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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 34: Chaos(5) Bahasa Indonesia

just as the next 5 minutes passed new 30 humanoids started to appear, even though i drank the potion my body stills feels sluggish, even though i don’t feel pain my body still reacts like a normal hurt body

seeing the new line up i can see all the other humanoids and even new added assassins with daggers within the new group, there were even shield wielders too!!

‘now i can understand why i only had a 0.0001% success rate’

the 6th round itself is very hard, how will the other be? no how many rounds are there?

this time i didn’t want to take any risk i quickly pulled out a flame, void and chaos arrow and placed it in the bow


Item: Flame Arrow

Description: An arrow made by the great blacksmith Loki

uses: it’s an AOE based arrow, which when once fired covers the whole area with an undying flames

cost: 5000



Item: Void Arrow

Description: An arrow made by the great blacksmith Loki

uses: it’s an AOE based arrow, which completely defies defence and wipes the enemy off the map

cost: 5000



Item: Chaos Arrow

Description: An arrow made by the great blacksmith Loki

uses: it’s an AOE based arrow, which creats chaos, once fired all the enmy will be confused and might attack their own allies

cost: 5000


just when i was to fire at them i felt some danger from my back, the senses which i developed from battling several beasts came in handy, i directly ducked and rolled

just as i stood up several dagger wielding humanoids appeared, i quickly raised the bow to defend myself and blocked some of the attacks but at the same time the void and chaos arrow broke!!

i quickly blasted some smoke bombs to cover myself, i quickly activated the band on my hand causing me to completely disappear, within the smoke at the same time i heard screams from my sisters

i quickly leave the smoke to see several of the humanoids attacking the barrier swords, spears and several spells were being forced into the barrier

‘ohhh, it’s no problem the barrier can take hits from origin level 10 warriors’

just was i was relaxing my body i saw some cracks appearing on the barrier

‘how the hell!!’

didn’t Eleanor say that it could hold on for at least 2 hours, why the hell is it breaking?

‘wait a minute could it be ?’

‘system is everything within this area suppressed to origin level 3?’


hearing it i was almost tempted to curse the ancestors complete past generations, so without any delay i quickly take up some distance from the battlefield and removed the effects on the band

quickly the rest take note of me appearing somewhere else and moved towards me so i quickly take another choas, void and fire arrow and fired them while multiplying them

the chaos arrow hit the the mages and the swords-mans causing them to quickly turn against each other while the flame arrow created a wall of flames among the archers, the void arrow quickly took out some of the shield carrying humanoids

i couldn’t use [arrows fall] as i might hit the barrier and effect my sister, this in a way right now is effecting part of my power, quickly i take out my normal arrows add [haste], [penetrate] and [target] on it and fired quickly along with [multiply]

a huge chunk of my mana was taken away, along with it my tiered body was catching up to me, just as i was taking my breath several daggers arrived at my location seeing that i could not dodge it i quickly moved my body to avoid the fatal points

few daggers lunched onto my arms, thigh and shoulders, quickly i activated a spell [discharge] and before these humanoids could react several stone spikes appeared from the ground impaling those close to me

while at the time Austin was attacked with several daggers Grace almost fainted from it

just as i killed all of them i forced myself to take an arrow and fired it directly at the reaming 3 humanoids killing them

‘hah…finally it’s over’

just as i was going to rest a dagger quickly appeared and moved towards my chest as i was too tired and couldn’t move I was unable to dodge it, i could only helplessly watch as the dagger plunged into my heart scaring all those who was watching

just as the dagger was about to move closer towards my heart some runes quickly activated on my body causing intense light forcing me to close my eyes, after a few minutes i opened them and saw a tall women with black hair standing in front of me


before i could ask i saw the humanoid in front lf me explode and die, after that she turned to me, i quickly moved to talk to her but one look in her eyes and i shut up

i could see it in her now cold eyes, rage, an extremely highly burning rage, just as she was about to talk to me, space wrapped around her causing her to be thrown out

in the viewing room everyone was holding their breaths as they saw a dagger being plunged into Austins heart, Grace almost had her heart leap out of her chest

it’s at this heart wrenching moment that a twist happened a bright light appeared around Austin and when it resides a women was standing in front of him, she had black hair and a veil on her face she was holding the humanoids face which exploded shortly after

just as she turned towards Austin, she was suddenly wrapped and disappeared and moments later she appeared in the viewing room, the people in the room tensed up but before they could move Grace did

“stop, she’s the Bow Empress not an enemy”

hearing what Grace said all of them calmed themselves down, and started looking Eleanor up and down with interest even Olivia was interested

as a rare female imperial Eleanor was indeed the goal of several young aspiring girls not to forget that Eleanor herself created the path for the bow users

as everyone was looking up Eleanor the said person was looking at the screen, to be more precise the image of Austin currently bleeding, seeing it the hidden bloodlust in her almost started to spread, causing everyone in the room to stiffen up

“that’s enough Bow Empress, your not the only imperial here”

Bruce interfered to stop Eleanor from rampaging anymore, the bloodlust went away as quickly as it came, there was silence for a minute before she spoke

“what happened”

2 words were said but each word was cold without any emotions, at this time Grace took up her confidence and came forward to explain the situation

the more Grace spoke the more she felt that the anger in Eleanor was increasing, when the story was finished Eleanor was in the room taking deep breaths to control herself

“you people let this happen ?”

the moment Eleanor spoke she realased her power causing many people to step back

“that’s enough”

Bruce shouted and released his power to counter Eleanor’s

“continue this and you shall be making an enemy of the Ezraeil empire”

right now a tense situation was taking place but a fight did not take place instead Eleanor reeled in her power and switched her focus onto the screen

as of right now the 7th round had begun and Austin does not seem to be ready


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