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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 163: The Beat Down Bahasa Indonesia

“So you ready?”

I asked as I stood opposite from Nyla, right now we were in a fighting ground exclusive to me, which was situated within the deeper regions of my mansion, after issuing a challenge we quickly moved towards this area, we stood far from each other as we prepared ourselves

Elda and the other two girls stood far away, where they could see the battle clearly, anticipation and excitement filled the atmosphere as Nyla and me locked eyes with each other, power vise Nyla’s origin level four which is a huge achievement considering her age but what makes her special is that she could fight above her power level

Fighting above one’s own power level is not easy, only the greatest and the best genius of a generation could do it and in this era there are several such geniuses appearing, leaving such issues aside what makes Nyla most annoying is that she’s a vampire and dealing with a super healing opponent is just pain in the ass

But I am not even afraid a bit, within the origin level I am undefeatable, due to my cautious nature the amount of trump cards and power boosting cards within my hands are immense, plus with my bloodline power and my journey I was able to gasp a lot of my powers, standing straight with my hands behind my back, I spoke cooly while provoking Nyla

“Come, lets begin”

“Aren’t you going to use you weapon?”

Nyla asked with a frown, seeing such a lax attitude from her opponent, she felt a bit humiliated, hence she affirmed her will to beat me up more, hearing Nyla’s question I shook my head as I spoke

“Nope, to defeat you I don’t need it”

“Aren’t you being a bit cocky?”

“We will see”

I spoke as the countdown for the battle began, Nyla took deep breaths as she readied her self, her nails started to get longer as her blood red eyes started to shine deeply, deep blood red mana surrounded her as the countdown began


As soon as 1 was finished Nyla dashed towards me at superhuman speed, the ground below her broke from it’s sheer force, that’s saying something since the ground was reinforced for more durability, with a blink of an eyes she appeared before me with her sharpen nails moving for my eyes, quite vicious

But I just snorted as I moved my hands faster than she could and well flipped, the flip it’s self caused such a huge power pressure that she was blasted away at super speed as she flew to the wall and hit it with a bang, the sound of bones crushing could be heard, as blood splashed in the wall

The other three girls who watched this had eyes open in surprise, after flipping Nyla off my hands went to my back as I waited, soon an enraged scream was heard as the dust settled, coming out of it was a bloodied Nyla, all her bones were in the wrong place but soon clicking sounds were heard as she was healed within 12 seconds

She raised her head with blood all over her face, yet a twisted grin appeared in her face, wiping out some of the blood in her face and stretching, she looked at me as she spoke

“I heard some say that your origin level 5 but with what I saw there’s no fucking way in this world you are Origin level 4, so how strong are you?”

“Why, don’t you find out?”

I spoke with a smirk

“Oh, I intended to”

With that she disappeared from where she stood the bloodlust surrounding her increased, soon I could feel the atmosphere around me drop low, as I was surrounded by hundred’s of floating ice, with a swish each of them attacked me from different directions but I stayed calm as I released a light wind pressure from my body

With a bang all the ice shards broke as a small fog was crated around me, just a bit of my vison was impaired, I felt a huge slash from behind me, without panicking I dodged to the side, soon Nyla closed the gap between me and moved at inhuman speed attacking me at close range but I easily dodged them without getting hurt

Nyla kept attacking me but I kept dodging them, it’s at that time I felt my legs freeze and a mental attack hit my head causing me to freeze and at the same time with a smug smile Nyla came in front of me with a blood spear in her arms, aiming it towards my heart


I spoke just one words before everything around me stated to twist and get destroyed, I moved my hands and gave a light punch to Nyla’s stomach, as I held the spear that was aimed at my heart with another hand, with a boom she flew but this time she maneuvered her body to land softly and she stopped and huge amounts of blood flew out of her mouth and she started coughing violently

soon the bloody aura around Nyla increased to a high level, the calmness in her eyes disappearing as madness took over but for such a price her power rose exponentially, with a beast like roar she moved, much faster than ever before but I was tired now and wanted to end it

I looked calmly as an avalanche and a huge amount of weapons made of blopd attacked me from all angels with power that could easily kill a origin level 5 but that was not the end, I could feel metal attacks hitting my mind space while coldness that could not be explained filled my body, seeing it I spoke

“[Zone Zero: Break]”

With such words it was as if the whole world had stopped as all the attacks that was hitting me stopped for a moment disrupting the mana and the power that was flowing through it, it was small but that was all that was needed for a catastrophic end, with a bang all of them canceled each other out and the stress of such a quick loss of control effected Nyla the worst

As she was directly knocked out cold, if it was anybody else than their brain and body would have exploded

‘Gotta say the domain law power of Eleanor is good’

The move I used right was one that I gained after I slept with Eleanor, in fact I have gained different powers and abilities after sleeping with Eleanor, Grace and Clara, each of them making me more overpowered and the one I used now was the law of Eleanor, something that was only solely applicable to Eleanor but righ now I could use it, I was basically using something that could only be found if one reaches the Imperial rank

This fight from the beginning was never fair


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