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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 147: Waging War Against The Goddesses Bahasa Indonesia

While Alex was going through the hell judgment, the Goddess and Devil would occasionally gather up to see what was going on in this place.

Today was one such day when they were gathered to watch the show.

Since the ending was coming near, The Goddess directly entered hell and looked through the big deserted place where Alex was fighting with the Demon King.

The Devil’s expression turned awful as he saw the Alex spell and he screamed while clutching his hair fiercely”Nooooooo!!!”

“Don’t do that!”

“The place is gonna be destroyed. I have to stop this.” The Devil shouted and he rushed toward the hell’s judgment but he was a step late.

Alex completed the spell which was derived from his knowledge of science and he used the principle of nuclear fusion which increases the firepower of the spell thousands of times.

The spell was strong enough to wipe out an entire plane from its existence let alone Hell’s Judgement.

A beam of fire shot from the place and the hell’s judgment was brightened and a loud shockwave started to expand radially like waves of the sea.

The hell started to tremble violently and a cloud of flames gashed all around forming a huge mushroom-shaped cloud.

The Goddess Rebecca casted a barrier to protect themselves while the Devil tried to suppress the damage.

After a few moments, the violent churning of hell finally stopped and everything descended into silence for a moment.

Everything came to a standstill as the violent gales surged all around.

The bright light that blocked their vision from seeing Alex started to disappear.


With a loud thud, the Devil fell on the ground with dead eyes while the Goddess’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

The Goddess was too stupefied to utter any words.

As they looked at the place, the only thing they could see was a dark void that was devoid of any light.

And in space, Alex’s figure floated silently.

“Alex had wiped out a portion of hell.” The Goddess of Wisdom spoke which woke up others from their stupor.

Even the Goddess of War looked at the scene with a profound look as countless thoughts flashed in her eyes.

The Devil gritted his teeth in anger, he can fix the things but they will be taking a hell lot of effort and he had to expand a large bulk of his power to do this.

He stood up and directly appeared beside the place where Alex’s figure floated to give him an earful and spout curses at him to calm his mind.

“Boy, can’t you control your strength?”

“Do you need to destroy the whole place?”The Devil spoke with a pained tone and put his hand on Alex’s shoulder.

However, amid his motion, his body froze for an instant and he felt a terrifying breath locking on him which startled him and caught him off guard.

Before he could react, an elbow whacked his gut as fast as lightning and with a loud bang, his figure flew away like a bullet with a sonic explosion breaking the barrier of sound.


His figure slammed against a volcano and went past it and collided with another mountain and his momentum carried on until it broke through and the tenth volcano shattered it into pieces.

The Goddesses eyes narrowed as they saw Devil being sent away flying like a rag doll and they turned their head toward Alex who turned towards them.

A frightening aura filled with blood appears to be ensheathed over Alex which gave them a chill down their spine and frightened them.

“Something feels off about him.”The Goddess Of War muttered as she looked at Alex carefully and felt something was amiss.

As Alex took a step, the Goddess of War pupil contracted and he shouted hurriedly”Get out from here quickly.”

With a flick, she drew her sword as fast as lightning and used the abyssal slash within an instant without holding back anything.

Alex, who appeared before her out of thin air, used a Heavy slash and his sword struck fiercely with the Goddess Of War.


Large crimson thunder radiated from the clash and a huge oval cloud of pressure burst forth carrying the shockwaves of high intensity capable of decimating the mountain.

Goddess Rebecca casted a barrier to stop the aftermath from reaching her and others but the barrier collapsed and shattered instantly but before the shock wave could hit her The Devil appeared before the Goddesses and swung his sword and neutralized the attack in an instant.

He saw large chunks of land being blown away due to the impact and felt his heart bleeding and shading blood.

As the collision disappeared the Goddess of War looked down and her eyes narrowed as she saw the imprint of her dragging through the ground appearing underneath her.

She was pushed back by a few miles due to the impact while Alex was just pushed back by a hundred steps.

She felt a little humiliated and stomped the ground and slashed at Alex fiercely.

Alex raised his sword and struck her violently creating a loud explosion.


Alex’s attacks started to become fiercer and fiercer making his killing intent condense around him as he struck down Goddess Of War’s sword and parried her attack and kicked her face sending him flying.

The Devil appeared behind Alex and sliced at him from his back, Alex raised his sword at his back while tilting his sword at a certain angle letting the Devil’s sword slide down and strike the land cutting it apart.

Alex used his other hand and struck Devil’s wrist and rotated his body.

The Devil used his eye to buy a few moments but as soon as his black eye met with the red eye of Alex, he saw a horrifying scene of a man standing on the corpse of millions of people in a field with an ocean of blood which made him lose his composure…

Alex used the chance and with a fast lightning strike chopped the devil’s arm inflicting a heavy wound and was about to chop his head but a sword appeared and protected The Devil.


With a fierce collision, Alex retreated a few steps as both Goddess of War and Devil ganged up on him.

The Devil hand which had been chopped by Alex started to grow and he launched himself on Alex.


With each collision, a portion of hell seemed to be broken apart and huge flashes of lightning appeared in the sky.

Alex and the other side seem to be equal while Alex saw no sign of stopping.

If the Devil or Goddess of War falls apart, Alex may surely turn around the battle quickly.

Moreover, the spell casted by Alex before was not something that was taught to him so they didn’t know how frightening that attack was.

Still, the previous show was enough to give them a clear indication that it was enough to wipe out hell and heaven if Alex overcharges the attack to its maximum limit.

Seeing the situation getting out of hand, Goddess Rebecca finally decided to use the trump card which she didn’t want to use now.

The Devil who was getting drenched in sweat seeing the boy’s prowess started to panic a little.

The boy had overgrown and outperformed them.

Though they seem to be equal and both he and Goddess of War were giving 100 percent they were refraining from using killer moves so that they might not kill this boy.

The Devil and Goddess of War got Goddess Rebecca’s signal and as the Goddess of War clashed with Alex, The Devil retreated quickly and pointing his finger at Alex cast his special move.

“Hell Cage!!”

Large chains of burning flames appeared from underground and struck Alex like whips.

Alex felt the pain of burning transversing through his body and as he raised his sword to slash at the chain like a whip.

Countless chains reappeared again, struck him fiercely, and wrapped around him and a huge cage of flames descended on him and spewed flames on him.

The Goddess Rebecca joined her hand and started to chant some spells.

A huge magic circle appeared under Alex and the sky over Alex was covered with countless magic circles.

Goddess Rebecca looked at Alex with a pained face and shouted.

“Chains of Heaven.”

Many white chains shoot out from the magic circles and they wrap around Alex and pinned him to the ground.

Veins started to appear on Alex’s forehead and he roared like a beast emitting loud bellows.

The chains not only bind the body but also seal one soul but since Alex’s soul had undergone countless death and had been nourished and tempered by the Goddess itself, his soul was quite robust and was even enough to resist the Chains of Heavens.

Alex’s soul which seemed to be in slumber jerked as it felt a wrenching pain inside him and it struggled more fiercely which in turn made his body resist more violently toward Goddess move.

Seeing Alex trying his best to get out of the chains, Goddess Of Lust waved her hand.

A large purple mist appeared and covered Alex which could affect one’s brain and make one hallucinate but seemed to be ineffective on Alex.

Goddess Of Fortune pointed at Alex and cast Cursed at Alex to decrease the power of the buff and decrease his luck.

Goddess Of Wisdom also casts a curse that can make one a fool and mess with their mind and take away their wisdom.

Under the series of curses, Alex’s body which was struggling violently trying to get out of chains suddenly jerked.

The Goddess looked at Alex with expectant eyes thinking that this was enough to keep him down.


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