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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 159: Attck The Heart Bahasa Indonesia

“Wow~~now that was intense”

I spoke as I walked out from the library, the game with Celestinia went better than I imagined, though there were some close calls, I was still able to survive, with that now I had way into her heart

The only problem is how I would make her share me, yeah I thought and thought about it and in the end I gave up, I couldn’t really think of a way, well at least now I don’t have to be worried of being kidnapped, well not by Celestinia anyway

I have a yandere goddess and a divine beast with me, even if Celestinia has the potential to become a divine beast, she’s still not there yet and she will never be able to grow to contend against Razellia

But then I have to be wary of Razellia, I haven’t heard from her after my first meet, I had thought that she would appear when I came to her church or when I turned 18 but still nothing

Yeah that is making me extremely nervous, I won’t be able to do shit if she appears in front of me, all I would be able to do was let her have her way with me, well in way way that doesn’t sound bad…..well for now I could only roll things as they go, after all even the most well planned execution might have it’s own problems,

‘Now, I guess I might head to Mira now’

Recognizing my next plan I head towards the deans room, with my not so good disguise it didn’t take me long to reach towards the main building for the teachers, there I quickly changed my appearance to my original within a hidden location, after all not anybody could walk into the deans room unannounced

Well I am only among the few, who could walk in like that, as everyone knows that Mira’s my aunt, so it was not that hard to enter towards the deans building, as I walked I had met with Mira’s secretary that was a brown haird beauty, seeing that it was me she didn’t question much as she let me into the deans office

With a few seconds of walking, I reached Mira’s office room, as I kept walking I started transmitting my ‘anxiety’, ‘happiness’ and my ‘eagerness’, reaching close to Mira’s room, I knocked softly asking for permission

“Aunt, are you free?”


A few seconds after I had asked my question, a soft smooth voice was heard from the room, hearing it my ‘feelings’ of ‘happiness’ exploded as I entered the room, coming inside I was met with the beautiful sight of Mira working on her papers, sitting on a table

Her beautiful purple hair cascading to her back, while her shinning silver eyes stayed on the papers she was dealing with, the expression of pure focus along with her beautiful face was a delight to be watched, I was memorized for a moment as I entered, my ‘feelings’ of ‘awe’ was greatly transferred to Mira

The frown on Mira’s face receded as she raised her head to look at me, coming upon my goofy happy look at her, instead of the normal annoyance Mira felt, this time she only felt a sense of accomplishment deep in her heart but it went as quick as it came, with a desire to tease she spoke

“What is it Little Austy, were you mesmerized ~?”

Instead of a shy look that Mira wanted I just smiled charmingly and nodded my head with a serious expression as I spoke

“Indeed aunt you were so beautiful that I almost lost my mind…”

Feeling my ‘sincere’ feelings, a shy look took her face but Mira quickly shrugged it off as she looked at me seriously,

“What do you want Austin?”

“Well, I just wanted to spend some time with you aunt”


A complex look took over Mira’s face as she looked at me, knowing what she was pointing towards I smiled but on the ‘inside’ my ‘sad’ feelings began to flow, I walked towards Mira’s table reaching close now she had to look up towards me, I reached my hands towards her face but before reaching it I ‘hesitated’

Putting my hand down I looked at Mira seriously, my ‘true’ feelings started to flow towards Mira shaking her heart heavily, my purple eyes bored into Mira’s silver one as I spoke

“Aunt Mira, I cannot tell if my feelings for you will ever disappear but I could tell that I do truly love you with all my heart but if my feelings will cause you any problem then I will make sure to never speak of it again”

“Aunt Mira, to me all I care about is the fact that you are happy for now and forever, and if it is with another man then I will happily let you go, as I said in the end all I care for is you being happy, so let me just spend some time with you aunt Mira, I just want to help you relax and be happy once in a while, that’s all I ask, I don’t care if you never return my feelings, all I care for is the fact that you will be happy”

While I spoke my last words, my hands which were on her table slowly rose as it held Mira’s stupefied face, Mira’s heart that she had promised not to beat again started beating faster, my ‘sweet’ words brought a sense of happiness and warmth to her heart that she never knew existed

Feeling my ‘raw’, ‘pure’ love Mira’s heart started beating at an unnatural speed, she tried desperately to control her feelings, yet whenever she gazed upon those beautiful purple eyes that looked at her with love, she felt whole and full, we stayed looking at each others eyes for a few seconds yet it felt like eternity to both of us

Mira leaned back as she closed her eyes, the words I spoke and the feelings I transmitted wrecked her mind completely, a minute of silence filled the room, after which Mira opened her eyes as she looked at me, her gaze was serious as she spoke

“Austin, as I said before the thing between us is impossible but I don’t mind you spending some time with me, I am sure that this love of your will fade and that you will find someone better and until then I don’t mind us being close”

Mira said with conviction, yet deep within her eyes a struggle played out, unlike the last time where she could have easily dismissed my words right now in her heart, a sense loss started to occur, the thought of me losing my feelings for her seemed to hurt her, slowly but surely the walls that she had built around her heart started to crumble

Slowly but surely feelings that she never felt before slowly started to ripen


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