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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 362: Losing Them All. Bahasa Indonesia

“Daddy it’s cold….”

The silver-haired twin muttered as the revolting black lines had now surrounded her entire body, not just her, the other twin was in the same situation, another day has passed marking this as the 5th day since both Austin and Catherine had arrived here,

“Here, drink this, it will get better”

Austin spoke with red eyes as he placed the girl leaning against the bed rest as he loving fed her some hot pipping soup, with great difficulty she opened her mouth as the little girl took small sips,

“Daddy, where is mommy?”

The other twin asked to which Austin’s hands trembled, his face losing a bit of its color, today when he had woken Catherine was in a similar situation to these two, she didn’t have any revolting marking around her, yet she was unable to move her body, only her head could do any significant movement, the poison had finally started to show its ugly head,

“She’s fine, mommy’s just a little tired”

Austin spoke as he patted the girl’s head, making her give him a thin smile, a few minutes later he exited the room after making sure the two girls were comfy, with slow hardened steps he walked towards the room where a weak Catherine lay with most of her life already sipped away from her, this morning they were hit with another bad news.

The baby too was affected.

Since the early morning, the baby’s also showing symptoms the same as that of the twins, making it such that they would soon be losing all their children, this devastated Catherine as she seemed to have lost her will to live, her eyes hazy, her lips dry, while tears stains marked her face,

“How are you feeling?”

Austin asked as he sat beside her, holding her hands tight, this brought Catherine out of her hazy dream as she looked at him, a thin deadly smile crossing her face,

“At least I will accompany my children”

The completely deadly words left Catherine’s mouth causing Austin to flinch, his eye bored into hers as he spoke,

“Catherine be strong, what would I do if I lose you too?”

He asked as the tears hidden under his face of calmness broke, his body shaking, while the tone of a broken man left his mouth, while Catherine who was lost in her world of kids, finally felt a spark within her as she looked at Austin, a pain greater than before filling her at the thought of leaving Austin all alone.

She applied as much as the strength she could as she held his hand back, her eyes reflecting the love she had as she spoke,

“I-I sorry, I-I really don’t want to go…”

She spoke, to which Austin lunged forward as he lightly hugged Catherine, his tears filling her shoulder as she took in his pain, in such a manner the two stayed with each other enjoying the warmth of the other.

As such time passed by, along with it came to the pain that would destroy any man.

First, it was the twins, a day later they under the loving hug of their father and the broken eyes of their mother passed away, their bodies being nothing but cold, that day tears like no other rained from both Austin and Catherine, their pain beyond imagination but the worst thing hit when the baby soon followed after them.

She was more young and less developed, hence it didn’t take long for her to follow her sisters to death and that was more than enough to break Catherine, it was as if a flip was switched as she lost any will she had, it didn’t take long for Austin to follow in her footsteps,


Austin spoke as he looked at the woman laying still on the bed, no longer does Austin now have a dashing look, his eyes dead, his hair diary and unclean, his body skinny, while he looked far more different than he should be, it was the same for Catherine as the once prideful, playful yet intelligent woman no longer lay on the bed, what lay there was a woman that was dead inside.

Her hair lost its lustrous color, her eyes looked dark and without life and just like Austin she too was skinny, the repeated shocks being too much for her to survive against, plus the poison inside of her had reached its inevitable end, the 7th-day inching closer to her, making the noose around her tighter,

“Please I can’t lose you too”

Austin murmured, his words bringing out a small semblance of life in the woman, who looked at him with pain filling her gaze, the final will to not leave him dead sparked within her as she spoke,

“Let’s at least spend the rest of this day, in happiness…”

The last of her words making Austin bite his lips as he moved to the bed and held her body tight, she seemed to have felt the security of the whole world around her as she relaxed, after this they spend the rest of the day with each other, enjoying the others company.

He made her the food she likes, fed it to her, and made sure she was comfortable and the two of them slept in each other’s embrace.

And so the time ticked by after which Catherine took her last breath and died in Austin’s arms….

While Austin lay in bed looking at the dead woman in his arms, a few seconds later he looked beside him, there on the table near the bed lay a knife, everything was set for the last action but the last moments didn’t go according to the script that was written.

Austin laid Catherine carefully on the bed as he stood up, suddenly all the aura of death, confusion, and weakness from him disappeared, his eyes became bright and his appearance within seconds went back to his dashing self.


Austin’s POV:

‘Fuck that was a long-acting job’

I thought as I stretched my body, well it wasn’t as if I hated it, everything was kinda fun, especially having and living with kids, it kind of makes me anticipate the day I am ready to have a child of my own, though for now I have bigger things to deal with. Lifting my head I looked at the eye that appeared in front of me, a smile of ridicule gracing my face as I spoke,

“Had fun watching you fucker?”

And just as I finished speaking the power around me started to go awry, going beyond anything that anybody could handle.

[Establishing connecting with Razellia Di Hydra]

[Strengthening the connection]

[Connection Established!]

[Due to the extreme power level difference you may use this power for about 30 seconds]

’30 seconds? that’s more than enough to kill that shit’

Thinking so my power flared up, thanks to the connection, now I have complete control over destruction, my aura easily broke through the entire closed-off the domain, and before the being here could react my figure flickered as I appeared in a humongous beautiful area that looked like a paradise but that didn’t last as the reality in front of me broke.

The illusion didn’t last as that beauty soon turned into a land of death, graveyards spread all around, corpses laying everywhere, dead trees and a dark atmosphere, the smell of blood and death filling the whole area up and in the center of it all laid a dragon.

Who was now trembling in fear as he gazed at me.


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