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The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life – Chapter 130: Next Arrangement (3) Bahasa Indonesia

In the world of nobles, there was a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Even if there was a dispute with each other.

In a place like this, where many were watching, one should never make remarks that lowered the honor of the other person.

That was minimal courtesy, which wasn’t being kept now. It was something to be accepted until the end.

“What did you say now?’

Viscount Conrad’s expression turned cold. The opponent crossed the line. If he had tried to solve this with no people around, maybe he would have chosen the right compromise.

But now, not Baron Romero but his son Roman Dmitry had lowered his honor in front of so many people watching.

He was angry.

Although Dmitry was said to be a dominant force in the northeast region, he couldn’t stand being humiliated openly.

“The Conrad family drove the farmers out of Dmitry. But that land belongs to my family, and I can take it when I want to. Do I have to report to the Dmitry family? No matter how powerful your family is, we are not your servants.”

He mentioned this on purpose. Right now, the people from the northeast were all watching this, and they said,

“Viscount Conrad is right. Even if there is a problem with land reclamation, should you be this rude when people are gathered to celebrate? This is a bit unfortunate.”

“Mr. Roman. You are not the Lord of the Dmitry family. If Baron Romero had set up a separate place and resolved this problem of two families then Viscount Conrad would have followed it. The eldest son of the Dmitry family? Nonsense. Viscount Conrad is the Lord of his family. You are not one to treat him this low!”

The atmosphere turned, and they were cornering Roman. They judged that he had crossed the line, so they decided that it was his fault.

‘So much like the nobles of the northeast. Even though they keep their distance from us, the moment they sense one is in danger, they stick together.’

It was funny. What if it was Marquis Benedict in this position? No one would react like this. They wouldn’t even do this for the Barco family.


Absolutely not.

The nobles were calculating people, and Dmitry was a family that they decided could be stomped on. There was no Central Government behind Dmitry.

Even if problems arose, they were likely to be resolved within the northeast, and so they thought that the power of Dmitry was nothing.

One against many—the number of Lords on one side gave them confidence. Looking at them, Roman was convinced of his plan.

‘The local nobles, including those in the northeast, have already turned into dogs of the Central Government. These are the beings who can stick a knife right under the chin of Dmitry at any time, according to the orders of the Central Government. So either I cut them down right now or turn them into obedient dogs. I need to give them a choice.’

Roman didn’t back down. With the same face, he looked straight at the hostile nobles.

“What is it that you are doing?”

Conceptually, this wasn’t a huge issue. So the nobles of the northeast, as well as the ones unrelated, looked shocked.

Roman said,

“Just now, you told me that my words and actions are rude, so I will ask this straight up. Since when did it become possible to tamper with the estates of other nobles in the Cairo Kingdom? Viscount Conrad touched the farmers of Dmitry, who are my people. My people who live in Dmitry, who pay taxes to me and are loyal to me. And you touch them without even informing them of anything, and now you all claim that the things I say are rude?”

This was nonsense. If they were too shocked, they should just shut their mouths. The remarks about them crossing a line left Viscount Conrad and the people speechless.

“The reason I am upset with Viscount Conrad is for talking to me with a smile after what happened. What kind of family do you think Dmitry is? Even though you touch my people, do you consider us the ones to smile and accept your conversations? If so, you made a huge mistake. This issue is already being discussed within the Dmitry family. I have been entrusted with full control of this matter by my father, and I have no intention of letting your actions pass.”

“T-that is…”

With his statement, the nobles of the Northeast Nobles’ Alliance and Viscount Conrad looked shocked. At first, they thought it was Roman speaking out of a whim, but now they realize that they fell into the trap. And they couldn’t walk out.

They could have prevented the worst by taking a step back, but they were unable to do so since so many people had already voiced their opinions in front of so many others.

It was a matter of pride. They were aware of what would happen to them even if one of them decided to give up and surrender to Dmitry. So they didn’t back off and looked straight at Roman as if they were the right ones.

And that look was what Roman wanted.

“You still have no intention of apologizing. If so, then this will be done. Now you are showing an attitude that there is nothing wrong with touching someone from another estate. The Dmitry family will do the same in the future. If there are people on Dmitry’s land who are not part of the estate, I will make them pay a hundredfold. It might be the right thing to do. I know that none of the people who rebuked me right now have a lot to do with the merchants of Dmitry, so let’s see if they say this isn’t such an important issue when that happens.”

People not from the estate—a statement that pushed them into a corner.

They didn’t expect this, but this was a fight they couldn’t win.

“Let’s see who is right and who is wrong until the end. Dmitry, on the other hand, has no plans to go back at this point.”

Now you’ve really crossed a river that you can’t go back across.

Why do these kinds of situations happen in life?

A situation that one desperately wanted to avoid, but the opponent dragged them into it.

For Viscount Conrad, it was now.


The Dmitry family.

The one rejected by nobles.

Even though he knew that they were strong enough to overthrow Barco, one of the richest families in Cairo, he didn’t accept it because the Dmitry family was of commoner origin.

Even though he smiled at them, he would make fun of them from behind. However, even though he didn’t acknowledge it, the Dmitrys held a lot of power.

‘If Roman’s words turn into reality, then our side loses. We don’t regard the Dmitry family as true nobles, but the power they currently possess will suffocate us. Roman Dmitry—he isn’t just a good swordsman but also a fox. Knowing that this cannot be solved through words, he is trying to stomp on us.’

He looked around for answers from the nobles gathered, but they didn’t seem to have any. Actually, everyone knew. The so-called Northeast Nobles’ Alliance was created due to their weakness. If their predator was Dmitry, then they were bound to suffer.


‘But I cannot just get down on my knees.’

This was something he couldn’t compromise on. Even if he is harmed, he must demonstrate the influence of the nobles in order to obtain an advantage in the northeast in the future.

It was then.

“It is Viscount Conrad’s mistake this time.”

It was an unexpected variable.

Viscount Lawrence was watching the situation, and he decided to speak.

“In the process of getting things done, the before and after of an issue are important. It is an issue concerning Dmitry’s people, so does it make sense to harm them without prior notice? I think you were too much. So, admit the mistake and apologize.”

That was a situation even Roman hadn’t expected.

Viscount Lawrence got through the crisis with Roman’s help. In the past, he had sweaty feet when he asked for help, but he couldn’t forget the situation where everyone turned away.

‘The nobles who usually laughed and smiled with me didn’t show any kindness when Barco turned against us. Northeast Nobles? All this is meaningless to me. Lawrence will follow Dmitry in the future. Even if it causes problems, Dmitry is a lot better than those who won’t even try.’

He knew how to repay grace. His remarks would create a hostile force, but Viscount Lawrence continued.

The atmosphere has changed now. Once Viscount Lawrence had opened up the path for Roman, the pro-Dmitry forces would come in.

“On this matter, Mr. Roman is right. A member of the estate has been harmed by another estate, and what kind of noble would be able to pass the situation with a smile?”

“Apologize to Mr. Roman right now.”

Viscount Conrad was shocked. This wasn’t what he expected. He should have put pressure on Roman, but he couldn’t do that anymore.


“… I will be more careful next time.”

He stepped back while gulping down his anger. He exited the party with a red face from embarrassment.

The case was closed.

The northeast nobles, along with Viscount Conrad, left the party, leaving behind the pro-Dmitry nobles.

After a divided battle, the atmosphere was pleasant. They were fully on Dmitry’s side since they supported Roman.

Viscount Lawrence said in a loud voice,

“Do not worry too much about the northeast nobles. If they are going to tinker more with this, Lawrence is ready to do anything to help Dmitry. We have not forgotten the kindness of Roman, which was shown in the war against Barco.”

As Roman rose to fame, Viscount Lawrence accepted Roman equally as a noble.

This was quite a fun relationship. At first, they didn’t like the marriage proposal, but now they were ready to put everything on the line.

Flora Lawrence was no different. The interactions with her had been more smooth, and after leaving for the capital, he hadn’t heard from her.

“Thank you. I will never forget what happened today.”

He was actually going to solve the problem on his own, but there was no reason to ruin the mood by revealing such things.

Those who wanted to stand by Dmitry’s side took the risk.

It was worthy of congratulations, and Roman purposefully lingered longer at the party in order to establish a good enough relationship with people who believed in him. That was why the party’s atmosphere was better than the first time.

All the nobles exchanged stories with bright faces, and when the mood improved, Roman met his father.

And Baron Romero said,

“… Is it really fine to take things to the extreme? It is very hopeful that a large number of nobles have sided with us, but those nobles cannot be ignored. They will never step back like this.”

He was worried about the path Roman chose. He stepped on the pride of the nobles. The nobles were the ones who risked their lives for everything, so he thought Roman pushed them too hard.

To which Roman answered,

“Father. Your opponent must do everything in his power to ensure the fight is over. If they are extremely enraged about the issue, they may be willing to accept the difference with Dmitry, but when it comes to running into us, they must feel the most helpless. Furthermore, I seriously doubt that those individuals would voluntarily stand down. Rather, this is what I want. My strategy will only work if they band together to defeat Dmitry by any means imaginable.”

Roman’s guess was right.

At that time, the northeast nobles had gathered in one place. For them, this was a humiliation they could never get over.


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