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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 23: Taking Action Bahasa Indonesia

to think i would meet her here, Emily Hoffman, as you guessed she is indeed a capture target, a smart one to say the least

her life itself could be said to be a tragedy, she was the princess of a small kingdom, compared to the empire the kingdom was nothing though.

her mother was an elf who fell in love with the king of that kingdom, the king had highly regarded her mother but tragedy struck as her mother passed away when she was born

unlike the normal fantasy world were there are half elves, there is no born half elf or something like that, you are either born as a human or elf

but there is a chance for you to awaken your other half, if you are born human there might be a chance to awaken your elf side and then be a half elf

from there you could increase your strenght or power and become full or stay half taking the advantages of both the species, in the world of Ether half species are highly regarded rather than being looking down on

having the advantages of both their species they would be recruited by everyone but it had became a small problem when it came to Emily

the king loved her mother but becuase of her birth she died, plus when she was born there was a red scar like stuff on her face giving people a repulsive feeling to look away

many healers had tried to heal the “scar” but none worked with no one to protect her and with her looks caused her to have a tough life of bullying and loneliness

but none knew that the girl was just bidding her time, while she looked normal her intelligence was off the charts, she was waiting for the moment to strike and strike she did

she had awakened her elf side becoming a half elf, after that she was taken in by the elf empire becoming a direct attended of the elf princess, also due to her awakeing her scar had dispersed

she had turn from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, but it was only on the exterior in the inside she had already turned dark, after she was taken in by the elf empire she slowly started controlling the market of her kingdom

she had single handedly plotted and brought down her kingdom and given her previous family a terrifying death, after that she stayed in the elf empire just like a good girl

she had become a person who only moved for profit, if there was no profit then she would rather die than act, her real character and ruthlessness was hidden from the world

conquering her was a huge undertaking, you must first bring out her real character, then you must work hard to change her and then make her good and then conquer her

easy to say but hard to accomplish but right now i am dealing with a child and i am sure that it’s going to be much easier to deal with…..i hope

while i was thinking to myself the bullying continued and just as thinks were going to escalate i made my move, moving from my hiding spot i came behind them

“Stop!” i screamed loudly

my voice got thier attention all of them turned towards me and them seeing me all of them paled, after all i am the son of a duke and thier status could not be compared to mine

having me see them bully someone could be dangerous, at that time a 12 year old brown haired black eyed boy moved forward to talk

“ahh, yes young master Austin what do we all owe the pleasure of meeting you”

‘playing dumb huh..’

“don’t try to act ignorant i clearly saw what you did, bullying a girl and not only your sister what kind of brother are you”

my words caused his face to contract and anger came rising up, no matter what he was still a prince and the blatant disrespect from Austin caused his anger to rise, but before he could say anything i took action

“i dont want to hear anything from you, leaving the fact you are doing something as bullying in the princess Olivia’s party is enough to backlist your family”

“as long as you get out of my face i can let it go and if you have any problems i don’t mind talking about it to my uncle”

the more i spoke the more fearful they became and when i said about talking to the Emperor, they lost thier confidence and just like scared chickens they ran away

after seeing all of them going away i moved towards Emily, i gave a hand towards her

“are you alright?”

but instead of answering she hid her face and moved away, so i looked more clearly at her, she was wering a blue one piece dress, green hair that slid to her shoulders and a green gem like eyes

right now she ws sitting on the floor hiding her face with her hands while only peeking a look at me with her eyes

“don’t worry I am not going to hurt you, i already sent them away”

even then she just hid her face

“yo-you wi-will hate me after seeing my face, just like everyone else”

just then a small reply came from her in a low whisper, she looked towards with her gem like eyes

seeing this my heart felt a bit uncomfortable, no matter what she was just an 8 year old going through a tough time in her life, while i was just using her weakness for my benefit

‘sigh…..i can atleast try to be a bit better’

thinking so i came closer to her

“why would i hate you if i see your face?”

“every body says i-i am ugly so no one will like me”

“them try me”

my answer surprised her and she looked at me not knowing what i meant

“show me your face and let me see if i would hate you or not”

my words caused her to hesitate a bit but then she took a deep breath and removed her hands, a childish face came to my view

she could have said to be cute if not for the ugly scar that ran on her right side, giving a repulsive feeling

Emily looked directly into the eyes of the boy that had just saved her, she wanted to know how he would react to her face

will he be just like the others repulsed by her ??

but to her suprise the boy didn’t know any reaction, he just looked directly into her face causing to turn it away as it was the first time that someone looked at her so directly

“you have beautiful eyes”

his gentle and magnetic words came to her ears causing her to flinch she looked into the boys eyes and she saw pity, happines and warmth??

‘why…..why aren’t you repulsed??”

“don-dont you think that i am ugly?”

“why are you ugly?, all i see is a girl who has a small scar on her face dressed in a blue dress who looks pretty”

his words caused her heart to beat faster

‘pretty?, me?’

Emily had always been good at detcting emotions from other’s and she could tell that what the boy said was the truth

she looked towards the boy who had a gentle smile on his face and was offering her his hand, for the first time a genuine smile came on her face

‘mother looks like i found it, my prince charming’

+50,000 affection


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