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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 32: Chaos(3) Bahasa Indonesia

just as Austin had readied his bow a voice was heard

“Test requirements shall be said from now on please focus”

the voice was unemotional as if it was a programmed A.I

“since the contestant desires to challenge for the other 2 participants, the program has selected a matching test to be conducted”

“the said contestant is to survive the coming onslaught till the last enemies drop”

“each enemy called upon will be within the participants cultivation, in this case all the enemies will be origin level 3”

“the amount of enemies will increase in each round”

“there would be a 5 minutes break between each round, in case of faliure the test would be deemed as fail”

“according to the calculations of this program, your current survival rate is 0.0001% knowing this do you still wish to proceed??”

hearing all the information my resolve shook a bit but thinking of all my plans and the new family i received i toom my stance


“then i hope you the best”

after that the location i stood started to change and i ended up in a barren land, there was no end to it, turning around i saw my sister’s on the floor and then i looked to my status


Name: Austin Lionheart

Sex: Male

Age :11

Species: Human

Looks:9/10(not bad you can live with just your looks)

talent:9/10(not bad you are improving)

>Note: Hidden Bloodline(locked)

Titles: The manipulator, lady’s man, peeping tom, yandere collector, young master, spank master

Power: origin level 3

Total Points: 250,000

Partners Conquered: None


well looks like i got a new title, spank master, looks like playing with Olivia does have it’s merits, i chuckled a bit at it

then i searched my spatial ring and took out the quiver containing my arrows, actually i can produce mana based arrows on the bow but the mana consumption would be more

while i placed the quiver on my back i went towards my sisters who were now looking at like i was some kind of alien

coming close to them i placed a small barrier device given to me by Eleanor, keeping it close to them i activated it and an invisible barrier surrounded them, this should stop an attack from even an origin level 10

seeing that they were safe within it i sighed

“The test would begin in 10 second’s please prepare yourself”

hearing that i readied my postion by standing in front of them and then taking out a pill i swallowed it


Item: No Pain And Only Gain

Description: An item made by the tribe of Markos for helping their younger generations go through their brutal training

uses: by ingesting it your pain receiving node would be switched off for about 2 hours

▪︎you can get beaten up as much as you like

cost: 1000


what?, your gonna look down on me for avoiding pain?

well i ain’t no masochist, why would i like to feel pain, seeing that this being an SSS level difficulty i am pretty sure that i would be beaten up a lot

i am not like those protoganists who yell into battle without thinking, why feel the pain when you can avoid it?, it’s not lke i am going to win an award for it or anything

while i was simply wasting time while thinking the bell for the test ran, as soon as it did two figures started to form in front of me

both of them looked like human but the facial feature was nonexistent, both of them radiated the aura of an origin level 3

as soon as they arrived they started to run towards me, both of them seemed to be unarmed but i didn’t let my gaurd down because of it, taking an arrow out of my quiver i quickly placed it in my bow

passing a bit of my mana into it i fired the first arrow, follwed by two others behind it, the humanoid in the front dodged the first arrow, but the first arrow turned direction aming for the 2nd humanoid

the 2nd humanoid barely avoided it but by doging it ended up covering the blind spot of the 1st humanoid and vice versa

without the both of them being able to respond the 2nd and the 3rd arrow silently hit their heart killing them, after that both of them started to disintegrate leaving 3 arrows

i quickly pulled the three arrows back into the quiver and turned around amd gave my now stunned sisters a huge smile

while putside on the viewing room there was pin drop silence after watching the first battle, the moment all of them had entered the room a screen had appeared showing what was happening inside the historic world

they had seen the scene of Austin placing the barrier and taking down 2 origin level 3 warriors with ease, seeing this everyone except for Grace was stunned

“Au-Austin is a origin level 3 bowman?!!”

it was the Emperor who spoke first breaking the silence in the room, after that heated discussion broke among the people gathered here

“did you know about this?”

Bruce spoke to Grace with a solemn tone, Grace sighed and responded

“i did, Austin had actually formed his plate at the age of 8, along with it he was taken as the personal disciple of The Bow Empress”

each word spoken by Grace brought a huge shock to the people in the room, while Grace spoke the Emperor turned silent as if in deep thought

“i see, that’s why i always felt a different feeling from him, to think we had such a monstrous talent in our Empire”

Bruce spoke with happiness, jealousy and sadness, happy that the Empire had such a talent, jealous that the Bow Empress found him first and sad that the talent might not live to it’s end

while they were speaking 5 minutes passed and the 2nd round began, Austin looked towards the 4 new humanoids forming infront of him

among them 2 of them looked same as the first one but the other 2 had swords in their hand, yes weapons!

‘looks like each round will only get harder’

i took a deep breath to bring down my raging heart, then i took 3 arrows directly from my quiver and placed it on the bow

as soon as the bell rang for the match each of the figure started to move towards me, i raised the bow and fired all the 3 arrows at once

as if determined each of the arrows knocked against each other changing directions, the 1st arrow flew towards the 1st humaiod who raised it’s sword to deflect it but before it could the 1st arrow changed its direction heading to the 4th unarmed humanoid

and before the 4th humanoid could react the arrow exploded, causing the gathered rest to split up, but at that time the 2nd arrow arrived in front of the 2nd armed humanoid who slahed it’s sword at the arrow

but the arrow passed throught it hitting the 3rd unarmed humanoid killing it with one stike, now only 2 of the sword wielding humanoid remained, just when the peace was about to come the 3rd arrow arrived in between that which blasted causing smoke

as the 2 humanoid were within the smoke, i moved directly towards them and threw a small mana bomb within it which exploded killing both of them

but i had no happiness only extreme seriousness, the fight must have seemed easy but only i knew the planning required for each, if the 2nd round is like this then how would the rest be?


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