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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 279: Attack From All Sides Bahasa Indonesia

Third Person POV:

Within a beautifully decorated room sat a cute woman on the chair, her focus on the plans in front of her, beautiful green gem-like eyes shined as the cunningness within them was let loose, unlike her cut looks, the woman had a mad possessive grin on her face,

“Hehehe…..my plans are finally complete”

She or more accurately Emily, looked at the plans she had created with a heartened smile, craziness flashing deep within her eyes, her epitome of cuteness was nowhere present, right now this was her true self, the one that only she knew and now she was about to embark on the best plan she ever made, right now here there was no way out, she had to and will win,

“Sigh…..you look so amazing”

Emily spoke, her face flushed, her eyes dreamy as she gazed upon the memory orb in her hands, displaying on it were several scenes of Austin’s fight during the Seth hunt, the parts of him getting wet were especially caught and recorded, Emily enjoyed each part of it, her hands rubbed against the memory, while the love in her eyes intensified,

“I will definitely win, I won’t lose”

She spoke, her voice getting darker at the end as she remembered that she might have competition, a sly smile came to her face as she thought of her ‘competition’, it matters not to her if the enemy was a dragon, she won’t back out….ever.

Placed a kiss on the orb that showed Austin’s image her eyes turned back to the plans she wrote, and her eleven ears started to shake up and down in anticipation of what she was about to do, a competition only exists when there are competitors

And if they disappear?

Thinking along these lines a dark smile took Emily’s face…


“What the hell is going on?”

Ron asked as he looked at his most trusted demon subordinates, it was a week since the time Austin spoke about retaliation and now Ron’s problems only got bigger and bigger, it started with Marlene’s announcement that she would be supporting Austin’s faction.

Ron wasn’t surprised by it as he had expected something of the sort to take place and he already had a counter plan in place but the things that happened next baffled him and his people, one by one of his strongest started to be taken down, the ones that moved were the strongest of Austin’s faction.

Each one of them was like mad dogs attacking them without any restrain, they didn’t even take any rest, they seemed like rapid dogs taking bites out of everyone and Ron understood that they were moving according to Austin’s wishes but he never thought that they were this selfless to go out with everything for Austin.

As a demon Ron could only feel envious, demons would always move for profit, he was sure that at least a half of his subordinates would leave him if he ever lost his powers, that’s just how they were, after this things only got worse, while he expected Marlene to support Austin he never imagined that she would cut off the sea factions supplies to the ones in his faction!

This was basically cutting off all connection with him and he was damn sure that Marlene didn’t do this just out of gratitude after all this would create a huge friction even politically and in this case, Ron was right.

Then came the potion attack, for some reason all the options that should be given to the people in his faction were taking too much time, the witches that gave them out were either lagging behind, ‘absent’, or even straight-up telling them they don’t have time!

Due to this several of the important function taking place in his faction was stopped, after all, potions are the lifeblood of warriors and fighters, and without them, recovery became even harder, sure one can use healing magic but that in itself is rare, and it’s not like they can always heal, plus healing magic hurt like hell too, unless one has darkness healing, using true healing means that you would have to go through the pain of re-healing.

This caused a huge issue for his lower members, the lower members of Austin’s faction were challenging them and they seemed to be loaded with potions, as mana recovery and healing were a breeze to them, like this they were slowly chipping away at their power, it was slow since Ron had a huge number but it was still effective.

The morale right now was the worst, be it individual to group battle, intellectual battle, everything and everywhere they were being attacked, the worst part being whenever Ron put up a solution a trouble was waiting to face it, it was as if his plans were already foretold and things were just waiting for him to make the move.

This was then he thought of Alex the devil planner, back then he didn’t think much of him but now facing against he’s started to understand how troublesome dealing with someone of such level of planning was, the issue was the problems were cropping up outside too, members that took the mission and went out of the academy were all coming back defeated.

Each and everyone had someone intervening in between them, causing for their mission to fail but no matter how much Ron looked he couldn’t find out the culprits, he was barely holding back with the huge resources he had stocked up but that won’t go on for long, each new day new problems crop up.

It’s like a tsunami that keeps hitting every day, not even giving him the time to breathe,

“Tell me how’s the situation?”

Ron asked, his face a bit tired but his pride and grace still stayed, one of his members walked forward,

“By now about 60% of our members have returned with failure in their trips, we have lost a significant amount of resources due to princess Marlene blocking access to the sea products, our members are getting more and more tried due to their inability to get their hands on potions and many of our strong members have lost their position”

A heavy silence descended in the room after the report was given, everyone here knew that this was not the end, their main problems had still to be spoken of, none of the demons were patient, and if things went in such a way, all of this would one day explode and when it did, lots of blood will be shed,

“I see….”

Ron spoke with a calm tone, all of this seemed random and jumbled but his gut was telling him that all of this was at the end related to Austin and when his mind reached this thought Ron felt a chill up his spine,

‘How much resource does he have?’

The amount of connection needed to do this was even beyond Ron the crown prince of the demon realm, by now most of his plans were being tackled, he could stop this by meeting Austin but that would never happen, a decisive light flashed through Ron’s eyes, turning to the member that just spoke he replied,

“Contact Angeline and tell her that I am willing to go with the current contract, if he wants hell, then hell is what I shall give…”


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