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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 168: Disciplined The Princess Bahasa Indonesia

Only the sound of Olivia’s rough breathing could be heard as I slowly went down towards Olivia’s honey pot, adjusting myself I was soon able to see Olivia’s pink pussy which was wet with her juices, few golden hair could be seen, my obsessive eyes turned upward as they gazed into Olivia’s anxious one

“Hehe…..let me now show you who you truly belongs to”

As I said so, my right hand rose as it swirled around the edges of Olivia’s pussy, with just my touch Olivia’s body started trembling, her ass rose up and down with my touches, while her pussy lips seemed to be opening and closing, as if asking me to stick something in, as desperately as I wanted to it was not time

I ran my hands along the underside of her bare thighs as I hovered my lips over her belly button, placing light kisses on each side, Olivia trembled, already picturing where I was going to kiss her next, the anticipation and refusal only made her more aroused, my lips slowly brushed their way down to her secret garden, where I paused for an agonizingly long moment, looked up at her, and gave her wet folds a probatory, circular lick

Olivia hissed, eyes screwed shut.

The heady scent of her arousal lingered on my nose, making my hard-on throb painfully, However, I ignored it. Today, I wanted to see her utterly surrendered to my touch, I smiled as I licked her inner thighs and kissed along her luscious thighs, my lips slowly strolled towards her pink honeypot and lovingly kissed over the outer folds of her pussy, I could feel the scent of her aromatic honeypot, after teasing her for a bit I finally decided to devour her pussy.

I licked her pussy in a long vertical manner while taking the inner folds of her pussy into my mouth, They felt so soft and wet, making me unable to stop nibbling on them, I tasted her pussy with my tongue in a circular manner, Olivia’s determination and resistance was quickly disappearing as she was being absorbed in the pleasure I was giving her

Olivia never had felt pleasure like this, no she never thought that I would be even willing to ‘taste’ her like this, it was as if I wanted the whole of her and this idea excited her more, prompting her to release more juice, unconsciously she buried my head more deeply into her pussy, wanting me to taste even more of her


Olivia was letting out low moans feeling my hot tongue invading her pussy and feeling her inner folds being played with by my mouth, I then stretched her outer folds as my tongue delved into her pussy, seeking to explore her narrow cave, Olivia felt a scorching sensation in her honeypot as my tongue forced its way inside her narrow cave

Well it was not the end as my hands sneaked into Olivia’s ass gripping and groping them as I pulled Olivia’s body towards me, feeling my hands gripping her ass sexually Olivia moaned out


I could feel her pussy tightening as I increased the vigor of my tongue while flicking it inside her pussy, my mouth was covering almost her entire pussy, and I sucked on her clit after taking my tongue out


Olivia’s moans were heard as my tongue stretched further out, skimming around the skin of her labia, She squirmed—or at least, she tried to, but I casted a spell that had her locked in place, unable to move, but able to feel everything that was done to her, I slipped my tongue up and slowly traced circles around her clitoris, my tongue was steady and rhythmic with its licks,

“Austin~❤… ooh ❤~”

she whimpered, her muscles tightening, her inhibitions disappearing, while her true desire rising, the way Olivia looked right now would have smothered any average man into a stuttering mess, I flicked my tongue to her clitoral hood, moving it from side to side in light strokes

“Yes❤! There ~❤”

Olivia’s breathing was ragged as her head swiveled around, lips caught between her teeth, my hands continued to cup one of her butt cheeks, as my middle finger tiptoed to her puckered hole, her tight hole below her dripping honeypot, She was so lost in the haze of pleasure that, at first, she didn’t notice it, and it was only after she felt something knocking against her rear hole that she gasped and looked at me

“W-What, ma-master… hmm❤ ~ not there… you… hmm ~ ❤”

She couldn’t even formulate her words correctly due to my wiggling tongue, an intense feeling filled her body as my finger managed to breach through the resistance of her anus

“Ohhh❤… no…. hmm❤ ~~ no❤…”

Olivia whined, helpless, her ass unconsciously clenching around my misbehaving digit, I promptly ignored her as my finger eased further inside her colon, tugging at her inner walls, meanwhile, my tongue pressed gently against her clitoris, the stimulation coming from both holes made her jaw flap around, her words tapering off into moan’s

I pulled my finger back, allowing her a few seconds of reprieve, and then jammed it back in her rectal canal was like a tight, warm, velvety vacuum, It desperately sucked my finger, making squelching noises when I attempted to draw back, out of curiosity, I applied a bit ‘power’ to my tongue, and I immediately noticed the result

Olivia squeaked so hard that I thought she had orgasmed right there and then, but no—her moan pitch was getting higher and higher, though, obviously, she was extremely close to a climax, and all it took was me adding a slight vibration to my tongue, therefore, I pumped a bit more power into it, and watched as Olivia’s face contorted, her mouth hanging open, her eyes lolling around

She was completely submitted to the pleasure I was giving her

And due to that, I had a considerably easier time fingering her ass, In fact, my finger was embedded so deep in her anal cavity that my knuckle was brushing against the outer rims of her anus, her build-up had reached its zenith, and I sensed that, so I moved my tongue up and down in one, inexorable motion, making sure that all of her nerve endings were covered

“Oh Yes❤!~~~soo Good❤!”

Olivia cried out, toes curling


Her body shook, blinded by the flashes of pleasure that pushed her over the edge, She crammed her eyes shut, her thighs quaking powerfully as she ejaculated, splattering all over my face in continuous spurts

It continued for a few seconds as her orgasm was very powerful, which could be seen by how Olivia’s eyes was rolled over her head, I left the spell holding her causing her body to spasm continuously, her legs flapping around as she mumbled incomprehensible words, at the same time I cast a [Cleanse] spell, cleaning my face and body

A minute later it seemed that Olivia had finally got back her sense, with her arms flapped on her side, as her lower lips continued to spell out juices to the ground


It would seem that her mind was in disarray from the pleasure I gave her, I smirked as I looked at her from above

“How was it my slave, did you enjoy it?”

Seeing my saditic and posseeive smile, Olivia’s mind quickly focused, her mind was blank as she tried to say something but I stopped her as I spoke

“Stop!, your punishment is still not over”

And with that I again went back to her scented garden, seeing it Olivia panicked, if I played with her again she might lose her mind!, she tried to stop me but it was too late, I casted my spell as I held her in a lock again, my body went back to her pussy as I inserted two of my fingers inside her pussy and fingered her vehemently


Wet sounds resounded from her pussy which was like beautiful music to my ears


Olivia let out sensual moans in succession as her eyes rolled over in euphoria, she was sensitive and her mind was overloaded she wanted to beg for me to stop but sadly I didn’t listen and like this only the moans of Olivia could be heard within the room for an hour


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