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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 143: The Devil’s Demand Bahasa Indonesia


The barrier of the so-called heaven shattered like glass and a black line appeared over the sky which rushed towards the Sanctum with a frightening speed.

Within an instant, the obscure figure landed on one of the Columns and its entire body was shrouded with dark fumes.

The Goddess of War looked at the newly arrived guest and shouted while releasing her aura.

“What kind of insolence is this?”

A hand appeared and the black mist surrounding it disappeared and a chilling aura permeated the whole atmosphere.

For a moment, the whole heaven seemed to tremble due to the intense clash of aura.

All the Goddesses appeared beside Alex and cast a barrier which enveloped him and protected him from the suffocating aura.

Alex looked at the man that appeared from the mist who looked quite handsome and he had closed his eyes.

‘Is he blind?’Alex thought inwardly.

As if sensing Alex’s thoughts, the man opened his eyes and stared at Alex.

As soon as his gaze met with Alex, a frightening aura seemed to pull his soul inside the eyes which were as black as a blackhole.

Alex felt a chilling fear that was gripping him from inside and he was about to raise his head when he suddenly felt a deathly sickle across his neck which indicated that his head would roll on the ground if it moved.

Alex didn’t know why he started to feel fear and despair and his heart became heavy while he started to sink deeper into the sea full of sadness.

If he was not in a soul state and met this guy with a real body, he would have surely wet his pants.

This guy gave him pressure which wasn’t even comparable to Goddess Of War.

There was not a tiny bit of exaggeration in it.

“Stop it!!” Rebecca’s voice sounded and the man closed his eyes and retracted his aura.

Alex sighed in relief and looked at the Goddess of Lust and whispered “Who is that person?”

Goddess Of Lust stammered a little as that man’s aura even affected her a bit.

“He is what you called you Devil.”

“What!!” Alex exclaimed with horror and further added”So, he is the God Of Evil, the harbinger of Destruction.”

The Devil looked at Alex with an intense gaze and said”Evil, your head.”

“And whom are you calling the harbinger of destruction?”

“The Devil is not evil, it punishes evil.”

“These goddesses are one who evil and you dare to slander me.” He roared.

“What did you say?” Goddess Of War directly drew her sword and aimed at him.

“Do you think I am afraid of you? Unlike you who had been born a warrior with the strength and techniques, I have practised for several epochs and paved my way till here.”

The Devil shouted and opened his eyes giving a menacing gaze.

“Hey, why do you always threaten others with your eyes? Can’t you keep it close?” The Goddess Of Lust spoke a spout as her whole body shivered.

The Goddess Of Wisdom and Fortune who stood beside her directly pulled her and closed her mouth.

“Why are you adding oil to the fire? Did you forget we have no fighting power? He can crush us easily.” Goddess Of Fortune muttered while trying to keep Goddess Of Lust’s unscrupulous mouth from spouting any more words.


The Goddess Of Lust tried to protest but she was stopped and the Goddess of Wisdom muttered under the Devil’s suppression.

“Hehehe!You can carry one.”

Seeing the situation getting out of hand Rebecca stepped forwards and spoke”Devil! What happened? Why are you making a fuss?”

The Devil calmed down on hearing Goddess Rebecca’s words and spoke”Goddess Rebecca, I came here for an explanation.”

“That boy!! What is he doing here? He should have died and entered the next cycle of reincarnation.”

“Shit!!!” Alex blurted out subconsciously as soon as he heard Devil’s words.

‘This guy is here to seek trouble with me.’

‘Damn!! This Devil is evil.’

“Monkey, learn some manners. I am at the age of your ancestor’s ancestor.” The Devil spoke on hearing Alex’s words.

“I am the one who guards the soul of the deceased and passes the judgement.”

“If under my watch this boy who should be dead returns to the mortal realm, it will be taboo and I may be punished by the world for not doing my job.”

“Since it’s not your job, you all may suffer nothing but I may suffer a backlash.” The Devil tried to explain the situation.

The Goddess became silent on hearing his words after all that he said what was reasonable.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“We can’t let him enter the cycle of reincarnation again. We all are doing this for the greater good. Can’t you make an exception?” Rebecca asked with a grim expression.

They knew that Alex’s soul can’t return directly to his body without this guy’s help. They haven’t forgotten about the matter and decided to think about it when the time comes.

The Devil sighed on hearing the Goddess of pleas and spoke”That’s why I came here.”

“I will give that boy a chance and make him reincarnated into his own body by moulding the laws.”

Alex’s eyes brightened on hearing his words and he said”This guy is not unreasonable.”

“Yeah, he is a good guy but he is a little hot-headed still he is a thousand times better than the demoness.”

Alex heard the Goddess of Lust whisper in his ears and rotated his head to see her standing beside him.

“When did you escape from those two?” He asked curiously.

“I slipped away quietly after all you know my slipping skills.” She spoke, giving Alex a wink.

If Alex hadn’t learned to resist her aura, he was sure that he might pounce on her like a hungry wild beast.

Just like here, there were goddesses of gluttony, greed and many more but only the Goddess Of Lust managed to reach her.

And the reason, she had more followers than others.

Even in his previous lives, you could find many people praying for love and marriage.

The Goddess who heard Devil’s words cheered up and sighed in relief feeling a huge burden being lifted from their shoulders but their expression turned ugly on hearing his next words.

“But, he had to pass through hell’s judgement.”

A frown appeared on everyone’s face on hearing his words.

Even Goddess Rebecca who spoke calmly lost her composure and said”Are you joking with us?”

“Can you even pass the hell’s judgement by yourself?”

The Devil’s lips twitched uncontrollably on hearing her words.

‘You are asking the King of hell to go through his judgement. What kind of unreasonable question is this?’

‘Though it was true that even I would face difficulty to pass through it as it was controlled by the will of the world by itself.’


He coughed and tried to divert their attention and spoke with a serious expression”I know all of you are creating a monster here. A monster that can surpass us in strength.”

“So, think of it as the final trial for him. If he can’t even pass this trial, he is just a failed experiment who should be discarded.” He spoke as his figure started turning faint.

“You can take all your time and train him. So, when will he be ready, bring him to hell?”

The Devil left behind a bitter aftertaste.

Alex clenched his teeth when he heard the man’s last words and a fire started to burn inside him.

“Teacher, let’s train,” Alex muttered looking at Goddess Of War.


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