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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 158: A Promise Bahasa Indonesia

“So the final question”

Celestinia said as she looked at me with a serious expression, gone was her lazy and laid back attitude, it’s being about half an hour since we began and we had asked each other questions back to back, and now we had arrived at an impasse, Celestinia with her great knowledge had tried asking questions in many tricky and sketchy manner but I had answered all of them calmly

The previous expression of ridicule no more, right now she looked at me as an equal not at strength but as a historian, right know I am sure that she must be thinking that I must be someone that contends against her in knowledge, well that couldn’t be farther from the truth

Well in the game there was options that pop up for me to choose, while I was smart I don’t have an identic memory to remember them all and even if I did I have no interest in following them, this worlds not a game where my options are limited I have absolute freedom and the path I take to make those girls fall in love with me too is different

I mean as a small nerd I did research into the fun details and history of the world when I played the game but to read some boring biography about some dead king….yeah I ain’t that free, well as for how I am answering her question, well dear old system truly is a good place to store, buy and see information

Leaving those aside I focused back at Celestinia who took some seconds to think over before she spoke

“zinger ginch, Blankers wrath, Mylees whishkeres and a Holiarees salt, for which of the forgotten blood formation are these ingredients used for?”

The final question was tricky, so I acted like I went into deep though for a moment, time ticked away, it took a few seconds later I smiled at Celestinia as I spoke

“It was quite the question Miss.Mysterious, the Holiarees salt is not part of the formation, it’s for the King ritual of wrath, the correct one would be Holiarees milk”

After I finished I leaned back to my chair as I looked at Celestinia, she too leaned back as she closed her eyes for a moment, a few seconds later she opened them back with her usual calmness, she looked at me she spoke

“A tie…huh?’


I nodded back at her, just getting a tie was more than enough for me, in fact that was my goal, Celestinia peered at me for a moment before she spoke again

“Truthfully I never thought I might find someone at my level at my age, it’s truly a surprise”

“I have to agree with you on that, I had thought that only the great historian Celeene would be able to compete with me”

As I spoke about Celeene my voice was tinged with admiration, hearing it Celestinia’s eyes rose in amusement, after having a tie with me her mood was not all that great, in a way her pride was slightly wounded but hearing me talk about her hidden name, she looked at me with eyes hidden with amusement, her voice stretched as she spoke to me

“Oh~~seeing your knowledge I would have thought you think that none would be able to beat you”

“No I am not at the level of Celeene, I do admire reading into stuff and studying them but in no way would I be able to deal with such a huge amount of deciphering, I would truly love to meet him/her one day”

When I spoke the last words it was filled with yearning, hearing my words a bit of happiness grew in Celestinia’s heart, receiving genuine compliment for her effort from another academic does truly make her feel a bit more accomplished, she smirked as as she spoke back to me

“Truly I would also like to meet Celeene she’s also like a hero to me”

Hearing Celestinia’s words I had to control myself so that I won’t roll my eyes or show any outward signs, this woman was just shamelessly boasting about her self, holding myself back I looked at her with a bit of admiration

“Indeed Celeene is amazing but I am indeed truly amazed by you too, who would have thought that I would find such a talented academic as yourself here?, it was a truly fun exchange”

“Yes, that’s true I too did enjoy our little exchange”

Celestinia nodded and agreed with my words, it was the first time that she did some thing like this and she has to say that she did enjoy it, I raised my hands up for a shake as I spoke

“Even though we talked till now I have yet to introduce myself, the names Austin Lionheart and my lady it was truly a fun time with you”

There was a pause as Celestinia looked between my hands and my face for some time, she had never truly been in contact with any other males and the ones she did, she didn’t fine any of them pleasant, she has to say till now whatever I had shown had truly made a great impression on her, seconds ticked by as the atmosphere was getting awkward, just as I was about to retract my hand Celestinia shook it

“The names Miss.Mysterious, nice to meet you”

I couldn’t get the feel of her hand for a long time as she retrieved it just after one shook but I didn’t focus on it as I looked at the smirk in Celestinia’s face I spoke

“Well Miss.Mysterious, it seems that both of us had lost and won, so how about it being that we both say one thing about ourselves”

“Sure, I don’t mind”

Celestinia spoke back without any hesitation, so I took the lead

“Well one thing about me is that I don’t like sweets too much”

“Oh~ what a coincidence I like extra sweet food”

“well, it seems that you still hold somewhat of a grudge?”

“I do not know what your talking about~”

I shook my head, as I replied back to her

“Well it doesn’t matter, I am indeed happy to have met such an educated academic, so are you willing for some more talk Miss.Mysterious?”

“Sure, I would love to show you the difference between us”

“Well, if it wasn’t for such a venomous tongue of yours I might have said your cute, even though you are in a disguise”

“Really!, the great Austin, might think I am cute, well aren’t I blessed~~”

“Looks like you really are looking for a beatdown”

With that both of us dived into our talks, complaining, redirecting and pushing out our ideals to each other, we were so engrossed in our discussion that three hours flew in a blink

“Ah~~that was truly one of the best discussion I ever had”

Celestinia said as she leaned to her chair and wiped out her imaginary sweat, I too nodded my head wiping away a real sweat, keeping up with this monster with jus the help of the system was not easy, I leaned over as I said

“Well, Miss.Mysterious I have to say that this was indeed a pleasure but my time as run out, how about we meet here at the same time tomorrow”

There was silence for a bit as Celestinia thought over my words, she had indeed enjoyed arguing with me and it was not everyday that she finds someone that was able to talk to her like this, so she thought it over as she said

“Sure, the next time I will definitely beat you”

“Then I shall anticipate that day”


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