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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 148: Guiding Light Bahasa Indonesia

Alex’s body was weighed down by many chains after being weakened by the Goddesses’ curses.

Still, it wasn’t enough to stop him from moving as he tried to struggle with a ferocious bellow which shook the entire plane where Hell was present.

The Goddesses stared at Alex with solemn expressions filled with concern.

“He let the power control him.”Goddesses of Wisdom spoke.

“His display of power is frightening along with his superior use of instincts.”Goddesses of Fortune spoke.

“We don’t have enough time for chit-chat. We should finish it as quickly as possible.”Goddesses of War spoke with a stern look and raised his sword.

Everyone looked at her and their eyes enlarged seeing the golden shine coming from her.

“War Stop!!”

“You are going to kill him at this rate.”Goddess Rebecca spoke with a stern voice.

“I will hold back as much as possible while The Devil will take care of the soul.”Goddesses of War spoke while giving a menacing look at the Devil.

The Devil simply nodded his head seeing her angry stare and concluded that he had pissed Goddess of War and she was blaming him for all this mess.

The sword in Goddess Of War’s hands glowed as countless particles in golden colour appeared in the air and her sword started to enlarge.

“Excalibur!!”The Goddess of War muttered and slashed his sword at Alex who was pinned down by the chains.


In an unknown dark and foggy face, he opened his eyes which were accompanied by a soul-wrenching pain that made his whole body shiver.

He felt as if his soul had been split apart, again and again, inflicting a heavy wound that made him suffer a lot.

He fought against the pain that was clouding his mind and tried to suppress it and moved his hand to massage his forehead.


He frowned when he heard the sound of the rattling of chains and his half-closed sleepy eyes were suddenly vigilant and looked all around him now.

There was darkness all around him and he was floating in an unknown place and there were chains all over his body that tightened around him each time he moved.

Looking at the surroundings, he muttered.

“Every time I passed out due to some reason, I woke up in a place filled with darkness.”

“Why the hell?”

“Is this a signal that my life is filled with darkness?”Alex spoke with a saddened expression.

As he was lamenting about his situation while trying to remember what glorious deeds he had committed recently, he felt a pair of soft hands wrapped around his neck and a smooth fragrance hit his nose.

As he wondered who appeared there, his face was rubbed by the other person’s cheek who spoke to him with a sweet soft voice.

“My boy, you are still having such suicidal thoughts”

Alex rotated his head to see the Queen Goddess appearing beside him who hugged him passionately.

“Queen Goddess, can you please tell me where I am and why are there Chains all around me, “Alex asked.

The Queen Goddess’s lips curled upwards and she pinched Alex’s ears and spoke” Did you forget what you did now?”

“You waged war against the Goddess and you almost destroyed hell.”

“Did I?” Alex spoke with an innocent expression while blinking multiple times.

He bit his tongue as if he had sinned and asked the Queen Goddess”Am I going to die by their hands?”

“No! They are trying to suppress you and wake you up.”

“Before that, tell me why are muttering those idiotic words,” Queen spoke and hugged Alex while caressing his hair softly.

“Alex, you are never alone. Even in this world, many people care for you and will reach out to you in your time of need.”

“Didn’t you tell me that you would like to explore this world of fantasy and get stronger to protect your dreams so that you can live happily?”

“So, just do what you love to do. It’s okay to lose yourself and lose your path.”

“Every time you lose your path due to the darkness all around you, there will always be a guiding light that will shine upon you and clear away the darkness.”

“Twinkling stars are all around you but they have been overshadowed by your brightness which is comparable to the sun. When your brightness decreases, the stars will naturally come out to guide you.”

Alex felt a surreal and peaceful expression welling up from inside and his limpid eyes started to regain his shine. His turbulent heart finally calmed down and he regained sanity and control over his body slowly.

“Even if there is no one, I will always be with you and I swear on my divinity we never manipulated you nor told you any lie. We might have hidden some things from you but we have never lied.”

“You are the one who had to go through this because you are the capable one who can survive this kind of torture and unending pain.”

“So, my baby cheered up. I will always watch you from the shadows.”

“Look, even my eyes are similar to yours and are red in colour.”

“So, we are truly destined to be mother and son.”

Alex’s brows furrowed as he looked at Queen Goddess’s face. Most of the time her face had been enveloped by a veil and this is the first time he had shown her full face and found that her facial features were similar to him.

“Goddess, did you change your looks to deceive me?” Alex asked.

“Naughty boy what did you say? My face had already been like this. You need a hard beating.”

Alex laughed a little on hearing her nagging and it felt similar to his mother nagging in his previous life.

“Okay, let’s stop here. Go out and fulfil your dream.” Queen Goddess spoke.

“Dream…What dream?”

“Didn’t you want to defeat the Goddess Of War? Now is the perfect time for that.”

“Go out and show your might.” The Queen Goddess spoke with fire in her eyes and cheered Alex.

The chain around Alex became loose and set free and Alex’s figure started to shine and disappeared slowly leaving behind the Queen Goddess with a deep sigh.

“When are you going to accept me as a mother for real Alex?” She muttered with a deep sense of belonging.


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