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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 142: Too Brutal Bahasa Indonesia

“Will Alex be alright?”

“Unlike us who use Holy Powers, the devil uses demonic and deathly energy. I can already see the demonic energy surrounding Alex.”

“Wouldn’t it clash with the holy powers that Alex had?” The Goddess of Lust muttered with a solemn expression.

“Rebecca, do you know something about it?” Goddess Of Fortune asked while looking at Goddess Rebecca who had wielded the maximum holy power among the Gods.

Rebecca looked down at the awful expression and muttered”I don’t know about it.”

“First thing, Holy Power and Demonic Power oppose each other. They can’t coexist with each other.”

“Since Alex activated demonic power, the holy power inside him would clash with demonic power which would cast an unimaginable pain on him and might even kill him.”

The entire atmosphere descended into silence on hearing Rebecca’s words.

‘How can you say that so casually when all their hard work would be in vain if Alex died?’

“Can’t we use the divinity in the system to suppress it,” the Goddess of War asked and looked at Rebecca with hopeful eyes.

But Rebecca shook her head and muttered”No, we can’t use the system.”

“The system only can control our powers and the power Alex has acquired here and the demonic energy is outside it.”

“The system couldn’t even detect Alex’s demonic power, so how can it seal the power bestowed by the devil?”

“Moreover, I am sure the devil might have cast a spell to keep this hidden as we until now didn’t know he have this power.”

“We now only leave fate to take its course.”

“Damn it!! When did the bastard play such a trick?” Goddess Of War asked angrily.

Hearing this everyone started to ponder about it.

“Hey, I remembered it. Do you remember that time when the Devil visited us?” Goddess of Wisdom spoke.

Hearing her words, everyone was pulled back from the memory that happened years ago.

In A Dessert, a storm of sand blew as two figures collided with each other shaking away the layers of sand.



With a strong punch, a shearing pain transmitted into his body and his left hand was directly blown away leaving behind deep pain of anguish along with pieces of scattered meat and fingers that flew around due to the impact.

Alex who bore the brunt of the attack fell to his knees and coughed blood and looked at the figure that walked towards her quite gracefully taking long strides.

She looked like a fashion model, no she looked like a beautiful angel but only he knew what lay behind the veil that she wore lay a frightening existence.

She was a monster…A True predator who stood on the apex of power.

That was the only thing that came into his mind when the Goddess of War broke the shackle which she imposed on herself after Alex reached the Overlord realm.

She didn’t need to hold back anymore and directly started to pummel him and when she released that petrifying pressure.

Alex could only scream and roar in pain while rolling in his sweat.

The paralysing fear slowly spread through one’s body like a snake’s deadly venom but Alex clenched his sweaty hands, tightening his fist on the remaining hands while gnashing his teeth to suppress the pain.

The muscles on his legs continuously twitched as he tried to stand up on the hot burning sand that was as hot as magma while fighting his impulse to whirl around and run away rather than suffering such a brutal assault.

Salty blood filled his mouth as he bit his lips while taking a step forwards toward the thick strong aura that was bearing him down as if a mountain was placed on his shoulders.

Amidst the mad sickening fear and the warning of his sixth sense which had been honed due to countless battles, signalling him not to approach the lady, a smile appeared on his face.

His heart started to beat faster and a strong urge started to defeat her and made her grovel under his feet started to appear in his mind.

But Alex knew it was just a fantasy. Even though he wanted to shake away the humiliation and his pride as a man of being crushed repeatedly, he was just a helpless lamb who was going to slaughter.


With swift steps, Alex’s image blurred which swayed away the sand under his feet leaving behind a crater-like impression.

Alex appeared beside his teacher and threw a punch at her.

She just rolled her eyes and looked at the punch coming at her and spoke softly, breaking Alex’s ego”Too slow Alex!!”


A crevice appeared behind the Goddess of War which split the sea of sand apart into two halves but even after the terrifying strength of the punch, it wasn’t able to do anything to the Goddess Of War.

She raised her figure to obstruct the punch and raised her foot and kicked Alex’s torso and sent him flying.

Alex’s body crashed into the dunes one after another breaking them apart and blowing away dunes.

Alex, after rolling under the sand with pain all around, tried to get up.

He hadn’t even gotten up on his feet when he heard the ringing of his deathbell.

“I am coming, Alex. Prepare yourself.”

The voice hadn’t even ceased when Alex was struck with a deep, heavy blow.

Alex forced himself from screaming by tightening his jaw but he wasn’t able to and he let out a barbaric roar despite already lacking the air to breathe.

At first, he felt a kick in his jaw which snapped his jaw and within an instant, he felt every part of his body being hit by a strong punch which he couldn’t even see with his eyes.

Alex thought that he had grown stronger and could finally match against the Goddess of War but as soon as he was able to match her, she removed the restraint displaying the full might of the Goddess.

Alex felt every bone of his body breaking up and a cacophony of breaking bones rang as every joint of his bones snapped apart.

And like a lifeless doll, his body fell to the ground

The Goddess of War walked beside him and reached for his head.

“Better luck next time.” She spoke and ripped his head and threw it into the sky.

A fountain of blood gushed from his broken neck as the Goddess Of War killed him without any mercy but in the next instant his figure disappeared and Alex appeared again with everything intact.

Alex’s whole body jerked and twitched in pain.

No matter how many times he died, he wasn’t able to get over this feeling of death.

“You are too brutal. Who gave you the title of Goddess?”Alex complained.

“I will give you five minutes to rest.” Goddess Of War muttered and the dessert disappeared and Alex’s body appeared in a lake where he floated which started to nourish her soul.

“Haaaaa!!” Alex exhaled deeply as he felt the soothing feeling while looking up at the beautiful sky above him.

But suddenly, the entire sky became dark and an ominous feeling started to creep up.

The entire plains descended into silence as a huge shadow cast over it and an intense pressure appeared on the Sanctum Of Goddess making it tremble fiercely.


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