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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 152: Plan To Trap An Innocent Rabbit Bahasa Indonesia

I closed the door just as Clara had entered the room, along with it I activated the rooms magic lock and the silencing spell in the room, so that my little night raid won’t be disturbed, just as I finished I turned to the cute and sexy Clara that was looking at me filled with desire

I walked up to her as I caught both her ass on my hands and lifted her, Clara let out a cute moan from my clutch as she happily intertwined her arms around me, no words were needed to be spoken between us as we came forwards for a wet and hot kiss, at the same time my hands roughly played with her bottom

Squeezing them, roughing them and playing around with them like they were toys, my hands sunk into her well rounded ass, we kept kissing each other as we walked towards the bed, sitting down, I placed Clara on my laps with her facing me, we broke the kiss as a strand of Saliva connected out lips, just we had caught our breath Clara was about to dive for more but I stopped her

Seeing me stop her she pouted but she relented, she knew that if I did stop in the middle, I could definitely have something important to talk about but that didn’t stop her from moving a bit forward as her pussy scraped against my bulge


“looks like you are quite pent up, my little Clara”

“It’s because the last few weeks you only had kept doing it with mistress Grace, ah~~❤”

Just as Clara was speaking my hands sneaked into her open nighty where it stated to play with her well defined breasts, as I head her sentence I smirked

“Well I got you to thank for it, after all it’s because of you that I was able to have fun with Grace even at the mansion”

“Ah~~~❤, I am happy as long a-as you-ypur hap-um~~❤”

Clara wasn’t able to finish her sentence as my hand that was playing with her breast pulled and pinched her nipples causing her to moan out, at the same time my other hand stroked her spine with seductive touches, now even without my special eyes, I could tell Clara’s exiting spots

As I kept playing with her body, Clara moved forward, as she kept rubbing her pussy against my bulge at a faster pace, unable to hold back she moved forward, our lips met each other again as our tongues battled each other


The sound of our saliva being exchanged sounded in the room, Clara’s body was filled with pleasure from her honey pot to her breast to her back, all the pleasure was loading her mind, and soon with a twist of her nipple she ended up cumming, staining my lap


Finally after a few seconds she took deep breaths to regain her control, after cumming for once a small part of her lust receded as she got some clarity back

“Are you satisfied a bit now, my tasty maid”

“Hufh….hufh…yes but just a bit~~~❤”

Clara spoke with a smile on her face, I didn’t say anything but a loud sound resounded in the room



I slapped Clara’s ass which was on my lap, causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure, feeling it Clara started grinding her lower body again but I spoke seriously this time

“Clara I need your help”

“What do you need?”

Seeing that I was serious Clara became serious too, I looked at her face as I spoke my words

“I need Sonia”

“To just fuck?”

Clara asked questioningly, I smiled at her answer, if it was any other girl of mine they would be angry or disgusted but not Clara, she doesn’t give a fuck about anything else and would be happy to serve any girl to me

In fact that’s her main duty that I had provided her, I know that the girls in my faction love me but I can’t be the one to lay my hands on them nor can I let my relationship with them go out for now

And that’s where she come in as she controls them from behind, making sure that shit don’t blow up, like the other girls fighting or openly saying their feelings for me, I will of course deal with them but now is not the right time

Clara will make sure to subtly manipulate the girls in the way I want without them knowing about it and it’s important, otherwise there might be a day that all these girls in my faction might just battle it out and things could go to shit then, seeing that I went into deep thoughts I quickly shook my head and focused back on the situation, looking at Clara I spoke

“No, I want her to be mine”

“That’s going to be difficult”

Clara spoke with a thoughtful expression, she had met Sonia in the morning with everyone else and she could see that Sonia had feelings for Leonardo, so making her fall for me might be hard, seeing Clara in a thoughtful look I smiled as I leaned in and whispered some words, hearing them her eyes gleamed, as I finished her eyes danced with mischief

“It’s quite ruthless but I like it”

“Well as long as you can get close to her the first step is basically complete, so you up to it?”

“Sure, it’s going to be fun”

“That’s my girl”

And with that words we dived back into each others embrace, my hands moved skillfully as I started stripping Clara, she too didn’t hold back as she started taking off my clothes within seconds we were naked with me above her, my gaze travelled across her body, before I moved forward and gave her small horns a bite and lick


It would always catch her off guard, slowly but surely I played with her small horn but it was then that she pushed me to the bottom as she sat on top of me, her honey pot was dripping with her juice, Her rapid breathing could be heard when she finally placed my long rod in contact with her dripping cunt, ‘Hehe, I can finally feel you inside me!’ She thought with a smile on her face, In the fraction of a second, she was getting ready to lower her pelvis over my body.

“Ahhhn ~❤”

The moment my rod penetrated Clara’s hole, she couldn’t hold her voice, letting out a loud moan of satisfaction while swinging her hips around me, at the same time, I could feel a heavenly sensation provoked by Clara’s intimate part.

It was very wet, hot and tight to the point that I could fell my stick being massaged harder and harder, even when we weren’t moving that fast.

“Ahh ❤~ Yes~❤~~so goood ~❤”

Clara spoke, while her face was flushed and her eyes were completely dilated, The feeling of being filled by me was something heavenly for Clara and it was not long before the two of us began to move fervently while Clara’s hole tightened around my rod more and more!

“Mmmm ❤~ Ahh❤, stronger ~”

Pah! Pah!

The two of us quickly accelerated our movements, and sounds of pounding flesh sounded throughout the room, By now, both of us were completely sweaty, and the strong smell of our fluids could be felt in the room.

“Ahh ❤~ Cumming ~❤”


And while the two of us made our piston movements, Clara reached the second orgasm of the night where her juice of love was spraying on my rod again, At the same time as Clara orgasmed my rod twitched as loads of my cum filled her womb, which was like a vacuum sucking me in

After unloading everything inside her I stood up and passionately kissed Clara’s cherry lips, running my hands over her full breasts, It was wholly chilled at the moment, and each time I touched these two hills, she trembled softly, my hands moved through her body stimulating them more and meanwhile, my rod was still in the depths of Clara’s cave, showing no tiredness or laziness…

“Mmm ~❤”


The two us then finally broke the passionate kiss when Clara rose up and various fluids began to descend between her perfect legs

“See now I am completely full~~❤”

Clara spoke and then bit her lip sensually for Minos.

“Well than I must make sure to get you full..”

After I spoke Clara didn’t wait any longer and started sucking to suck on my rod, wiping away every drop of sperm and her own juices of love…

Slurp! Slurp!

“Ohh ~”

Clara did this for some time when she finally finished cleaning my dick, She then stood on all fours beside me where she used both her hands to open her ass, aiming her second hole towards me She said.

“I want you to put it here.”

Seeing this, I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva, Clara was getting better at riling me up, I then approached Clara from behind while I positioned my dick with one of my hands, while massaging one of the cheeks of the young woman’s ass in front of me with the other.

“You’re ready?”

I asked, rubbing the head of my stick into Clara’s ass hole, Upon hearing and feeling my dick, Clara took a deep breath and then she finally looked back and nodded. She was intoxicated with pleasure, and just thinking about what was coming next, Clara couldn’t help but sigh in anticipation, Seeing the look of desire in her eyes, I couldn’t wait and slowly began to pierce Clara’s ass.

“Ahhhh❤ ~ Ahhhh ~❤”

Pah! Pah!

When Clara felt my rod advance all the way to the bottom of her ass, she almost rolled her eyes, letting out a heavenly moan, which, if it weren’t for the isolation array the room has, then the entire mansion could end up hearing it..

Time quickly passed, and both of us had already changed positions a few dozen times. The two of us continued into the night, having sex like animals while satisfying our most primitive desire, When we were finally finished, both of us were tired and had satisfied expressions, as if we were drunk with pleasure.

Clara had her two holes filled with my sperm while her body was totally sweaty, with some hickey marks on her breasts and neck, and palm marks on her beautiful white buttocks, we didn’t even bother to clean ourselves as we just fell asleep on the bed hugging each other.

Other than that, the room was a zone! The bed was completely wet as if someone had thrown a bucket of water over there, with pillows thrown at different points and various clothes along the way, The dense smell in the air also made it clear how wild we were in bed…


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