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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 172: Start Of An unforgettable Day Bahasa Indonesia

“What a day…..”

I wearily spoke as I walked back to my mansion, well it would have been better if it weren’t for loads of students running here and there, while some were talking to each other in a whisper, it was total mayhem, well how couldn’t it be?, when all of the Babylon Academy had shaken for a moment?

Plus everyone had felt it for a moment, a huge presence of mana that seemed to crush all that stood in it’s way, many suspected that there was going to be an attack but since nothing happened afterward many started to calm down, after that it was a search for the answers

Due to this, the teleportation facilities were momentarily suspended, I had to wait for an hour after which I teleported away with a disguise, my mind and body was both wary, playing with Olivia, the discussion with Celestinia, and finally the confrontation with Scarlet, a lot happened in one day and it is truly taxing to my mind

I just want to head to my room, take a hot bath and finally have some well-deserved rest, it’s not easy dealing with a lot of crazy but thankfully everything went well, I reached my mansion did some talk with the others, I also got a message from Elda that she would be spending the night with her friends and as for Clara it would seem that she was closing up to Sonia

Maybe a week or so I will be able to initiate part one of my plans, anyhow after dealing with some bothersome stuff, I directly took a nice relaxing bath and went to sleep, due to my fatigue I quickly went to sleep

The next day began, everything went normal then, woke up dealt with some stuff and headed out, first I visited my dear slave, where I went with her training I made sure to fill her body with marks, pain, and pleasure, I would do it for just 2 more days, installing true pleasure within her body and then her true training would begin

Anyhow 2 days later the class would start, as the week leave would end, once the classes would begin it won’t easy to sneak up to her like this, as I won’t always have the time on my hand, anyhow I would just have to make the most out of it I guess

So after dealing with Olivia, I headed towards Celetinia, where another boring round of debates, questions, and insults were sent against each other, after dealing with that and promising each other another fresh round, I left

Right now I was waiting at a speacific intersection, where I was quite well dressed and groomed, right now I was waiting for my date that’s Scarlet, that’s right just as Scarlet had run away she had left her communication device behind to contact me, where she mentioned about going on a date today

So who was I to say no?, well I really didn’t have the power to say no, so here I am, waiting for Scarlet to arrive, the promised time to meet was 8:30 but I arrived half an hour early, it’s not bad to come first and be prepared

Just as I kept waiting I started to hear the sound of heels clicking to the ground, hearing it I turned my head towards the arrival…Scarlet, she was wearing beautiful ash and golden one-piece dress that fitted her nicely, I could see just a touch of makeup on her face making her more enchanting, her back was straight as she walked towards me proudly

“Your early”

Scarlet spoke with a smile and a hint of blush as she came up to me, I smiled as I spoke

“Well, I wanted to make a good first impression, also your early too”

“Well, I was a bit anxious”

Scarlet spoke honestly, I nodded my head at her as I looked at her up and down, seeing my gaze she smiled as she got the edges of her dress as she twirled it around, after a single swing she spoke

“What do you think?”


I spoke honestly as I looked at her, hearing my reply she smiled, as she looked at me and shyly twirled her hair, right now she just looked like a normal teenage girl going on her first date, a steep contrast from the girl that had almost paced three spells that controlled my life yesterday


Without showing any of my thoughts outside, I smiled at Scarlet as I spoke

“So Scarlet, where are we going?”

“That’s a surprise you have to wait for it”

Scarlet spoke as her eyes twinkled mysteriously, she extended her hand towards me without saying anything else, the place of our date was only known to her, yup that’s right, this date’s completely planned by Scarlet, it would seem that it was outside of the Academy, I smiled as I took her hand and caught it agreeing to her antics

On normal occasions, one doesn’t need to hold hands to teleport each other but Scarlet just wanted that, seeing me take her hand Scarlet smiled as she held my hand tightly and the next moment a magic circle appeared below me as we started to get teleported

I closed my eyes as the light of the teleportation filled my eyes, the next moment I opened them I was in a secluded area, my confused eyes turned to Scarlet who only smiled and started walking as she held my hand, I shook my head as I started walking beside her while I too held her hand

Soon we walked out of a secluded street, my eyes widened as I loads of beast folks walking all around, there were all types of beastmen, of course, there were other species but the most prominent were beastmen, it would seem that I was at their residence, or more probably their area

“Where are we?”

I asked to which Scarlet smiled as she spoke

“The land of parted love, Rosiana”


My eyebrows raised in surprise as I looked at Scarlet who smiled and nodded her head back at me, if what she said is true then we were at the area under the loin tribe, an area of the great desert but loads of minerals and other stuff were produced and imported from here

But the area of Rosiana is special as it holds a very well known legend, it’s a hot spot for couples, this place holds the legend of one of the great kings of the Lion tribe, the story of a man whose love had said to move the desert to his wish, the legend of a man who turned the very green world to a desert to save the woman her loved


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