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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 179: Interlude to The Fight Bahasa Indonesia

A new day had begun, as the rays of the sunlight landed on the land, groups of students could be seen walking through the streets of Babylon Academy but this time there was a difference, the students that normally walked without a specific goal could be seen hurriedly running towards a specific direction

Lots of different kinds of students could be seen moving towards the same direction, be it the seniors or the juniors all of them were heading in the same direction, they were all moving towards the dueling arena, seeing all this I couldn’t help click my tongue in intrigue

“Tsk they sure are impatient to see me fight”

“Well who could blame them, they haven’t seen your complete capability, so all of the, are curios”

As soon as I had spoken Clara next to me responded to my words, hearing her words I could only agree with it, even if I did beat Xavier the public statement was that I had got the power of the dead soldier, the thing about the dragon blessed arrow was completely hidden from the public, it was not good if the world got to know about a weapon that could release a power similar to a Dragon God

God knows how many suicidal idiots would want it to cause chaos everywhere, well that was only if they did get it, thinking of the shit I had to get it caused my body to tremble, shaking my head to get rid of that memory I turned my focus towards Clara

“So how’s it going with Sonia?”

“It’s good, she’s very innocent, it was pretty easy to become close with her if you want we could start part 2 tomorrow”

“Oh…..that good”

Hearing her words I smiled as I patted her head, receiving it she smiled happily as she received my praise, though I acted like its nothing it’s still impressive that Clara was able to reach such a situation by herself, it would seem that she had some talent in manipulation and acting, my eyes looked around the room seeing that nobody was there I leaned towards Clara as I grabbed her ass and massaged it nicely as I spoke into Clara’s ears

“Good girl, I will award you later”


Clara spoke out with a blush, seeing it I was tempted to do something here but it was too dangerous for now, giving her ass one more squeeze I left the room under Clara’s disappointed look, smiling I spoke

“Wish me luck”

With that, I walked out of the room as I started to hear my name being announced by the referee, the room I was in was the waiting room, I walked silently through the long corridors as I heard the chattings from the outside, soon the ray of the light hit me as I walked out of the tunnel-like path

And as soon I had walked out I could see thousands of students sitting in a row formation as they looked eagerly for the match to begin, some were chanting the name of their prince while others were blindly supporting somebody else, interestingly I too had my group of supporters, though the majority of them were girls

And the majority of the boys also seemed to be against me, well I was very popular among the girls, after all just as I had entered the Academy I had shot up to the top of the most desirable boy within the academy, my performance at the Seth hunt had captivated many, the song I played is a super hit among many others

I had even been contacted by some groups that wanted to use my poems, it would also seem that the poem I had based on the military had won the goodwill of several military people, adding to the fact that my family was a major investor in the military, I directly shot up to the most well-liked within the military batch

The number of love confessions I receive daily is staggering also I had heard from Grace that I had received tons of engagement and marriage letters from different noble families, I could still remember Grace’s grumpy jealous face as she rejected all the letters, it was quite funny, breaking out of my daze I looked towards the three students in front of me

All of them were of Elda’s age, being 16 years old, the one in the middle had golden brownish hair that seemed to cover his head like a mane, he was tall for his age with burning yellow feline eyes and a huge lion tail on his back with lion ears that was hidden by his hair he would come among the handsome category

The other one had brown hair and eyes along with a handsome face, a rapper was attached to his side, he was a human prince belonging to the Tillabehem kingdom, a kingdom-focused on speed and quick finishing of the opponents, they were a mid-level kingdom,

The other one was a handsome man with blue hair and green eyes, his body was more on the slim side with calm and calculative eyes but contrary to his size a huge ax sat on his back, he seemed to be giving off a cool refreshing feel, he was the prince of the Fasik kingdom that was close to the sea

They have a high level of trade due to them being close to the sea, the kingdom itself is an economic and highly rich place, and the prince in front of me is Richie rich of this world, just as all of us were scrutinizing each other the judge’s words were heard

“Austin, as the challenged you to have the right to chose who you would like to battle”

I nodded my head at the referee’s words before which I spoke

“I wish to challenge…..”

As I kept saying my words my eyes traveled between the three of them as my words lengthened, everyone watched with deep breaths seeing whose challenge I was going to accept and soon they heard my answer

“All three of them”


Everyone had eyes wide as they heard my answer, everyone was stunned as they looked towards me, well who could blame them? the three in front of me was not your average students they were geniuses who could battle above them and me challenging all three of them is nothing more than arrogant in front of their eyes

“Are you sure?”

The referee asked me looking at my calm face to which I nodded my head, I could see that all three of them was angry at my remark but they didn’t blow their lid off nor did they shout out, their eyes just turned focused as they looked at me, it would seem that they were not underestimating me

‘That’s good’

Now when I beat them up no one would complain that it was not a fair fight


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