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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 325: One Goes And Another Comes Bahasa Indonesia


Spell: Sympathy Invoker

Description: The great Zanarix is back with spells! to take in the heart of the ladies the man himself created a spell that evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia that arouses from a certain action.

Uses: By touching the intended target, using a certain action while applying the spell will cause the affected party to attach the said action to any significant one of the past, thus making the user of the spell more attached to the ones affected by the spell.

Remark: Using nostalgia for some fun! Zanarix himself had used this spell to get into the bed chambers of the monster queen, as he initiated the nostalgia of her father within him, from where he got her heart and body! behind her husband of course!

cost: 55,000


The spell was really useful, basically, an action of mine would be joined to an action of the past, to a person that might hold a great value to the person the spell is used upon, the spell won’t automatically make a person like you but it would create a sense of connection with you, like a lost friend.

The spell is very useful to get closer in a single step but the later steps are all in your hands, in fact, many of the spells I use from this man were keeping me alive, for example, there’s a spell that removes and significant identification of the fact that I was with a woman, it removes, scent, aura, past, every trace that I have being with a woman would be gone.

This was a very important spell for me, how else would I go meet Scarlet and the rest of the girls after spending time with each other? just a single snuff from Scarlet and she would know I was with another woman, along with it my life would also fly, truly I wish to meet this man and gave him a big hug, without him, perhaps I would have been lost….

“All better now?”

I asked to Nathalia, who looked much better than before, a shy smile on her face, while her eyes kept downward, her legs shyly rubbing the ground, after my pat her mood had improved by leaps and bounds, the best thing is that there’s no longer any huge space between us, even before when she was interested in me there would always still be a distance between us.

But now that no longer excites, due to her innate nature of always keeping space between us, it was getting harder for her feelings for me to grow but with that single outburst from her, the distance she unconsciously kept between us vanished, thus paving way for my further action,

“Um, I am feeling better”

Nathalia shyly replied as the smile on her face continues its presence,

“Come to think of it, I have yet to thank you for this”

Just as I finished speaking the talisman that she had made for me appeared in my hand, this thing indeed helped me a lot, especially its rare function of increasing luck, it helped me a lot this month, this basically a game changer for me, a cheat that’s very useful,

“I’m happy you liked it!”

She replied as her gaze seems to light up on seeing the talisman in my hand,

“Can I take it for some adjustments?”

She asked, as her hands moved towards the talisman,

“Sure, no problem”

I spoke as I passed on the talisman to her, she took it with gentle care as she lightly touched and felt it,

“You took good care of it”

Nathalia spoke after a few seconds prompting me to nod my head,

“Indeed, it was a great gift from you, how can I bear to treat it badly?”

My reply got an instant blush from her as the silly smile on her face widened,

“Then I will be looking forward to your products”

“You can count on it”

Nathalia seriously nodded her head, she then waved me goodbye as she started to walk away, I just smiled at her, soon it was just me in the room but as I was about to leave a familiar sound filled the room,

“It’s a nice room”

Hearing it I instinctively used all my mana as I turned towards the source, only to weaken my power when I saw who it was,

“Can’t you dragons come in the normal way?”

I asked with a shake of my head as I took a seat opposite to the one Celestinia sat upon, right now she in her true form gracefully took a seat, her face obscured, while her body hidden by her beautiful white dress,

“Am I not welcome?”

A voice tinged with curiosity filled me, causing me to flinch and look at her in a suspicious manner,

“Tell me who are you?”

I asked seemingly not accepting the fact that the one in front of me was Celestinia,

“What does this mean?”

She asked, annoyance filling her voice, to this I still held my suspicion as I asked,

“Just when did Celestinia the great, start to speak so nicely? aren’t you stuck on your high horse?”

“You’re making fun of me?”

Her voice now turned threatening, causing me to sigh in relief as I nodded my head,

“Indeed, this is you”

“Why do I feel more offended?”

“Must be your imagination”

I replied to Celestinia’s pissed of voice, making her more irritated but I just took all this with stride,

“So why are you here?”

I asked, trying to get to the topic I wanted to, I could feel her annoyance from the mana in the surrounding that was trembling,

“Tsk, it’s not like I want to be here”

“Looks like we both at least agree on one thing”

I confirmed with her, nodding my head, which I am sure was hurting her ‘pride’ more, making it want to see me have the same reverence or love that others have for her, to show that she’s better than Scarlet,

“The reason I came here is because of Scarlet”

“What happened, is she hurt?!”

I asked in a panicked voice, clearly scared for Scarlet,

“No, she’s fine, what I meant was that I wanted our relationship to be more close”

Celestinia spoke, her voice containing a hint of dissatisfaction,

“Uff….she’s safe that’s good and about that as much as I want to stay away from you, it is a factor that you are someone that Scarlet considers family, so I could try to be more close to you”

I responded, gaining a silence from Celestinia,

“Can I ask you something?”

She questioned to which I nodded my head,


“Why do you seem not to like me?”

Celestinia asked, her tone more commanding, which caused me to chuckle,

“Looks like you don’t remember”

I spoke, earning her utmost attention,

“Remember what?”

She asked to which I shook my head, my eyes filled with disappointment,

“You really forgot…….Celes….”

The moment I spoke my voice turned to another, making Celestinia’s eyes widen, her tone filled with disbelief, the whole mana in the room was now trembling,


That was all that could come out of her,

“So you remember me now….huh?”


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