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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 337: This Is Fun…… Bahasa Indonesia

“Would you all like to go for a ride first? or try the exotic foods we provide?”

Nare asked with a charming smile as she stood in front of my group,

“What do you guys want?”

I turned to my friends for an answer, this trip wasn’t for me but for my friends who need to relax and enjoy their time, this is for them,

“I want to try the food!”

Jacob spoke with an excited smile as he pumped his hands forward,

“Hum….is there any place that talks more about the combat styles of the beastmens world?”

Alex asked with a pondering look to which I hit him on the head,


A big bump appeared on his head as he rubbed it, I looked at him with an annoyed look as I spoke,

“This is a trip to have fun, not for anything else”

Saying so I turned to the girls, I had no desire in asking Mark and Amon who I am sure will just say that they will follow my orders,

“So what should we do first?”

“I want to fly on the clouds!”

Emma answered with sparkling eyes, as her gaze focused on the people that were traveling above the skies, sitting on the comfy clouds, turning to the rest of the girls I could see their similar focus on the clouds, and knowing that Emma wanted to go Mike would definitely jump in with her desire,

“Then we would like the deluxe travel for the cloud”

Turning around I spoke to Nare who nodded her head with a smile,

“Then please follow me”

She spoke as she started to walk away, seeing it I and my group followed her and I didn’t know if it was my imagination or not but her hips seemed to move a little too much as she walked in front of me and it didn’t help with the fact that the dress the woman in front of me wore was tight around her ass, making me see her ass move with each walk,

“You sure are popular where ever you go~”

Alex said with a spoiling tone, his voice was low but it wasn’t low enough, hence I am sure that the girls heard his words, which was felt by the sway in the mana in the surrounding, taking a sweep back I could see Sana with a cold look, Emma was still smiling looking at the surroundings but her eyes weren’t still shinning.

Mika and Rika seemed to be in sync as their mana trembled around their surroundings, Rana was the most noticeable as her annoyed killing intent was leaking,

‘How can she feel jealous when she can’t understand her feelings?’

I questioned but kept it locked away, for now, the normal reaction was Zora who looked uncomfortable as she had a frown on her face looking at Nare and the last Clara was having a calm look but I know her enough to understand that she’s pissed.

The thing about her is that while she doesn’t mind me going, manipulating other girls, she doesn’t like it when somebody that I am not going after tries to hit on me, in other words, I am allowed to flirt but a girl is not allowed to flirt with me,

‘What a crazy woman’

But then again all the women around me are crazy one way or another,

“Here we are”

Nare’s words brought me out of my thoughts as I focused on a huge white tree with blue leaves, around the tree stood a well-dressed catbeast man, who smiled as his hands touched the tree and soon the tree started to shake before which the leaves too turned white, a white smoke starting to leave the leaves before which they started to combines together right before our eyes,

“Impressive, how does this happen?”

Zora the most curious among us took the lead as she questioned making Nare smile,

“Its the specialty of these Cloudsian trees, it said that these trees were born from the broken cloud drop of the first cloud which fell onto a tree which later earned the ability to produce special clouds”

“I see….”

The shocking explanation that might be scoffed at for an insane story on the earth was accepted as a fact here, it is the norm, and I had gotten used to it after some time, running behind with the idea of science in here will only make you go mad, I had to learn that the hard way,

“Here is your ride”

Nare spoke, pointing towards the huge cloud enough to fit 30 people, it was silently floating above the ground, seeing it Emma was the first one to run into it and jump on, she lightly went into the cloud sinking in as she kicked her legs around,

“Wow…..this is so soft!”

She exclaimed as her head rose up, some clouds sticking to her face and hair making all of us chuckle, soon I and the group took a seat on the cloud, it was really soft and nice as I sank in, looking back I could see the rest of them enjoying as they took their place, except for Mike and Amon who were having a cold face seating on the cloud.

Emma was playing around with the cloud, Sana was touching with curiosity, her natural cold face melting as her true younger look took place, and her cat tails were swinging left and right in excitement, I even saw Zora taking out some of the clouds and placing it in a jar with a smile, Jacob being the simpleton he is was just like Emma touching and playing with the cloud.

Rina sunk into the cloud with her cool look as she laid down like a nap, her large rabbit ears relaxed over her head, Mika and Rika sat together looking around, at times giving me a smile, and Clara sat beside the twins as she talked with them and enjoyed the soft feeling, while Alex was already sleeping on the cloud,

‘This is fun…..’

Musing to my thoughts I looked at Nare who was at the front of the clouds she was reciting some words before which the cloud started to raise from the ground slowly into the air and before we knew it it was sky high, looking down I marveled at the sight that filled me,


I spoke and I could say the rest agreed with me as they all looked out, even Alex had a rare calm smile on his face as he gazed at the scene, he was violently woken by Jacob.

[Your friends are fine, stop looking at them and enjoy what’s in front of you]

Suddenly the words of the system brought me out of my thought as I looked back at the scene, till the end of my sight I could see beautiful white trees filling my vision, the whole special forest was protected by the Beast alliance as walls could be seen at the end but what caught my eyes were the beautiful scene of several clouds rising from the trees as they joined the ones above, seemingly looking like a natural process,

“Shall we begin?”

Nare asked me with a knowing look as she gazes at us, to this I just nodded my head as I relaxed back into the clouds, gazing at the endless beautiful forest as the calm wind of the day brushed against my face, the chatter of my friends from my side could be heard, while my heart was at peace.


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