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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 88: The Second Step Bahasa Indonesia

After having my morning release, Clara had to quickly leave the room, after all, I don’t want our relationship coming to the light not now anyways but before she left I had given her a certain task

When Clara heard the task she was astonished before she gave me a mischievous smirk and now ten minutes later, I am waiting

3rd Person Pov:

Currently Grace was on her way walking to Austin’s room but unlike her normal graceful self, the current her had a unfocused expression, currently she was doubting herself

Grace could undoubtedly say that she was extremely happy with her son’s return, the day’s he spent outside alone were the day’s she couldn’t sleep properly

As mother there was always the fear that something might have happened or that he might not be eating properly, it was only natural that she was worried

Yet last night she has a sexual dream about her son!!

Somehow she could remember each and every part of the dream, as if it truly had happened, well this was another good thing about the charm spell

Normally people won’t clearly remember their dreams but this spell makes sure that the dream you see is etched into your memory

‘Calm down Grace, it was just a dream, maybe it just happned once, nothing to worry about’

Grace tried her best to reason in her mind, trying to calm herself, yet there still lingered a doubt within her, the seed that was planted into her heart few years ago starts to ripen slowly

Deep within her thoughts Grace reached Austin’s room, since her mind was still a bit muddled she entered without knocking, coming upon a seen she shouldn’t

Entering the room, she could see that her son Austin was just changing his clothes, Austin stood facing her, completely naked

His ‘morning wood’ directly in front of Grace, for a moment Grace’s mind stopped working after looking at Austin’s big ‘weapon’

Scenes from her vivid dreams seemed to fill her mind, causing her to look more closely at Austin’s ‘weapon’


It was only when Austin called out to her did Grace break out of her trance, she blushed deeply as she hurriedly went out of Austin’s room, closing the door behind her

‘How can it be so big?’

Grace heart was pounding loudly, she could feel her body heat up, she tried to shake her head trying to get rid of Austin perfect and well ripped body

‘Get a hold of yourself Grace!’

“Mother what are you doing here?”

It’s at this time that Grace heard her son’s voice from his room, his voice was filled with surprise and embarrassment

“Wasn’t it you who sent Clara to me, asking me to come and meet you”

Grace didn’t notice but her voice trembled a bit as she spoke, no doubt that her mind was still a bit messed up

“I did but you didn’t have to come so fast!”

“She said it was urgent!”

“Well I just wanted to remind you that we would be leaving on out ‘date’ an hour from now”

Hearing the word date, Graces heart started beating faster, when Austin had spoken about the date yesterday she didn’t mind it much, she thought of it was a picnic trip between them

Yet now, after the dream and what happened now, she couldn’t help but feel weird, Grace thought about cancelling today’s trip but after hearing the enthusiasm from Austin’s voice, she couldn’t bring her self to disagree


Grace could only helplessly agree, promising her self to act normal on today’s date, with that she walked away, not knowing that unknowingly she had accepted the ‘picnic’ as a date

Austin’s Pov:

‘Looks like part 2 worked out well’

Remembering my mother’s embarrassed look, I could’t help but laugh, this was what I had asked Clara to do, I wanted Grace to look at my naked self, this will not only make our date awkward but also give her more clarity in her upcoming ‘dreams’

Grace must have been shaken badly, after all her son appears after some time, gives her a gift and the next thing you know she’s having lewd dreams about me

Actually the dreams use was not only to make her confused about her feeling it was also to break the barriers she has about doing it with me, there’s no way that she could easily accept having sex with me

But with the dream it would be easier for me to break the ice between us, smirking I quickly changed my dress and headed for breakfast , after all I have a beautiful milf to conquer


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