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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 145: To A New Princess Bahasa Indonesia

“So?, all good now?”

I asked as I looked at Olivia now standing expressionlessly in front of me, her dress which was filled with stains now looked pristine and clean, even I looked spotless, nothing looked suspicious

It’s being five minutes since I played with her body, after her orgasm, Olivia only showed me a cold look, she didn’t shout at me nor did she lash out, she was wearing the mask of obedience but I will make sure to turn it into true obedience

“I am fine master”

She spoke as she looked at me, I nodded at her as I as walked closer to her and touched her head with my fore finger

“Don’t resist the spell I am placing on you”

She didn’t reply but she did nod her head, with that I placed two spells at her body, Olivia’s body trembled for a moment as my mana filled her but it only went for a few seconds before it became normal

“What are these spell master?”

“Just something to make you obedient”

I spoke to Olivia with a evil smile, well I casted two spells on her and their roles are simple, one makes her horny at certain times of the day, I timed it to activate when she was alone, it also makes it that she does not feel attraction to any other boy

And as for the other spell?, well it makes it so that she won’t be able to climax, that’s right, she will feel horny and reach the peak of pleasure but she will be unable to really climax and the only one that can make her climax will be me

Though the spell sounds amazing it is really not very useful, after all for the spell to be cast on, the one receiving the spell should agree, also both the spell can be easily removed from the body at wish

So it’s not very useful but now at this situation, this spell would be the ones that would pull Olivia to the depths of pleasure and despair, feeling the spells on her body Olivia wasn’t worried much, she could feel that she could remove the spell from her body at any given time, so it was not a big problem

“Good, lets go, also don’t forget we will meet each other tomorrow here at the same time”

“Yes master”

Olivia spoke coldly, I nodded at her as I started walking out it’s then, Olivia spoke again

“Wait there’s something I have to tell you, master”

“What’s it?”

I stopped walking as I looked back at her

“Marlene wants to meet you”

“Marlene?, oh do you mean the whale tribe princess?”




AS soon as Olivia had said yes, I spanked her ass hard, feeling the pain on her ass and my look Olivia gritted her teeth as she said

“Yes master”

“Good then lead the way”

With that Olivia retuned to her cold look as she nodded her head, in no time we exited the room, coming in view of Nora still waiting outside, seeing us come out her attention shifted to both of us, trying to see for anything suspicious but not seeing anything she let it go

“Were you waiting for a long time sister?”

“No you were only in there for an hour, so it was not that long”

Nora spoke back to me, she was curious about what had happened but she was wise to know about when and where to interfere, right now Olivia’s face had become normal, she seemed to be controlling herself as she spoke to Nora

“Nora why don’t you take ma-, I mean Austin to the Water faction, it seems that Marlene wants to meet him”

“Sure, come Austin”

Nora nodded her head as she walked forward to guide, I moved to follow her but not before whispering in Olivia’s ears

“See you tomorrow my beautiful slave”

After that without turning back I ran to catch up with Nora, soon I was walking beside her as we walked out of the huge mansion, walking beside her I could feel Nora peeking at me continuously, I could see that she was curious but sadly I could not tell her the truth this time

“So sister how strong is the water faction?”

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting awkward I spoke, seeing it Nora replied

“Strong, very strong, they are one of the peak factions”

“I see, looks like the meeting will be fun”

“It might be for you, you know you have partially became a hero for the one’s of the water”


I asked back in a questioning voice

“How could you not?, after all you gave freedom to the one’s that were suffering, though you killed their hero in front of their eyes and you ended up revealing their deep hidden secrete”

“Yah….that’s on me”

Hearing the bitter voice of Nora, I couldn’t really object, in my defence I really didn’t plan for any of this, if any one it’s that old man Robert the one to be blamed, seeing my bitter look Nora tried to comfort me

“Don’t worry it seems that they don’t hate or blame you, I guess maybe they want to thank you, lets see how this goes”

“Indeed, it won’t be that bad, right even then I am sure that my big sister would protect me”

Saying so I caught one of Nora’s arms with mine and acted like a scared brother, seeing my action Nora was shocked for a moment before she smiled, she raised her other hand as she caressed my face

“Yeah, if they want to hurt you then it will be over my corpse”

Nora spoke with a chilling voice, hearing it I smiled, I raised my hand holding Nora’s and give Nora’s hand a loving kiss, at the same time I looked at Nora with loving eyes too, I could feel Nora’s eyes shake from my gentle kiss, right now we had walked a fair distance and there wasn’t anybody nearby, after kissing her hands for a few seconds I let it go as I spoke to Nora with loving eyes

“It’s the same for me Nora, if anybody wants to hurt you then they would have to walk over my corpse too”

My voice was gentle and loving hearing it I could see a red blush covering her lovely face, her eyes became erratic and her breathing seemed to increase, with a quick movement she took my arms and started walking forward, seeing it It smirked, after that I followed her as we walked in silence, strangely the silence between us right now was very warming


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