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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 127: An Aunt’s Care Bahasa Indonesia

I soon dressed up and headed to the Dean’s office or to be precise my aunt’s office, I am pretty sure that I would be getting an earful soon, bracing myself I reached her office, I knocked as I asked for permission to enter


Hearing Mira’s lovely voice, I opened the door as I entered, soon a figure of a stunningly beautiful woman Entered my mind, she looked no different than the last time I met her, a successful and powerful beauty, on of the most courted woman if this era, just her beauty was enough to make men desire her

Seeing her sitting on a desk looking through a papers with at most seriousness without her veil, I fell into a daze for a moment before I shook my head as I walked towards her with a happy smile

“Aunt!, it’s good to see you again!”

Seeing me enter, she smiled, but the next moment it disappeared as I felt a strong pull on my ears, making me flinch

“Ow..ow..ow..oww, stop it aunt!, it hurts!”

I cried out in a pitiful voice but it seemed to have no effect on this woman

“Good!, it should hurt, just what were you thinking messing around in the Seth hunt?, not only did you cause a mess but you also caught the attention of the entire world!”

Mira was feeling a headache thinking about the thing her nephew did, I smiled hearing her words, even though she was admonishing me, I could still feel that she was genuinely worried about me

“C’mon aunt, you can’t blame me for it, how was I going to know that such things were going to happen?, plus so what, won’t I have my dear and beautiful aunt to protect me?”

Hearing my words Mira snorted, as she looked at me, she let go of my ears, as she rubbed her head

“Sigh….what am I going to do with you”

I could only pitifully catch my reddened ears, as I spoke to Mira with a mischievous smile

“Ahh, my luck to think I would get to spent time with the famous Mira Lionheart, to think I would be close to such a beautiful, smart and stunning woman, ahh how lucky I am”

As I spoke my expression was of at most reverence and my acting earned me a chop at my head


“humph, look at you, all grown up and now you think you can talk like that to your aunt?, just where did you learn to talk like that?”

But even though Mira spoke like that a amused smile came to her face seeing her nephew’s antics, I clutched my head but soon my expression became serous as I looked directly into Mira’s eyes

“Um?, but I only spoke the truth, I think you are a beautiful, powerful and an amazing woman, I could only be jealous of the guy who could be with you”

Hearing my earnest and serious words Mira was stunned for a moment before she smiled, she rubbed my head with a doting expression as she spoke

“Look at you, being so good with your words, I am sure that you must have used this mouth to tease a lot of girls”

“Nope!, only for my beautiful aunt”

“Sure, whatever you say”

‘Sigh…she still see’s me as a child’

Looking at Mira’s reaction to my words, I could see that she doesn’t think of me anything more than a boy, these things really need to change, it might be difficult but with due time I can change it

Soon I was seated on a sofa with aunt Mira next to me, she had a serious expression as she spoke

“I do not know your reasons for causing such a huge scene but I am sure you have your reasons”

Even though she tried to hide it there was still a hint of pride and happiness after seeing my achievements, even now Mira couldn’t get rid of the scene she saw, it was still deeply itched into her heart, I smiled hearing her words

“Indeed aunt, I have my reason don’t worry I will tell about it to you soon”

“I know, I am guessing that Grace must have spoken to you about the issues within the Empire, so be careful of who you trust, there has being heavy tension within the world right now, I don’t no why but I fell it’s the calm before the storm”

I nodded my head to her words we kept talking about some main issues for some time, when I said to hr about my view I got from the Emperor her expression turned cold, she spoke with a high pitched voice to me

“Austin, remember that our family doesn’t run from things, I might not be able to deal with the political issues of the Empire due to my status but that doesn’t mean that anybody can touch our family, so don’t worry, do what you want I will always have your back”

I could not help but feel a bog touched hearing Mira’s words, I just smiled to aunt Mira’s words, soon our serious discussion was over

“Aunt?, are you free right now?”


“Well I just wanted to talk to you about my adventure, plus it’s being a long time since we spend some tome together”

Hearing my words Mira, hesitated a bit but looking at my pleading expression she finally gave in, but then I felt a ‘headache’, as I clutched my head in ‘pain’, seeing my reaction aunt Mira came closer to me as she looked at me worriedly

“What’s it Austin?, is anything wrong?”

“No it’s nothing. I am just having a headache, the doctor spoke that I just have to lie down but since I wanted to meet Aunt I hurried over”

Hearing my words Mira felt conflicted, she looked at my pained face, seeing it she thought of something but I was much older now but thinking that she was the cause of the pain her hesitation vanished, Slowly she caught my head as she brought it to her lap


I looked ‘confused’, seeing it she smiled as she tenderly placed my head on her thighs with my head up, the sweet scent of her body entered my nose, as she stroked my head

“Don’t worry, you can lay on my lap to take rest, I used to do this to you when you were young you know”

I didn’t say anything else as I focused my body on this soft pillow, with a smile I started talking to her about my adventure, of course I left out some parts, soon the office was filled with Mira’s laughter’s, angry replies and many other emotions

Soon like this time went by as I laid on lap of this beautiful woman who truly cared and loved for me


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