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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 11: The Start Bahasa Indonesia

After entering my room i closed the door and sat on my bed

“system open the starter gift pack for me”

[command accepted opening gift pack…1%…30..complete!!]

suddenly a white light appears and i had to close my eyes when i opened them i saw a slot machine in front of me, it had a screen and a lever

“system what’s this??”

[This is a slot machine host, host had to pull the lever to get his reward, it can be anything depending on the hosts luck]

“so basically my lives future is based on luck”

sighing to myself i thought of getting rid of the issue now itself and pulled the lever, the image on the machine started rotating

it kept rotating for about a few seconds before it stopped


[congratulations!!! the host has got the special gift the perfect body!!]


Name: The Perfect Body


Description: The perfect body grants your body the most purest of mana, it makes it so that your stamina is endless, your body it self will be the very definition of perfect.

Uses: power stronger than anyone at your level

• your “little brother” down there will be perfect

•Never run out of your own cum

• A body that can make any female wet

Drawback: It will take 9 years for your body to be molded to perfection, during that time you are not allowed to loose your virginity.

•can only loose your virginity or have sex after you turn 17


I don’t know if my luck is good or bad, but having the power greater than any one at your own level is really tempting, but to hold by self back till i am 17 years old is indeed a drawback

but the result i get out of the sacrifice is enough to compensate for it, in this world strength is indeed a big indicator for your own status

while swaying all the capture targets does indeed sound nice, i am not naive enough to believe that i can survive without strenght

in this world there are many paths from which you can choose from we have the magicians, the witches, the knights….etc

once you chose your path you are stuck with it and it will be either your strenght or your demise, plus you can’t always correctly guess a persons power, some paths might have stronger power while others have lesser power

but the main way in which one can guess another’s power is by tiers, there are many diffrent levels:

The 1st tier, 2nd tier and the 3rd tier: They are called the origin zero

origin zero is within the basic level where you make your foundation, in this level everyone are the same , it’s only when you reach the 3rd tier where you start to choose your own path.

From there onwards you can display your true strength

After that its each called

origin level 1 , origin level 2….to origin level 10

once you are in origin level 10, you can said to be a power house, for whom even the emperors has to give respect

after origin level 10 there is the imperials they are people who have passed the level 10 by mastering certains laws

such people who have done it are said to be counted in one hands, they are not allowed to deal with wordly matter because thay are just too strong.

Leaving that aside this perfect body will be of great help to me

“System i accept the perfect body”

[command heard, starting initiation in 1…..2…..3…..started!!]

suddenly for a moment i felt a feeling has if my body is being caressed by lots of hands, it was so good but the feeling went as it came

[“The perfect body” building has started the host is required to follow the given rules]

Looks like i have taken the first step towards the future, sighing i lay on the bed creating certain plans for the future, i only got out of it when a knock was heard on my door and a little girl entered inside

her silver hair left in the open, wearing a cute pink pajama, along with her nervous look towards me was quite a beautiful sight.

Elda curretly looked just like a fairy, untouched by the mortal world who would evoke protective feelings from anybody

“bi-big brother don’t stare so much, its embarrassing”

“what else can i do when my little sister looks cute as a fairy”

my words bought a blush to her face as she lowers her head and pouts

walking towards my little sister i swoop in and picked her up princess style and takes her towards my bed, my actions furthered her embarrassment as she held her head down and clutched my shirt

note i have no sexual desire to her, right now that is, c’mon she’s just a six year old girl, it’s just that it’s so satisfying to tease her like this,her reaction are always priceless

reaching my bed i placed her lightly on the bed but she refused to let me go out of embarrassment, after a few minutes she relaxed and let me go, though she was still a bit out of it

i started joking and talking to her to ease the atmosphere and it had worked as she started responding back and we continued to play and talk for about 2 hours before Elda started to feel sleepy

seeing that I said her we could rest in for the night she nodded and we got down to sleep, at first she was akward sleeping with me, she layed on the bed next to me not knowing what to do

i chucked and pulled her into my embrace


her shout of suprise was really cute, right now her body was laying above me with her head in my chest, smiling i gave a kiss on her head

My actions together must have fried her head as she stared at me with a lost expression, i can swear that if this was an anime there would be steam coming out of her head

i patted her back to calm her down and i whispered

” Dont worry about it and just sleep, your big bro is always here for you”

hearing my words she nodded shyly and closed her eyes to sleep

+500 affection

‘humm..looks like sweet words does do their job’

slowly putting her to sleep by patting her back i too fall into my slumber the last taught on my mind was

‘I must take that hidden imperial as my master’


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