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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 326: Shaken Dragon Princess Bahasa Indonesia


Celestinia now looked completely ghastly, her calm demeanor that stayed even when faced with the toughest of situations was thrown out, her eyes that could only be seen through her veil were trembling, her voice was trembling, while I could feel the mana in the surrounds shaking like crazy, clearly Celestinia had completely lost her cool,

“What? remembering me now?”

I asked with a snarky voice, making Celestinia, the dragon princess, one at the top of the food chain flinch, even now she was filled with disbelief,

“Im-Impossible, yo-you died!”

Her voice no longer had its higher pitch, no longer does it contain a hidden superiority, all that now filled her voice was churning and burning emotions, I am sure that no one has ever brought such emotions from her and no one was capable too,


Her voice now feeble called out to me, making me look at her, my eyes peering into her beautiful ivory eyes, that contained her dragon-like slits, her pride,

“So you do feel….”

I spoke with a mocking tone, driving Celestinia into to darker corner,

“Wait…you…that means!”

Broken words came from her, which soon stopped as I saw Celestinia’s eyes widen in realization,

“The weapon was from there, wasn’t it?”

She finally asked after a minute but I didn’t reply to her as I kept my gaze on her, making her squirm in her position, the debt that she owed me was that deep after all,

“Can you understand now, why I don’t like you?”

I asked, making her flinch, I could see the guilt that filled her eyes as she nodded her head,

“How could you not, as I had left you to die…..”

Celestinia spoke, she no longer mincing her words, her eyes opened as she faced me head-on, determined to face her past head-on,

‘Just like her’

“So that’s why I felt that you were familiar….”

“At least you felt me”

I said with a sarcastic tone, making Celestinia have a wry smile, filled with guilt,

“I’m sorry….”

Shocking words came out of her mouth, if any were to hear this then they would surely pass out from shock, for what could she, the dragon princess apologize for?

“I do not care for your apology, while I might have come to control and maybe even convert my hatred for you to dislike, I in no way will I ever be your friend”

My words stung her as I could see her body tremble a bit, down her shin I could see her gold blood flowing down from her veil, clearly, she had bit her lips out of despair, how couldn’t she? when I was her best friend, when I was a person that helped her live, kept her safe risking my life, how could she when I was becoming her love…..

“You know truly back then even though I couldn’t see your face, even though I knew that perhaps your standing might be above mine, I had hoped maybe I could be with you but you burned all that away…”

The more I spoke the more I could see that the mana around me was dimming, the literal floods of sadness that filled her was affecting the surrounding, and the past that she so wished to keep away now was ripped off and thrown into the open by me,

‘Here I go hurting another…’

I held myself, knowing that the woman in front of me won’t be easy to deal with, she might be down now but she will definitely bounce back, she was in no way weak hearted but in her heart, I will always be a stain, a crack that she will never be able to deal with, truly by now my plans were in motion….

“I love Scarlet”

The words I spoke had a deeper effect on her, as I could see her eyes darken, while the sadness in her grew deeper, I leaned back to my chair and I gave off a laugh filled with irony,

“It’s funny, isn’t it? you broke my heart to pieces and I swore to have nothing to do with you but in the end, I fell in love with someone you consider a sister….”

My words were without emotions clearly indicating that the past will no longer affect me, it will no longer bind me, that she no longer has any hold on me, my face once again turned towards her, this time coldness filling my eyes,

“So my sister-in-law, I will try to accept your presence, only and only for Scarlet, remember that”

Just as I finished speaking the woman in front of me disappeared, still, I held on to my glance as I kept looking at the seat that Celestinia was at, only after a minute did I relax, as I let my breath out and landed myself to the chair,

“Ufff….that was tiring”

My words filling the empty table, while the sweat that was on my head now coming out, I looked like my emotions were at play but I truly was, because I was scared that her flip might turn and she would take me away to be with her, clinging herself to me, killing her sister, and every girl I knew, of course, I have the power to stop her but that would mean disrupting all my other plans that I have set.

In truth, if I had just gone with my normal plan of using my both attack on her, then things would have still worked out as she would fall in love with me but the end result would be her domineering side being unleashed as her pride makes her think that even if I won’t fall in love with her now I would definitely in the future by staying with her forever.

She would let her jealousy take control of her as she discreetly kills of any girl too close to me, while taking me with her, using time and her amazing self to make me fall for her but I didn’t want that and I never will, with this even with her feelings of the past, her major focus will be on making me forgive her, trying to ease her guilt.

This would shroud her true feelings, keeping her domineering pride in check, while she like a dog would follow me, try to meet me to get me to forgive her, right now due to time the love that was blooming within her in the past had withered, they had turned cold when she thought that I had died.

But things are different now, while she runs after me to apologize while dealing with me on the outside and library, her feelings will once gain rekindle and bloom into the powerful love that should be but it would be shackled by the guilt she has for me and she will never be able to act on it until I pass to her the key, my forgiveness to her, thus effectively locking the dragon princess in my control,

‘So much work…..’

While the plan might be simple, I had almost lost my life for it, its not easy to shake the heart of Celestinia even if she was young back then but it was all worth it if I could control her, keep her in check until I get all the girls, then it wouldn’t be too hard to place a real collar on her.


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