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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 66: Servers You Right!! Bahasa Indonesia

Oh hey guy’s it’s me I am back!!

Oh ya I want to say you guys that I have started to edit the first few chapters, so if you see an edited tag beside the chapters don’t worry it’s just me adjusting the sentences and grammars, I am not changing anything significant.


As the 5 overlord watched I cooly walked up to them standing in between then, if it was anybody else just the pressure they gave off was enough to crush them, as I walked all the 5 overlords were looking at me with mild interests in their eyes

This was the first time they were seeing a weak being capable of standing in front of them without any fear or you know just dying, while under their watchful eyes I stood at the centre and gave them a respectful bow

“Greetings to the great lords, I am just a humble person who came here to give you my respect and suggestion”

“Oh?, what gives you a puny ant the right to give us suggestion”

It was the ape like monster that spoke, his voice hoarse and intimidating, as soon as he finished speaking the pressure in the atmosphere increased, the rest of the overlord nodded their heads and looked at me

Seeing this I did not back down, displaying a smile I spoke

“Of course power vice I am not worthy but what if I said to you that I was from outside this realm and maybe be able to take you all out too, what about then?”


Hearing my words all the 5 overlords were stunned and seeing their reactions my guess to became certain

‘That demon doesn’t have full control of this world’

There’s something that I realized while spending time with this system of mine, while it won’t upright protect or save me, it would always leave out hints for me to survive and this time to it was the same

If my guess is not to far then these monsters are real and this world too, it seems that they were just locked in this world or most likely forgotten, even if they would leave this world they would just turn to dust, as the time and space interference would just ripe them off

‘But it seems that they have no idea of it’

“Are you speaking the truth?”

This time the snake like beast spoke her voice gentle, to her question I nodded my head

“Of course I am, can’t you see that I am not particularly strong yet I can polymorph?”

To them I am most likely a monster that can polymorph and that was thanks to one of the product that I bought from the system shop, normally only a monster which has reached the realm of the imperials can polymorph


Item: The Shifter

Description: An item made by the magic tool creator Zanarix, he was said to be a great magic tool creator capable of creating anything but none knew that he had a special fetish of sleeping with married women’s

Uses: Capable of changing the aura life force around you, Using this you can turn your life force display to that of any species-human, elves, demons, monsters, spirirts…etc

Remark: Zanarix had used such a device to once sneak into the monster world and sleep with the monster queen, the wife of the monster king

Cost: 25,000


Though I am doubtful about the stuff after I read the description about the creator, I still bought it, no products bought from the system have ever been faulty and it seems they brought my excuse too, after all it was a product capable of fooling the monster king

Seeing that they were beginning to believe me a bit I made my next move, I brought out 5 sandwiches, yup it’s not like they have eaten something like this before

“Oh esteemed lords, why don’t you all try this food that I bought from the outside world”

Seeing the food in my hands the 5 monsters looked towards the snake and so I send it to her, she nodded her head after some time

“It’s not poisoned”

after hearing her words all the 5 of them polymorphed, they took the food and started to eat it




many comments started escaping their mouths, it was as if they had never ate something this delicious in their life, after all how could they this was just the world of forests

‘If you want someone to like you always give them good food’

This was the philosophy that I had learned in a very young age, after all 5 of them had finished their food they now looked at me with a little more friendliness

“Tell us your method”

A white haired and black eyed middle aged man spoke, he was the tiger after he had polymorphed,

I gave a nod to his question and took out 5 pills in my hand, seeing the pills all the eyes of the overlord focused in it

“Respectful lords, this pill in my hand is called the escape pill only once when you have ingested the pill will you be able to leave this world”

Hearing my words all the overlords had a disbelieving face, they looked between me and the pills for some time, but seeing that I was being sincere they nodded their heads

“You don’t have to worry about anything lords, we all know that there’s nothing that can hurt an imperial from eating”

After they thought about it they nodded their heads and accepted the pill, each of them inspected the pills with their own abilities and made sure that it was not harmful

“Boy if it turns out that you are lying, a world of hell awaits you”

The muscled and robust brown haired man spoke and the rest of the overlords nodded their heads at his words

Without any delay they popped the pill into their mouth, as soon as it did the pill melted in their mouth, a sweet lingering taste was felt, seconds ticked by without anything happening

Just as they were about to question Austin, all 5 if them at the same time fainted and fell to the ground, seeing that i finally sighed

‘Damn it, that was too dangerous for my taste’

Looking at the 5 sleeping overlords, my frantically beating heart finally settles, as for the pill i gave them


Item: nighty-night

Description: A pill made by the great cultivator alchemist Clawrance.

Uses: no matter the cultivation or power anybody who eats it will go to sleep for a week

Remark: The alchemist Clawrance had provided these pills to his lovers, who mixed it with their husbands drinks and feed it to their husbands, when they were having their streamy time

Cost: 1000


After reading these description i am beginning to doubt if all the strong people’s have some problem with themselves

Anyway like this i could atleast negotiate with that demon and as for killing 5 of these beasts?, not possible, with my strength i wont be able to kill them even if they are in such a situation, well unless I go all out my use all my trump cards but why would I when I have an easier method

“Hey you demon bastard!!, I know thay you can hear me, come out why don’t we have a talk”

Just as I had finished talking, an illusionary figure began to form in front of me, the previous arrogant demon is nowhere to be seen

What stood in front of me was a dried and tired figure without any strength, it seemed that maintaining this world had brought more problems than I had initially thought


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