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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 175: An Exciting Date(3) Bahasa Indonesia

The silence didn’t continue for long as we soon reached a well-furnished area, that was designed for rich nobles, the clothes in this area all looked expensive, while there were several workers following each couple, giving them their expertise and opinions, there were doing their best to make people feel at welcome

“Shall we go?”

Scarlet asked while looking at me, right now she had calmed down and did not at all look embarrassed, a shame though, her confused look was a bit cute, anyhow as soon as we entered the room, all eyes seemed to be focused on us, the males had dazed look as their eyes focused on Scarlet’s, meanwhile the girl’s eyes turned wide as they gave me more than a single glance

The workers there had the most intense reaction, as they seemed to be able to feel the money oozing from us, a rather mature and beautiful woman walked towards us with a smile as she spoke

“What would both you sir and miss’s require?”

The woman asked us with a smile, I kept my silence hinting for Scarlet to speak, she seemed to have got the message, as she too smiled and spoke

“We would like the special couple’s clothing”

“Oh? we surely have them in abundance, please follow me”

The woman spoke with an understanding smile as she lead us towards a more private and expensive area, it would seem that she deemed us richer than the average noble, the area we entered as its private dressing area, with lavish services, you could even order snacks as you wait

“Sir and madam, please give us a chance to take your measurements, so that we can provide you the best possible service”

The mature woman spoke with a humble bow, as two different women appeared behind her with measuring tapes and strange glowing eyes that seemed to be fluctuating, hearing the woman’s words I didn’t mind as I nodded my head, Scarlet too followed

With that, both the women walked forward as they measure us, within a minute everything was over and they disappeared, I wasn’t surprised by their speed, as I could see that both of them were specialized warriors, in fact, the mature woman in front of me was an origin level 5, not something you see in a normal manager but hey everyone has their secrets right? a few minutes passed by before the both of them returned with matching beautiful clothes

“How about these? do you like them?”

The mature woman asked, looking at the clothes I nodded my head, meanwhile Scarlet had stars in her eyes as she looked at matching clothes, seeing our reaction both the women that took our clothes smiled and without further ado, we walked into our private rooms to change our dress

A few minutes later I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself, I was wearing a grey suit with purple patterns within them that complimented my eyes, the clothes were of a perfect size fitting my body perfectly, the grey seemed to have a certain vibe as it coincided with my silver hair, all in all, I now looked a prince from a fairy tail

‘Yeah, that’s enough being narcissistic’

With a chuckle I left my room and thankfully at the same time Scarlet opened the door as she walked outside, stealing my breath away Scarlet was wearing a white banquet dress with golden patterns that was looser at the top and bottom but tightened around her slender waist, her ash blob hair had been put up neatly, leaving just a few strands of it hanging by the side of her face

Even though the dress was loose at the top and bottom, her huge bosom and ass seemed to be delicate here which bestowed a touch of seductiveness to her delicate features, making her appear ravishing

That was not all, those golden eyes with a dangerous and prideful dragon slit was a striking contrast to all, giving her a rather exotic feel, when all the elements harmonized together, it was hard for one’s heart not to pound in her presence

Upon sighting Scarlet I stopped for a second as I went into a daze, well thankfully I wasn’t the only one as Scarlet too went into a daze as she came upon me, both of us looked at each other for a second before we finally broke it off, I smiled as I spoke

“You look beautiful”

“Thank you, you look handsome too”

To my words, Scarlet smiled as she complimented me back, just as we were getting lost in our world a cough was heard, bringing us back too reality

I turned my head to look at the mature woman who was looking at both of us with an awkward smile, she held a recording device as she spoke to us

“How about recoding this beautiful moment?”

She encouraged us with a professional smile, I didn’t mind it as I nodded my head, I turned towards scarlet who too nodded, with that, I walked towards her and offered my hand, she didn’t hesitate to wrap her arms around mine, making her well-developed chest stick against my hand, we walked to a better area as both of us smiled towards the recording device, soon several images were recorded and with that, we spent the next hour trying different dresses

Meanwhile all this time Scarlet just had a beautiful smile on her face, she was filled with satisfaction and happiness, now an hour later we stood with some bags in my hand, well I argued for catching it for now, after all, it would just disappear into the spatial ring later anyway

“Scarlet why don’t you go forward to pay, I have something to discuss with madam”

I spoke pointing towards the mature woman, in truth I wanted to pay but I knew better than to fight with Scarlet, hearing my words Scarlet nodded her head as she walked away to pay, as soon as she had left my sight, my face turned frosty as a bit of killing intent leaked from my body, feeling it both the women that took my measurement flinched as they flashed and appeared in front of the mature woman to protect her

I didn’t pay any heed to it as my face turned towards the calm mature woman as I spoke

“I don’t care who or what you are and I know that you have recognized us both and if you have a smart mind, keep the thoughts you have now to yourself or..”

As I said in my last words powerful aura swept from my body locking all the three women in their place, the three of them stiffened as they felt their whole existence is threatened, the calm woman for the first time had a hint of surprise, I paid no heed to anyone else as I now stood in front of her, my hand was kept on her throat as I spoke

“Or I will find anyone and everyone you love and kill them in front of you, I will make sure that everything you love will break and fall apart in front of you and I will make sure you watch it all, helpless as I do so”

At my final words I left the pressure they were holding them, as I started to walk away, avoiding the 2 gasping women that was now laying on the bottom and as I was walking I heard the mature woman speak

“You know mister Austin, I don’t like it when others threaten me”

I turned my head as I saw the woman’s narrowed eyes, I smirked as I spoke

“So?, I don’t care, let me make this clear to you Ms.No Name, as long as you don’t come in my way we’re good but if you do, be ready to face a wrath that you won’t be able to handle”

And with these words, I left the room


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