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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 86: Taking The Maid(2) Bahasa Indonesia

After cumming inside Clara I stopped to catch my breath, for a few seconds, none of us said anything, Both of us enjoyed the remaining pleasure while hugging each other’s bodies, finally Clara sighed

“So good~~~❤”

“well then it’s only going to get better”

Clara’s face flushed and she looked at me with a lustful face

“Then you have to take the responsibleity of filling me completely~~~~❤”

As she spoke she stood on all fours and cutely wiggled her ass toward me, causing my already hard dick to get stronger and without waiting I thrust forward


Clara’s eyes opened wide, and her mind blanked, Her face turned completely lewd under my movements, I licked my lips and savored the feeling of piercing her from behind, My huge dick moved inside and outside repeatedly, while slapping sounds came from my body slamming on her ass


Clara snorted unable to speak, She could feel my cock moving fiercely inside her, hitting her womb and causing her unbearable bursts of pleasure

She put her mouth on the bed and grabbed the sheets, Her body shook repeatedly under my assault, and the muffled moans provoked me a pleasurable feeling of conquest

I hugged her waist while piercing forward, One of my hands grabbed her breasts and teased it repeatedly

Our breathing turned ragged and our bodies became sweaty, Love juice was being constantly created from the place where our two bodies were joined, and slurping sounds escaped with each movement

The feeling of piercing Clara’s womb was so wonderful that I could not endure it and bit her back, causing her to lift her face with a scream and tighten the walls of her moist cave

The increased pressure provoked my animal’s instincts even more, I moved faster and faster, slamming my body against her and drowning in her incredible cave

Clara’s was completely drunk in pleasure, She had become unable to speak and could only moan, groan and scream repeatedly

Finally, I feel something hot forming on my abdomen, without hesitation, I accelerated my pistoning, My breath became quicker and my dick moved constantly inside her

“Hear comes another load””

I shouted and held her ass, Clara just moaned in consent, unable to speak, while feeling her own climax approaching, finally, I was unable to endure

My dick pierced her cave completely, hitting the entrance of her womb and shooting all the semen inside it, completly filling her womb to the brink

“Ahlmnnnn❤~~~so hot~~~❤”

Clara was unable to endure the sudden pleasure and screamed, Her body shuddered completely and a flood of love juice mixed with my cum, Her vagina wrapped tightly around my rod, sucking the last bit of my semen and making me groan in delight

We stood at this position for a while as my semen continued to fill her, it was only a few moments later that I pulled out, causing semen with her love juice to leak put of her pussy

“That was amazing~~~~❤”

Clara spoke with rapid breath. laying on the bed completely tired with my semen constantly leaking out of her pussy, it was quite the sight

“It’s not over yet”

Saying so I lifted her ass and placed my dick near her cute ass hole as I molded her ass to my liking, feeling my dick near her ass Clara trembled, she turned towards me with fear and a bit of expectations

“Austin! Not there, it’s not clean…”

Clara was surprised that I even wanted to take advantage of her ass hole, She thought I would be grossed out exploring that area but only now she realized that I wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of every nook and cranny on her body

“Clara…don’t you realize that I would love to explore every inch of your body and imprint how each part of your body feels and tastes in my memory.”

Clara hessitated a bit before she she nodded her head, Clara put up her hands against the bed as she looked back at me, waiting to see what I would do next

I erotically kissed one of her asscheeks while kneading the other, my finger’s slowly moved towards her butt crack as I stretched her ass cheeks, revealing her cute butt hole, at the same time I casted a clean spell, thouroughly cleaning her ass

After that I started fingering her pussy with my fingers, coating them with her love juice, I then moved one of my fingers towards her ass hole and started fingering it while lubing her ass hole with her love juices

my dick wasn’t idle and was gently rubbing over her pussy, painting my dick with her love juices


Clara moaned as I was playing with her pussy and ass hole at the same time, She could feel my vigorous cock twitching with excitement as it scraped over her pussy

I inserted two of my fingers in her butt hole and fingered her slowly, I curled my fingers and massaged her anal walls, I could feel her anal walls squeezing my fingers with excitement and felt the sensation on my fingers too

“Nnngggg❤….your fingers are so hot…❤”

Clara moaned as her eyes became glazed with pleasure, I observed whether Clara was feeling any discomfort and slowly increased the pace of my fingers as I saw her enjoying it

‘Her muscles should be relaxed by now.’

I thought that Clara was ready to take my dick After all, I didn’t want her first anal sex experience to be painful, I took out, my fingers and positioned my cock over her butt hole.

“I am going to insert it…just relax your muscles and don’t be too nervous.”

I gently whispered I pressed the tip of my dick against her butt hole and brushed over it, I then grabbed my cock and slowly tried to insert it into her butt hole

“Tell me if it pains.”

I said in a cautionary tone, I eased my rod slowly and felt my tip inside her butt hole, and stopped.

“Ooomphhhh…you can move…”

Clara whimpered out as she felt that I had stopped, She could feel her anal walls slowly stretching out as I inserted my dick, Still surprisingly she didn’t feel much pain at all other than a slight pain when I inserted my dick

Instead, she started feeling excited and thrilled, feeling my dick inside her, I smiled, seeing that she was not finding it uncomfortable, I slowly moved my dick deeper into her narrow cave


Clara let out a deep moan as she got a pleasurable feeling and sensations she never expected as my dick went deeper inside her anal, I paused for a few moments to let her anal walls get used to my dick and then started moving slowly

I could feel her anal walls tightening around my dick and felt it so pleasurable as if I was slowly melting into it

“You are so tight…Clara…Ugnnnn”

I grunted in pleasure as my rod explored her narrow cave while stretching it.


Clara’s pussy tingled as a jolt of pleasure traveled through her spine and all over her body, as she felt me inside her, I increased my speed of thrusting my dick in her ass hole

“Nnnggghhhh❤…so fast..❤..”

Clara was drowning in pleasure and could feel her blood buzzing in her ears

“Ughhhhh….you feel so good…”

I groaned as my cock was sinking into her ass hole, and feeling the tight squeeze on my rod made me feel euphoric, I pulled back her arms as he rammed my dick deeper in her ass hole

“AHHH! ❤Ahhh!!.❤..”

Clara let out loud moans as my dick went deeper inside her, Her mind went blank, overwhelmed with pleasure, and could feel my cock getting more hotter and bigger, throbbing in her anal walls, Her breasts were bouncing and her nipples became fully erect as I was pounding her

“It’s coming!!”

Clara shouted as she felt waves of pleasure assaulting her abdomen, making her feel as if she was soaring towards heaven

“I am coming inside as well!”

I said, feeling that his rod was reading to shoot out cum



I grunted as I shot out my load in her ass hole while Clara let out a loud moan as she orgasmed, I took out my dick from her butt hole slowly with a satisfied smile on my face, I was impressed how Clara held out and he caught her fumbling body just as she orgasmed

“Feeling giddy…are we? Was it that good?”

I teased, Clara put her arm over my neck, supporting herself, and saw me grinning at her, my hot sperm was dripping out from her ass hole and her pussy as it slid down towards her thighs

She felt a sort of emptiness after I took my cock out as she could feel my warm sperm inside her, she said in a shy and low voice

“Y-Yes…it felt good.”

She honestly never thought that she could feel this much pleasure with my thick dick in her ass, she could hardly stand as sweat already covered her body after such a rigorous exercise, Her breathing was raspy as her body quivered, she laced her head on my shoulders as we lay on the bed

Clara hugged me tightly while a little bit of white substance escaped from her pussy and her ass at the same time

“Austin I love you.”

She whispered with a satisfied smile and kissed my lips

“I love you too Clara”

I returned the kiss and caressed her body, Clara curved up her lips in happiness and twisted shyly beside me, I could not help but find her embarrassed appearance extremely adorable, a few minutes later, Clara’s breaths became long and she fell asleep

She wasn’t like Eleanor who had a high power level and could last long, I placed Clara’s head on my chest as I hands travelled to her silky ass, molding it, like this I closed my eyes falling asleep.


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