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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 311: Introductions Bahasa Indonesia

“I thank all of you for attending today”

Eleanor spoke her voice laced with calmness while her beautiful face was covered by viel, her black eyes moved around the room, as she stood on a higher platform, right now they were all in an extremely luxurious ballroom, with chandeliers that hung beautifully from the ceiling, butlers and maids moving across the room providing food.

Different people sat across, each one looking powerful and important, all of their gazes focused on Eleanor that stood tall and proud, her eyes containing a twinkle that none was able to gasp,

“And please welcome my successor, Austin Lionheart!”

Eleanor spoke after she did silence remained before which a light filled the room as I appeared, well dressed and devilishly handsome, right now I was wearing a black tuxedo that matched and co-oriented my hair, while my hair was dressed and styled, a light makes up was added, enhancing my already superior appearance.

Walking forward I kept a light smile on my face reaching beside Eleanor who right now was having a fond twinkling look in her eyes, my eyes trailed to all the people that had gathered, all of them powerhouses of their own or people with considerable power that could affect the world as a whole.

Focusing my gaze I could see my family sitting at one of the tables, which my mother and sisters would never miss such an important event, my eyes focused on them a bit nodding a little, and soon I was beside my master as I took the unique microphone looking device from her, even though I was standing in front of people whose status exceeded many I was still calm,

“First of all, I would like to thank all of the esteemed guests for attending”

I spoke, the impression of me on all of them growing,

“This is truly a happy occasion for me, where I would be trying my best to safeguard my master’s reputation and live up to the legends she had left behind”

Saying so I gave them a small bow before I spoke my last words,

“And hence let the party begin”

As soon as I finished speaking all the people that were at the back soon started to move, and the desserts and all the food soon started to spread across the room but that didn’t last for long as some people in lines started to walk up to me and Eleanor, all of them being people with power, there were even several powerful and rich merchants seeking to form connections with me.

I am sure that after this ceremony my name would spread across the world once again but this time all those that wish me harm will have to at least think ten times before they take action for I am no longer just the third child of the Lionheart Duchy but the disciple of the Archery Empress and her wrath is not something that all could take.

Soon an hour passed by as I stood beside Eleanor talking to all that came our way, it was annoying, to say the least, but thanks to my noble etiquette I was able to handle it well, thus the meeting lasted for 2 hours before which everyone started to leave. all of the rushing to get this information to the world,

“Manh…that was too much”

I said with a tired sigh as I sat on the chair in an undignified manner, sitting beside me were my family and Eleanor who was chuckling at my reactions,


Grace asked with a smile as she ruffled my hair,


I gave out a tired reply,

“Big brother, try this it’s good!”

Elda said with a charming smile as she served some food onto the plate in front of me, I smiled at it as I patted her head,


“You know you didn’t have to be good to all of them”

Nora asked as her twinkling eyes focused on mine, I could only smile wryly at her words as I responded,

“I could but that would only make my reputation take a hit, while I don’t care about it I won’t do that to master”

“You know I don’t care to about all that, right?”

Eleanor spoke to which I nodded my head,

“I do but no matter what I don’t want to cause any bad reputation for you”

“Sigh…..so stubborn”

Eleanor replied but I could still catch the hint of her happiness in her voice, after all this time I have grown to understand her more,

“Okay, let’s leave all those aside, did take fancy to anyone here?”

Grace asked with a smile, playing the perfect role of a mother interested in her son’s love life, it would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that her legs were moving through mine under the table.

But the bigger problem was that the moment the question was asked I could see all the lady’s eyes narrowing with mine, during the party, there were several powerful people that either came with their daughters, where they introduced them to me with great enthusiasm, heck there was even some powerful women that tried to flirt with me!

And I was sure that if it wasn’t in the open Eleanor and the rest would have tried to kill all the pests,

“Nope, none of them were to my taste”

I replied with a calm face by now the best thing is to let things take their flow, right now it’s no time to tease anyone, moreover my main focus was to keep the legs trying to climb over me, yes, legs…

It would seem that Nora had joined the fray as her legs seemed to dance closer and closer to my crotch, it was a good thing that the table cloth was covering it but the bad thing was the fact that both the mother and daughter seemed to enjoy playing with fate in the open, I stealthy moved my hands as I pushed away the naughty legs that were tempting my inner demons,

“That’s a pity, I would still love to see my son bring in back a good daughter-in-law”

Grace said with a mischievous smile, to which I replied,

“Well, I’m not interested in a relationship right now, maybe in the future”

Saying so I stood up, waking away with the excuse that I was tired but not before giving each of my family members a kiss on their cheeks, and a bow to my master while giving her a small wink, truthfully I am indeed tired, returning back to the academy I had a lot to deal with and just as I thought I could rest this arrived, now I had to prepare for tomorrow.

The news of the disciple of Eleanor would be seen spread and I am sure that some hungry wolves have already started their move, vying for things they should never have a hand on.


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