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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 111: Fierce Clash Bahasa Indonesia

Flames burst out from the fissures which enveloped the soldiers that were falling into the pit.

A small chain of explosions started to ring at regular intervals like the ringing of the alarm clock which sounded like the death toll for the enemies.

The soldiers who were falling were hit by the cloud of flames that gushed out from downwards, burning them into charcoal.

Many tried to use the mana to cover themselves and protect themselves from the fire but it also proved futile as even though they were able to save themselves from the flames gushing out, they fall into the pit filled with burning oil which deep-fried them while sharp glint edges of rocks pierced their body making a blood wound from there body.

Blood gushed out from their wounds like a fountain that was instantly evaporated by the hot flames.

A fierce shrieking scream with a nerve-wracking cry started to chime all around which broke the deathly silence of the night.

Cries filled with misery and agony made the hair stand up on the body of the listener and it rang like a horrible nightmare that no one wished to experience in their life.

A burning smell lingered in the air which was carried by the faint blowing breeze which smelled like rotting corpses.

Even the soldiers of Nevan and Wright looked at the dreadful scene of mass destruction which subconsciously made their hearts tear up and shudder for a moment, they even pitied the other side.

The huge burning scene of the opposing enemy looked like the poetry of flames that had graced the starlit scene illuminating the whole place while clearing away the darkness of night.

The only thing that was out of place was instead of logs and woods, humans were used as materials to complete the final piece of the masterpiece.

The picture of the fiery pit of hell filled with a tormented soul is a story everyone had heard where the devil punishes the sinner by burning the sinner in a fiery pit of hell.

And now they were witnessing the scene where fantasy met with reality painting this disastrous picture-making one shudder in fear.

One-fifth of Amidon’s army that was marching forward fell into the fiery pit while the remaining one took a step back in fear of seeing such a scene.

The mages at the back tried to sprinkle water and cast water spells while the soldiers tried to dig up the ground and threw sand at the boiling pool but everything was for nought as the fire wasn’t leaving out.

Many extended their hands to their fallout comrades trying to pull them up but instead, they were pulled down into the horrible hell hole.

Unable to do anything they watched their comrade helplessly burnt to death.


“Save me!”

“God please have us mercy.”


“This pain is too much for us to bear.”

“Ooooooo, God!!!!”

Screams and howls rang like a deafening roar.

Christina looked at the alighted burning pit with an uneasy expression. Even though her hands were stained with blood and she had killed many, she had killed all of them swiftly.

And death which she was witnessing was absolute torment that can break one spirit.

Many consider battle as a sacred thing and recognise it as glory to die on the battlefield.

But seeing the scene before her, she thought there was anything but glory here. The people before her were dying by screaming at the top of their lungs, their bodies were burning by inflicting unbearable pain upon them which even shook their souls in agony.

Moreover, each one of them was tortured to death and their death scream echoed even after their bodies were burnt to ashes.

This was too brutal, too horrible.

Christina looked at Alex who was still staring at the scene with a stoic expression.

Even a person like her who doesn’t know how to express her emotion was feeling pity for them after all killing them is one thing but killing them in such a horrible way was another, so she was thinking about how Alex was feeling currently after thinking about such a horrible idea which led to such demise.

Christina’s senses had been honed by countless battles and life-death crises which had helped her to accurately hone her senses and realize vaguely what type of person others are.

From the way Alex talked, and the way he joked and laughed, Christina could feel a sense of forlornness filled with unsaid misery which looked as if he had lost a precious aspect of his life that he is trying to find once again, a broken heart which was screaming to be mended.

She didn’t know why Alex was feeling like this but she concluded one thing that Alex may look like a harmless monster who doesn’t have any wish to kill but once provoked, he would pull out every untold misery buried deep inside his heart and use it to sharpen the edges of his blade, to prepare the blade for a massacre.

And every time his expression became serious, hell was going to be unearthed.

Alex noticed Christina’s gaze and sighed as he understood what Christina was thinking.

Christina rarely shows any expression except the blank stoic look but once she shows it was quite easy to read.

He didn’t want to do this type of thing but he feels as if the world was going to force him to fight sooner or later.

Moreover, if he doesn’t go around looking for the fight, these bastards will surely come for him one way or another.

Alex exhaled heavily and raised his hand and shouted”Soldier, fire the arrows.”

“Put an end to their miseries. Let’s end their suffering once and for all.”

Alex’s voice further amplified mana echoed across the whole place.

The archer drew their string and fired the arrows to end the opposing forces’ sorrows.


The arrows tore the air in front of them and made a sound akin to cutting off the paper, soared high up in the sky and fell into the fiery pit.

The arrows fell and pierced the screaming soldiers and ended their lives.

The soldier who was running here with flames enveloped in their body while trying to get out of the place looked up to see many small black dots appearing in the sky and falling on them like a shower.


The arrows stuck to the enemies who were holding on to their life even though they were burnt by the flames.

An indignant roar accompanied by savage screams came out from the dying soldiers.

The blood gushed out from their bodies, which were instantly burnt and vaporized by the flames emitting a sickening feeling which can give one the urge to puke.

Amidst the panicking scream, a shrieking roar emerged from the fiery pit, a figure rose into the night sky.

He shrugged his body which emitted strong gales blowing away the flames from his body.

“Assssssholessssssssss!!!!!!” He roared on the top of his lungs with bloodshot eyes.

Jumping out from the fiery pit, he looked around to see many soldiers coming out from the trenches.

“How!!” He asked with a surprised expression, unable to understand how this calamity befell on him.


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