by the pain.

Alex stumbled on his walk and leaned on the wall and held his head as he panted heavily.

His body was already drenched in sweat within a short time.

‘System was right. I can’t handle the load now. Just how does the mc in the novels use different types of eyes without repercussion? Real-life is definitely different from fantasy.’Alex muttered inwardly while trying to suppress the pain.

“Lad, are you okay,” Mordek shouted as he saw Alex’s condition becoming worse and supported him.

“It’s okay. It was nothing.” Alex spoke and deactivated the eyes of truth.

‘So, that’s why the system forbids me from using the skills now. In my state, I am just gonna die if I use them. Still, I can use it for a second or two if required .’Alex thought.

He can still use eyes of truth or mana sensor individually but if he used both at the same time then rip…..

He always wondered why his skills were locked even though he had already learnt them and could use them freely.

But after using it, he understood that the system had locked it for his safety and would slowly unlock it as he level up.

If he accidentally used the skills in the heat of the moment, the consequences would be quite dire.

“I have found something, Sir Mordek,” Alex said.

Before Mordek could ask him what Alex found, Alex pulled him towards a shabby old house at the end of the street.

Before the house, a man who seemed to be in his 20s swung his axe and was cutting the logs.


While Mordek was busy wondering what was going on, Alex activated the eyes of truth.




Talent:Barbarian Strength


Alex looked at the bulky man who had huge strong muscles which looked like a piece of art.

Alex smiled as he saw Max’s talents, even if he is not awakened and can’t use mana. His physical strength alone is enough to tear down the enemy.

He can even kill the assassin who had visited to kill Alex two days ago by just a punch.

Max rolled his eyes and looked at the two strangers but he got back to his work again without minding them.

Alex walked towards Max and said”Hello Max, I am Rex. Nice to meet you.”

Alex raised his hands but Max didn’t mind him and chopped the logs.

Alex didn’t feel offended and asked”Max, do you want to earn 5 silver a month.”

Max halted his swing for a moment and then slashed with his axe on the ground.

The axe chopped the log cleanly but didn’t stop after slicing it and struck the ground.


A small clang was heard and the ground cracked and a small fissure of one metre was formed as the axe pierced the ground.

Alex subconsciously took a step back.

Max wiped his sweat and looked at Alex and spoke angrily”Hey, do you think this is a joke.”

“Do you know the current condition of the Nevan? Five silvers, hahaha have you ever seen?” Max spat on the ground.

“Just from which hole did you crawl, kid.”

Mordek felt the same way, after all, his salary was just 2 silver and who he was, the instructor of the army, the one who is in charge of the foundation of the soldier.

The only reason he was not rotting in prison was that he never opposed the noble openly and waited for a chance to surface so that he could strike.

While everything seems to be shrouded in darkness, one day he got a call from the castle to train the boy who was appointed as the king’s guard.

He doesn’t know how or who appointed him as no one has the authority to preside over the things after the King went into a coma.

But he can see the light, his gut feeling was telling him that things are going to change soon.

Yes, Very Soon.


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