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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 251: Plans Set In Motion Bahasa Indonesia

“So how’s it? do you think it will work?”

I asked as I looked at Mira who was now quietly interpreting the plans I spoke of, it was both risky and rewarding, not only will I be able to take these ‘pests’ out, but I will also be able to earn some profit, I will make sure to milk these guys down, finally, after a minute Mira spoke,

“The plan’s a bit risky but the output it gives us the best but….”


Mira’s face scrunched up with hesitation, she looked at me for a few seconds before which she spoke,

“Is that part really needed?”

“Which part?”

I asked, seriously confused,

“You know the one with Shira”

Hearing Mira’s words I was surprised, a smirk came up my face which I quickly controlled, it would seemed that my dear aunt was a bit jealous, if it was somebody else I would think that they would have a problem with my cruel approach but not Mira, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill anything that threatens her family.

“Um…..what’s the problem with her part?”

I asked back completely ‘confused’, my words made Mira look even more troubled, she peeked at me while her legs moved restlessly, seeing it I was trying my best not to burst out laughing, she looked really cute right now, finally, after a few seconds Mira spoke her eyes evading mine,

“You know, won’t you find it uncomfortable to be doing this with Shira?”

“Uncomfortable? I will just be chasing after her, trying my best to get close to her, plus I have no interest in that bicth, all I will be doing is making her trust me”

I spoke back with a calm and confused voice, of course when I talked about my plans with Shira, I didn’t mention the true things I will be doing to Shira, I just made it that I will be trying my best to get close to her but it would seem that just this itself is making Mira a bt jealous, this was truthfully heartening, at least this meant that I have already got a small part of her heart

Though I can’t wait for my plans for Mira to start, if she reacted like this just for Shira, I can’t wait to see how her reactions will be when my true plan for her sets in,

“I see, you’re right, she’s just a bitch you’re trying to get close to”

Mira nodded her head while speaking, seemingly trying to convince herself, soon her fidgeting stopped as she started to take sips of her tea, and I too didn’t hold back as I drank the tea in calm silence, a few minutes later Mira spoke,

“You’re planning let’s do it”

“You sure aunt, it will place some pressure on you”

“It doesn’t matter, I am not someone that would break from some pressure”

“I know, I just don’t want you to get hurt, even if you’re strong you are still someone I loved”

Saying so my ‘sincere’ feelings flew towards Mira, who didn’t say anything as she drank her tea with a small blush on her face

+200 affection

Another notice appeared on my face, informing me that my words were effective, after this I didn’t speak anything as I focused back on my tea,

“You know, you’re quite the schemer now”

“Well even though I don’t deal with the military activities, I am still a Lionheart, how can I not be good at planning?”

I responded calmly to Mira’s words, who nodded her head in agreement, after this we didn’t touch upon the topic of our plans but just freely talked with each other, most of the things we talked about were magic and the future regarding my theory, it was a fun and a relaxing time, hence I left the building with a free and happy mind.

The plans I had created were slowly coming into action but my tasks for the day were not over, calmly walking, I soon changed into another disguise, the streets were still crying as the day still was a weekend, and several students walking into different shops set by other students, many couples holding each other as they enjoyed their date.

Some seniors who looked roughed up as they had just returned from their missions, even though they looked beaten up they had a wide smile on their faces indicating that their mission was successful and that they have earned their Academy points, a mix of all species walk happily without any fights

Of course, fights are bound to happen, then you are given a choice on how to deal with it, some elven students stood there willing to take a small class on magic, different types of unique demons selling bizarre yet entertaining stuff, and several sea creatures walked the land with gusto, looking like turtles, sharks, having fish scale and many more

All in all a fun, calming, and learning environment was created, the path I was walking through was just one small part of the entertainment venue, and several other areas each having its own name exciting, like a whole block dedicated to different types of training, with enough points you could see a boost in you abilities

Plus you could challenge others of different species, increasing your fighting experience, then there’s the block of area for different types of challenges relating to intelligence, passing each will grant you different rare gifts, groups of friends could be seen talking and laughing with each other as they challenged different types of fights

Watching all this for a moment I felt lost, running around trying to get girls, perhaps I might have neglected a part of my life that I needed to be around, my ‘playing’ days with Orpheus helped me lose the pressure that was weighing down on my mind and now I could see things around me that was I neglecting

A whole city of fun and adventure awaited here, some even when they graduate haven’t gone through all that the Academy had to offer, stopping my self I stood along in the crowd, taking deep breaths I relaxed myself, looking at all the fun everyone was having, I promised myself

‘I should come here with the others’

Alex, Mark, Rina, Sana, Jacob, and everyone else, I made up my mind to take at least one day break from everything and just enjoy the Academy with my friends, some moments when lost can never be recovered, I stood there for a minute basking in the hyped atmosphere, then I started to walk towards my target

For now, I had my plans but I would definitely enjoy everything the academy has to offer and I won’t be alone, I will have my friends with me, walking calmly I used the teleportation service, arriving at an area where a huge dome-like structure was built, several students were excitedly entering and exiting it

[The Training Hall]

Huge letters were displayed on the dome, I moved through the crowd, entering inside I could see several students pratings or helping each other, the more stronger ones booked their own training room, this was a very popular area where students came to improve themselves, of course, you must have the appropriate points for it

This once again showed how cutthroat the academy was, if you wanted to survive you must have the strength of it, cutting through the public area after paying I reached a certain area where a very familiar boy was practicing the sword

It was Leonardo.


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