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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 217: Revenge(2) Bahasa Indonesia

The teamwork among the three of them was impeccable, they were all origin level 5 but when they fought together they were capable of taking ones above their level, Nora remained calm as two attacks aimed to kill her came, her sword twisted in a certain angle as two circular rings appeared beside her protecting her from the attack.


The attack of the two had been deflected but they didn’t take it to heart as they retired back, at the same time the shadow behind Nora wiggled as the leader of the three appeared from behind her, his dagger aiming to finish her life, Nora tapped the ground beneath her as a protective combat dress covered her stopping much of the attack that was aimed at her back but she did get hurt as the leader had changed his direction mid-air slicing a bit of Nora’s shoulder drawing blood.

With that, the leader retreated to the rest of the two as he gazed at the woman in the front of him warily, while Nora held her shoulder a bit the blood falling down her shoulder but it didn’t even last a second before which a white light filled her shoulder healing her wound, leaving not even a scar behind, even the poison that was injected into her bloodstream was killed off.

Nora turned her eyes to Austin who was giving her a light smile, she knew that he was the one who did it but as much as curious as she was, she had to focus on the battle at hand, the three in front of her were not simple, each one of them was powerful and experienced, knowing when to attack and retreat.

Moreover, the problem also lay with her, she had been hasty, her anger was clouding a bit of her judgment, making her actions a bit more hasty, calming herself down Nora held her sword tighter, she used a spell to calm her mind as she started to analyze the enemy in front of her, trying to find out any weakness she could exploit.

Soon the aura around Nora had completely calmed down, her eyes were calculative peering into the three who had taken away her father, while the other three felt the pressure around them heighten the earlier hasty warm was nowhere to be seen, she now seemed more like a commander that was analyzing her battlefield.

A unique deadlock filled the atmosphere for a few seconds but it was soon broken as Nora rushed forth towards the three of them again but this time she was prepared for more.

Bloodline ability: Command Of The Bloody Sea!

Nora activated her bloodline ability, being one focused on the military her bloodline was most effective when she fought with a group but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have her own tricks. The aura around Nora became extremely bloody, her mana now had a blood-red tint, and behind her, an image of a raging bloody sea appeared.

One could see hundreds of humans within them shouting out and standing in commanding formation, they were the bloody soldiers that had once given up their life for their liege and now they were back in blood to protect the one they had deemed worthy, the bloody sea image behind Nora blasted forth attacking the three in front of her.

The sea had several human-shaped figures holding different weapons and their power was nothing to scoff at, the three assassins had felt that clearly, they knew that if the wave hits them then they would face severe injuries as if in agreement the three of them moved in sync, their body to their dagger moments was all similar, a dark mana surrounded their blade as they blasted forth towards the wave!.

The three of them formed a triangle as such an arrow-like head was formed, this was their most prized move, one which they had found in an ancient ruin one that had helped them climb through the assassination world with ease, a single move used that could directly break through the weakest point of a technique breaking it completely.

And that’s what had happened now, the three of their body moved as if they had their own life as they tore through the weakest point of connection breaking the move apart,


Nora took a deep breath to control her mind, the earlier move of hers was supposed to take them down, it was not something that anybody could take, the movie itself cost her a lot of her mana but the good thing was that the other three too seemed tired after their move, though it was worst for her as there was three of them, it looked like the advantage was for them.

Sadly this time they were meant to be disappointed, in normal instances Nora would never use her most powerful move first, it was plain stupid to do so as you might never know what card the other one holds, plus after doing so you would be left tired but that was only in normal circumstances, Nora smiled as she turned her gaze towards Austin, who simply rose his hands up and waved filling Nora back with her mana and strength.

Even her mental strength was brought to its peak, the other three that saw it paled, their eyes turned towards the man that stood at the back who had a faint smile on his face, then as if by agreement as they roared to the sky as their power started climbing dull grey hair filled some of their head, they were now exchanging their life force for power, this was a decisive move that only one did when they had no choice left.

And that was true for the three of them, they could tell that most of their treasure was sealed, their mana had dropped after their move, if they didn’t do this then death was their only path. The leader’s figure blurred as he moved towards Austin, his intent to take out the support fist, unfortunately, that would not be possible, a earth shield blasted from within the ground blocking the path of the assassin.

Just as he had stopped a shinning sword had appeared on his neck to kill him off, he was barely able to dodge it with his life, and just as he did the other two assassins appeared on both sides of Nora as their dagger aimed to her head, intending to break it apart, Nora only snorted as her mana blasted forth, her sword gained a red tint as she moved them at super-speed reflecting the attacks blasting the two back.

She didn’t give them any rest as she kept attacking them relentlessly, she had activated the family sword arts one that was passed to her by Grace, her sword with red tint moved to deflect and attack the three, whenever they tried to counter-attack a red wip like projection would appear that would keep deflecting their attacks.

A stalemate was reached as Nora fought the ones in front of her, either side couldn’t gain any advantage but it was getting worse for the assassins as they were losing the boost they had, worst of all is that whenever the mana within Nora decreased Austin would fill it up, he was like a walking mana potion, making the battle one-sided.


With one final blast, the three were thrown aside, blood-filled parts of their body, their dress was a mess, while they had aged, meanwhile, Nora also didn’t come out of the battle unharmed, she too had several cuts and bruises on her body, blood kept dripping from her sword, meanwhile her mask broke during battle showcasing her beautiful face that was disguised with magic.

She looked like a valiant valkyrie purging the evil of the world, though her injuries didn’t last for long as they were immediately healed, making the three tremble with anger, there was nothing angrier than seeing your hard work being destroyed just like that.


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